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Found 26 results

  1. My new book cover design tutorial (Search The Woods) is part of the new Affinity Photo Workbook Hope my work is helpful and lets many people get creative.
  2. My new book cover design tutorial (Search The Woods) is part of the new Affinity Photo Workbook Hope my work is helpful and lets many people get creative. Thank you all
  3. Hello, here is a link to my website, where I show some book cover designs (Print, ebook). All are created with aPhoto and aDesigner. For me, there are no better apps for this job. Looking forward to any feedback, thank you ;-)
  4. Editing the presentation of an book cover in Affinity Photo
  5. Does anyone know if "Designer" can make fold marks for a book spine. I just can't find a way to do so. If the book cover is one large Art board, the bleeds and crop marks are ok on the exported PDF. But there are no indications for the width of the book spine. If the the book cover is made of 3 different art boards combined. The export to PDF vill make 3 seperate PDF files and that will not work for book printing. I need a PDF that is in one file with crop marks and bleed, and marks for the book spine. Thanks in advance kim
  6. Book Cover Design (PreMade), Affinity Photo After a long time I once again created a so-called "PreMade", with fictional title and author name. I did 'nt have a directly matching photo. I wanted to try to get a deep "camera" perspective, so a glance flat over the grass. For this I have several grass photos overlaid and merged into a (one) picture. What do you think? Looking forward to your feedback :lol: :huh: :) Friendly greetings to everyone
  7. You may have seen my first book cover, but here is the second in the series. It's my personal favorite. Hope you like it!
  8. For fantasy book covers like the one below, they always have colorful skies. Among a host of fantasy effects, I desperately need to learn how to change the colors of sky, so they have multiple unnatural colors. Or even just to change the blue in a stormy sky to like a diff color. Any help? Even just tell me what tool to use? Thank you so much!! Seriously, I would pay money if someone made a course on book covers for Affinity.
  9. This work (affinity photo 1.4.2) is looking for a name. Just an example of a book cover design (Thriller). This work is looking for a name, what do you mean? Tell me the name ... :)
  10. Hiya, Is it possible to pass an image across two artboards? Say for example I wanted phototgraph continuation on the front and back cover of a book but not the spine. Martigny
  11. I have a flat book cover and I want to turn it into a 3d cover like the image below. What affinity designer tools should I use to accomplish this?
  12. A small clip (video) about the development of a book cover design. Of course, all works were made with Affinity Photo / Designer. Best greetings to Nottingham :)
  13. Hi, here’s a new work with afphoto & afdesigner, a book cover design for a crime story. Albtraumwelten / nightmare worlds. It's a screenshot from the development, the finished cover you can see here, if you like.
  14. My latest project with AP, the cover for the thriller (novel) „Das Opfermesser“ (means something like "The sacrificial knife“). The novel by the german author Simon Geraedts will appear as an eBook & print edition (This work won a competition on a german designer portal; this is my first prize, I'm totally happy). :) However ... is there too much blood?
  15. Hi, here's a new book cover design, it's an example of my work. "Waldeszorn" (Title is a little playful in german language) means something like "Rage Of The Forest". I appreciate any feedback from you, thank you very much :)
  16. Book Cover (Example), Horror Thriller, created with Affinity Photo 1.4.1
  17. Hello ladies and gentlemen, I have a new gallery for my book cover art. All works are created using aphoto (or sometimes aDesigner or both). The Doe's are some working examples, I will add more pictures gradually. All works in large: Greetings to all creatives and developers :)
  18. Book Cover (mockup): Hand drawn, edited with AP. What do you think, guys? :)
  19. New work from the "Broken" series (horror-mystery-thriller-book cover-mockups). Of course made with Affinity Photo/Designer, as always. Do you like it? Or not, because .. why... I appreciate any feedback ;) TNX
  20. This is my last work from the „Broken“ series (Affinity Photo), using some previous works, different layer effects and some other settings. I love the fine tuning. ;)
  21. Book cover design - of course, created with Affinity photo :) Happy new year to all!
  22. This work is from my new series (Thriller/Horror), made with Affinity Photo.
  23. Book Cover (Horror Thriller, Mockup). I never, never, never want to be in love with anyone but you, my little dirty affinity photoooo ;) 1.4 is absolutely great, thank you, Serif.
  24. Sorry, I've canceled this project. Pardon … :huh:
  25. I am a writer of horror and fantasy novels. I've been trying my hand at the graphic design field for a few weeks now. I was able to take the art from a buddy and turn it into a book cover for my latest project. Affinity Designer was very easy to work with and I've received several compliments on the layout. I want to sharpen my skills so I am willing to listen to some criticism from you lovely people.