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Found 992 results

  1. Good Afternoon, I've recently been trying to use Affinity Designer after the 1.9 update but came across some kind of bug. When in the Designer Persona, all brush models are clearly seen and can be used. When transferring to the Pixel Persona on the other hand, all brushes turn invisible and cannot be used. I have tried using the "Clear User Data" dialog by holding 'Ctrl' but it still has not solved my issue. Here are photos to help anyone out.
  2. An oddly specific bug I just discovered in Photo - unsure of whether this shows up in Designer too. While sketching out an ornate frame design, I used the symmetry tool with a brush, and everything proceeded as usual. I then used Shift to create a straight line and noticed that the stroke automatically coloured certain parts red - screenshot attached. I tried a few different brushes and ended up with the same result (as you can see), but only when using my tablet pen/stylus - this didn't happen when clicking with the mouse and holding Shift. The layers I worked on didn't have any FX applied, and red was not a colour I had selected (my foreground and background colours were black and white). I've done a quick screen recording for reference: https://youtu.be/blPZMQsAhNQ It's not embedded as a glitch into the document/file though, as I can easily use a "Colour Overlay" effect to change it back to black.
  3. Hi Serif, it looks like the issue I reported back in March was fixed just partially. The same issue occurs when trying to zoom when using the Mesh Warp Tool - see the screencast below. Thanks for a fix in advance.
  4. At some point when adding a new guide, all the guides disappear. I tried to "Show Guides" (Ctrl+;) again, but no success. You can see the guides on the ruler area, but not on the work area. Had to close the application and open it again to make it work. Very annoying! I don't remember having this problem before last update. Running Affinity Designer version Windows 10 Pro v.10.0.19042 Build 19042
  5. I just purchased and downloaded Affinity Designer last night. I attempted to open a .ai file with it, and was met with an error regarding permissions. I also tried to save an Affinity project (.afdesigner), which was met with a permissions error as well. The error reads: I am only able to read/save files in my newly created Affinity Designer iCloud storage, which is not the workflow I will be adopting. Before anyone flags this as a duplicate or writes this off, know that I have: Tried saving to/reading from multiple directories within my home directory, not limited to my Documents folder. (eg: ` ~/`, `~/Pictures`, `~/Downloads`) Used CleanMyMac3 to repair my disk permissions (multiple times) Manually reset permissions on my home folder recursively to all subdirectories and files (Right click > get info > Permissions & Sharing) Manually reset permissions on my home folder via terminal Ran First Aid via Disk Utility Restarted my computer (between each step) Cleared Affinity Designer's data by holding down Ctrl while booting Uninstalled and re-installed Affinity Designer I've read that this is related to Apple's sandboxing. Regardless, it seems insane that the program can't interface with my hard drive. My email client, writing apps, and video games downloaded from the app store can, without any issues ever. Why can't Affinity? Also, if this is an App Store issue that is reoccuring, why not make a standalone version... I'd prefer that anyway.... Double bummer because I was so thrilled to be replacing Illustrator with an allegedly superior project at the cost of only $50. Hoping someone can help me.
  6. Hello, I wanted to reiterate an issue with the node tool in the vector persona that I've noticed in Affinity Designer in versions 1.8.4 - 1.9.0 on a Windows 10 PC. This issue was reported before for v1.8.4 in this forum post: Node Tool - double click issues - Pre 1.9 Designer Bugs found on Windows - Affinity | Forum (serif.com), but I just wanted to make a note to say that it still exists in later versions as well. The issue occurs in every document when trying to use the node tool to select nodes. A node can be selected as normal, but when you try to drag or adjust the node, the click doesn't register, thus deselecting the node. Every so often, dragging does actually work, but this seems to be random. The issue gets worse the closer you zoom in, and sometimes makes the entire program lag a bit as well. This should be reproduceable on every version after 1.8.3 in both new and old documents. There isn't really anything that can be captured in a screenshot for this bug. Before this bug appeared you could simply select a node and move/adjust it all in one movement. I have tested every version of Designer, but I have to keep reinstalling version 1.8.3 because it is the most recent release that does not have this bug. This causes a different problem because I can't open documents from coworkers who are using the newer versions. Thanks for reading, - Mitch System Information: Bug occurs on Affinity Designer 1.8.4, 1.8.5, and 1.9.0 Most recent version without bug: Affinity Designer version Windows 10 Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 1700x GPU: AMD Radeon Vega FE 16GB RAM
  7. Hey Fellows! Sometimes I try to open the brush edit panel but Affinity crashes immediately without a warning. I don't know if this is because I have too much brushes or could be something else.
  8. Ever since the new update, my pixel tool pen and drawing messes up frequently and is very slow even if the document size is small. My friend is also having similar bugs with crashing ever since the new 1.9.0 update came out. Anyone know what's going on?
  9. 在photoshop里面创建的画板文件,用ad打开后把画板全部取消了,所有画板组散成一片。 图片1是带有画板功能的psd文件在ad打开的样子,图片2是ps里面正常显示的带画板的工程文件。 已经是付费用户了,希望能尽快完善这个功能,很期待有朝一日能完全用ipad版本的affinity designer 代替桌面的photoshop软件
  10. Hello there. I am having a problem after the last update. I just wonder if I have it. The program crashes while warping a text with the mesh warp tool. I also encountered a crash while sending files from designer to photo and lost the file I didn't save. (I clicked on the recovery option but did not open the file and crashed despite waiting for a long time) Am I the only one having this problem?
  11. I wanted to adjust my color gradient and I noticed a bug where I cannot adjust the central point. is this bug already known? Bildschirmaufnahme_2021-02-19_um_15_47_25.mov
  12. I've seen several bug reports targeting all Affinity apps with Wacom tablets and I had got the same experiences with my Intuos 3 (PTZ930) on Windows 10. Problem: - Tool cursors misalignments, for example the selection tool draws the selection frame somewhere on the screen and not where I placed the cursor with the pen or mouse. - No button was clickable - App freeze and crash after a short time Solution: 1. Go to app preferences -> Tools 2. Change Tablet Input Method from "Low precision" or "High precision" to "Windows Ink" 3. Restart the app (obligatory) From now on the tablet works as desired (at least mine)! I hope this helps someone struggling with the same problems.
  13. I tried rearranging the panels within the right hand studio area, to see if it improved my workflow. Discovered that I lose the ability to resize the Stroke panel, and also that changing between the Stroke and Brush tabs causes a strange jump in size.
  14. Hey there, just came across what looks like a bug in Designer beta Mac OS 10.14.6. I went to edit my brush and the edit brush panel displays the wrong brushes, Seems to load in a different brush from a different brush category. See the attached images where the brushes in the 'Sprays and Spatters' panel don't match the brushes in the edit brush panel. If I do make any edits it will switch the brush in the panel to the brush in the edit brush panel. In this case it seems to be grabbing the brushes from the 'oils' category... It worked fine in the official 1.9 version just misbehaving in the beta. Any ideas what's happening here? Thanks.
  15. Hello.. I just noticed this problem with AP 1.9 for iPad (I haven't tried with Mac version yet). I applied liquify as a live filter, but it results in a massive loss of sharpness. No manipulation of the filter in these screenshots, I just applied it as an example.
  16. i cant get my account linked (hit the button and nothing) same problem when i click on "new pattern layer from selection" mac os 10.11.6 el capitan
  17. Has anyone else noticed the layers panel in AFPhoto refusing to collapse layers or otherwise behaving erratically? I have experienced this on two different computers on multiple different files (though I do work on the same files between computers). I'll update this post with a screenshot next time I see it. Edit: Updated
  18. I've uploaded each the AFPhoto file and the exported image. Notice the white outlines where the inpainting was done. Setup is iMac latest OS and AFPhoto versions. Export settings are jpeg, 1200x900, 85 quality Can anyone suggest a possible workaround? Thank you test.afphoto
  19. Hi, im new using Affinity apps, and start my 90 trials. Im using Affinity Photo rn, install was fine, but the problem is when i make new document. the app suddenly closed first i installed it on my File Drive (D) it's force closed, then i tried installed it on C drive, and still force closed. Can someone help me?
  20. Affinity Photo 1.9 bug? I am on iPad OS 14.4 update I have to tap the button 3x or more just close out from my project. I tried tapping on it with my Apple Pencil and my finger. Same delayed response. Anybody else experiencing this?
  21. When I have a text box selected in my layers and tap on the group button the text reverts to 85pt. It seems to be ok if I create a group with something else then drag the text box into the group. I’m running Designer 1.9.3 on iOS 14.4 and my iPad is 6th gen. Model # A1893
  22. Hey so i’ve been using Affinity Designer on my Ipad pro (2018) for a long time now. Never had any problems until two days ago when the new update came out. Whatever i try to do, whichever file i open the app crashes after a few seconds rendering it completely unusable... As i do two design jobs using mostly AD, this is a huge problem now. Any tips on how i could solve this would be greatly appreciated. Before you ask, yes i tried resetting the ipad, it didn’t help, the problem seems to be with the new update...
  23. I am having issues with paragraph styles. I expected them to work like inDesign or Word -- to click on text and apply the style, or update the style. Click on another button to erase formatting. When I place my insertion point at the beginning of the first line of a paragraph in body style, and enter delete, I expect the line to move up and close the gap from the paragraph above. But no, it acts like I hit return, and body style changes to no style. Similarly when I delete a line of bullied or numbered points I am unable to close the gap by hitting delete. I have to convert to Body, then convert again to the list. When I copy bullet points from one section and add them to another paragraph, then change the bullet points to Body, the space between paragraphs is not maintained, and it's a real hassle to get the 6pt space to work that is part of Body style. When I copy text from a Quarkxpress 2018 generated PDF, the text has huge leading, and does not conform to the style I select in body, or bulleted list. It has taken 8 hours to format a doc that should have taken 1 hour.
  24. When exporting SVG and PNG files (haven't tried other formats) from Designer 1.9.0 and a file with the same filename already exists, the "Overwrite?"-dialog appears for some milliseconds and seems to be automatically answered with "No", so that I can't save the new respectively updated file. Work around: Delete the older file before exporting the new one. Cheers Tom
  25. Hi, I have a Mac OS with Big Sur 11.2. I have the Affinity suite purchased from the Mac App Store. Recently they updated and now I cannot access any of my files. I seem to be able to go in and create a new document, to save it, etc. but if I close it and want to re-open it, I just get a spinning beachball. This happens with all documents. I worked with Affinity Designer all day on Friday and it worked perfectly. However, once I went over to Publisher (which was also working fine on its own), I noticed that it wouldn't allow me to go to Designer persona, which is what I needed to do. Then, when I went to open these programs on Saturday morning, neither would allow me to open my files. Will this just work itself out? No idea what to do. I would appreciate any help! Thank you
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