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Found 18 results

  1. The node tool has changed in 1.8.4. When I click on a line to change a curve, the node at the end of the line changes from a sharp corner to a smooth corner. The example below shows the corner before I try to change curve and what happens when I click on the curve to change it. The corner makes an unexpected change to a smooth corner.
  2. In Publisher I'm unable to figure the following out: How to create rounded corners for text boxes (I know how to do it for picture frames) How to create rounded corners on just two corners, and leave the other two corners sharp Any assistance would be appreciated.
  3. Story to illustrate what this feature is useful for: I designed a UI image (in designer) at the size of the retina iPad screen. Later I realised that I should have made the document the size of the old iPad screen and used the @2x export in the slices tool to get the retina resolution. So I edited the document properties and scaled the document down to half its original size. It worked well except that the rounded corners on all my buttons and boxes maintained the original radius from the larger image, giving the appearance that the radii of all those corners had doubled, relative to the new size of the design. Feature request: When resizing a shape in the main UI, it is usually desirable that the corners maintain their radius regardless of the scale of the shape. However, when resizing the entire document, it would be better to scale the corner radii proportionally to the change in document scale so that the appearance of the document remains the same after rescaling.
  4. I think a lot of us want this. Corners don't scale proportionally unless you bake them. Baking means its a huge pain to go back and change it later, so that isn't a solution. Please add an option to scale corners proportionally like it does in illustrator. Thanks!
  5. Hi. When I import a SVG with a rectangle with the rounded corners property, for example: rx="15%" Affinity Designer ignores the value and sets a default absolute value of 0.2px. guidelines.svg
  6. Hi there! I need an advice in the following task: I want to have the exact same corner, that I have on the left side of this L-shape, on the inner (right) side of the shape. Can you provide a simple way to achieve this? Cheers, Robin.
  7. I've been using Affinity designer to make maps for a novel I'm working on. As one would imagine, it is quite time-consuming to draw a properly jagged coastline. What would make easier is if you could draw fractal lines, curves, and shapes like in ProFantasy's app Campaign Cartographer 3. I have attached a mock-up of some examples of what I have in mind for Affinity Designer's equivalent. Firstly, unlike CC3, AD's b├ęzier handles and corner tool would make fractal curves and corners far more versatile. As with the corner tool, fractal lines could be "baked" for more precise node editing. The actual jaggedness of the fractal could be adjusted for softer or harsher coasts depending on the effect one is looking for, and the line could also be smooth but wavy, which would be useful for drawing rivers. I'm sure that there would be many uses for this feature outside of mapmaking, and it would certainly make my job quite a bit easier as CC3's export functionality leaves a great deal to be desired. If fractals were added to Affinity Designer's already astounding features, it would save a huge amount of time when trying to make jagged shapes.
  8. Hi Folks, Just want to raise something. Not sure if its a bug or just me being a newbie.... I created a shape and had to round the corners.... I then grouped everything together in order to re-size the entire project and used the Shift key plus drag to start resizing the object. This worked fine but I noticed that the rounded corners I had created did not alter which obviously threw out the whole shape. Does this make sense? Just wanted to bring it up. Keep up the good work folks. Mark
  9. Hi Folks, Just wanted to bring something to your attention. So I was creating a shape and need to place another shape within the original and loose the excess. To do this I used the divide tool. The problem was, I had also used the corner tool with the original shape to curve my corners in. As soon as I used the divide tool though I lost the curved corners and they reverted back to their original shape. Wasn't sure if this was bug or just one of those things. Either way just wanted to make you aware. Keep up the good work Mark
  10. Hey there fellows, I ran into this display bug today while cutting a path wich contains quite a few rounded corners. It seems to be a temporary visual bug that disappears if one works just along. The magenta marks occurred the first time while I recorded the clip, not sure if they are related to the disappearing corners. As almost always I recorded a short clip for demonstration. ;) https://youtu.be/dp8TcFfvUOU Cheers Dennis
  11. I have not managed to find out how to change the corner value on multiple selected rectangles. Is it possible ? mcl
  12. Hi Guys, Affinity looks like a great application. I've been toying with it for about an hour and I have a few questions. My application would primarily be for UI design. And pardon me in advance if these questions are of the simpleton nature :) Is there a way to turn off blue outlines of selected objects when moving them with the arrow keys -- to help with better placement of objects without the distraction of the blue outline? Is there a modifier key-command to do the same (get rid of outlines) when moving an object with a mouse? Is there a way to change the corner roundness percentage on multiple objects at the same time (mainly rectangles)? The Corner option disappears when multiple objects are chosen. Thanks for any help. Cheers, Andrew K
  13. Man.. I can't tell you how frustrating radii as a percent of OAL are. I want an 8px radius on a 960px sq box... Now I gotta do math and stuff. Talk about a workflow/process drain. 8% of 960px = 76.8 - Yeah No way do I want that. 1% of 960 = 9.6px - Nope, not even close, in fact WORSE, it's so damn close and wrong, that it's going to cause problems @2x. Oh snaps! 2X I forgot about that. Whats the 2x equivalent? 0.833% #MIND BLOWN## Please spare us this nonsense. Only reference to this issue I can find without sinking more time into this. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/1260-applying-round-corners-to-a-box/ Sorry it's 9am on a Saturday, and I've decided to remove illustrator from my workflow, and hitting some awkward app design decisions.
  14. Hi, I'm new user of Affinity Designer :wub: It seems to me that the rounded corners only exist for rectangle. Maybe it will be interesting to add this feature at the others forms like triangle, polygon, trapezoid... As a designer I like to create smooth and rounded forms.
  15. In recent versions of Illustrator there is a little circular double dot at the corners of your polygons which allow rounding of corners. It's an incredible feature. By default, clicking-and-dragging one of those dots will round all corners the same. But you can individually round a single corner by using the Direct Selection Tool (in Illustrator) to select a particular corner, and then only a single adjustment dot will appear. You can Option-click to invert the rounding. This would be a spectacular feature enhancement to Affinity Designer.
  16. Hey guys! Most of the time you need to round something in the icon: triangle corners, diamond corners or something more complex like gear inner and outer corners. I found the way to do so in AD, but it's not very flexible and accurate. Gear icon example, I wish I could adjust any corner without converting to curves.You can round any corner in Sketch, works good on simple triangle, but rounding the compass needle is not that smooth and accurate. Do you plan to have this feature in near future?
  17. I've always used the xtream path plugin for illustrator until the lion's share of those features were added in CC. So I've become a slave to it. Although I appreciate the rounded corner tool, I'd love the ability to add the corner feature to custom shapes I've created with the pen tool. There are still tools from xtream path that were omitted by adobe that would be a great addition in Affinity. Does this exist and I'm missing it somehow. I've looked around and haven't seen any other requests for it, which kind of shocked me. Am I alone in the world? Hello...Hello...Hello...
  18. like the "rounded rectangle" but with the curves, thanks from faaaar away! :D r.i.p. illustrator... :ph34r:
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