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Found 92 results

  1. The file I saved yesterday does not open today. What can be the problem? Also, I didn't notice, the file size looks 0 byte. The file I saved is not available at this time. Despite all warnings, I have worked on an important file  It's sad, this is a big problem for me.
  2. Small request: Could y'all possibly add a "B" or something signifying it is the beta version in your taskbar icons when it is the beta release running? I have the beta in my taskbar so I can use it when I want to try with a certain project, and as of now on the Window version, the icons are different. Obviously that won't be the case anymore when the current version is a RC/Release version, as both icons will be the same. One small change that has been very helpful.
  3. In a bulleted list, if there's only one character left and I delete it, the bullet point sometimes also is deleted.
  4. I've just installed the most recent Affinity Photo 1.7 Beta (Downloaded March22, 2019) on my Windows 10 machine, and it says "setup cannot proceed for the following reason: Supported Windows Version Not Found". I'm on a stable amd fx 8320 8 core machine with 16 gigs of ram, using a version of Windows 10 updated to the 2017 spring service pack. I have checked dxdiag and I'm using direct x version 11.2. What else is needed to make this installer run? Current Affinity Photo version 1.65 runs just fine and is perfectly stable. I'd really prefer NOT to update to the latest Windows 10 service package due to the huge instability problem with Amd Fx processors on this latest update.... Thanks so much for your time and attention!
  5. Hello team, I miss in Publisher the possibility of an overprint preview, as well as the possibility to set individual colors or objects to "overprint" or "cut out" (hope this is the right term, maybe "omit" is better?). I did not find a satisfying answer in the forum. Are these features available and I just can't find them? Regards, Puck


    Thought I would share this project with you all. I don't mean to tread on anyone's political leanings; I just wanted to share the project for whatever it's worth (This + ~~$1.50 will get you a cup of coffee) https://www.dropbox.com/s/kurq4tx7kq4p5ob/VOTE BLUE 2.afphoto?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/y27u1d06sebwc8k/VOTE BLUE 2.png?dl=0
  7. Hi I seriously need help, UI is in Low Res/ Blurry I have been trying posting this problem before but with no answer and now I am really dependant of this software, already tried to uninstall and install, update but no solution. It's for the Publisher Beta but I guess one fix covers all. 1.7 on OSX Please Help.
  8. Windows 10 Home 1809, Designer I've just noticed the following problem: * Open Designer on my main monitor, basic HD, nothing fancy (scale at 100%); * Create a new document and put a 2 inch square on it; * Zoom to 100%; * Measure square, it's 2 inches square - as expected; * Move Designer window to laptop display, basic HD, just whatever came built-in (scale 125%); * Measure square, it's now close to 1 and 6/8ths of an inch square - not great, but easily fixed; * Zoom to 100%; * Measure square, it's 2 inches square again - as expected; * Move Designer window back to main monitor; * Measure square, it's now just under 2 and a half inches square - but we should be able to fix that; * Zoom to 100% and... oh dear, that's wrong; * Measure square, it's now just under 3 and 1/8ths of an inch - some thing has gone wrong somewhere. And no amount of re-zooming, minimising the application, or anything else I have tried will fix it, it stays looking too big until I re-launch the application. Just saving the document, closing it, and then re-loading it doesn't fix the problem, I've got to bounce Designer entirely. Designer is set to use the built-in - default - Intel GPU.
  9. Hello everyone, I am using Publisher for Mac on the latest Beta. I created a project with 5 pages, using only the master page tool and inserting some images and writing text in a custom font. When I wanted to export it as PDF, Publisher first said there were overflowing text frames, although I couldn't spot any, and then started exporting but eventually stopped giving only a vague message. Can someone tell me why it does so and how to fix it? Thank you in advance!
  10. I just attempted to export some assets that I created in AF Publisher into Designer and it said " Import Failed, Unable to Import File." I'm assuming that is because they were made in a Beta version and the official release can't import asset files made in a Beta. My question is, will this be possible when the official version of Publisher is released? or is it not going to be possible to share my asset libraries between programs?
  11. Sorry if I'm not seeing it but when I open APub Beta 1.70.227 it tells me to update via the forum thread, which i can't seem to find. Could be user error lol.. Please assist :)
  12. Grafikos

    Greek word for love

    AGAPE in Greek using vorono filter agaph.afphoto
  13. Following an interesting tutrorial I applied filters->distort->sphere successfully. Next step was to select Filters->re[peat sphere This command not available in Checked it is available in
  14. It seems the performance in the newest beta is still messed up. See the movie I attached. All I did was create a new document, float the window, then drag t he window size handle around. This doesn't happen in the production version. My computer is a windows 10 machine running an i5 processor and 2 GB NVidia card. Nothing to brag about but totally sufficient for Affinity. Matt 0001-0213.mp4
  15. Loading Fujifilm .RAF file with only default slider positions in the "DEVELOP"-persona gives a nice image as long as staying in the develop-persona, but after development coming in "PHOTO"-persona the image becomes much overexposed. This was OK in the previous Beta version. Included is one of the .RAF's in question. Thanks. DSCF4153.RAF
  16. Windows 10 Home 1809, Designer I've noticed some very strange/unexpected behaviour when using the Customise Tools function (this happens in Publisher too). See first attached GIF where dragging a tool can cause it to sometimes: * snap back to where it was; * snap to a weird position nowhere near where I dropped it; * snap to the bottom of the tools. See second attached GIF where dragging a separator can cause all kinds of weird issues such as: * other separators going missing; * the tools 'avoid' the dragged tool in unexpected ways; * basically all kinds of weirdness that's difficult to describe, just watch the GIF and see how many issues you can spot (it gets a little bit more controllable by the end).
  17. Hello team, I hope you are well. Thank you for the effort you make every day. Attached a video that I just recorded where I verify that the error in "Expand stroke" is still present. I hope you have it in mind in the roadmap for the final version 1.7. Keep rocking. Best regards. Grabación de pantalla 2019-01-28 a la(s) 2.17.19 p. m._IG.mp4
  18. Windows 10 Home 1809, Publisher I'm not sure if this behaviour is correct or not - so I'm not sure if it's a bug or not - but I'll try and explain what's happening. I can create some Artistic Text and use the Transparency Tool to give it a transparent gradient. All well and good. Then I can create another bit of Artistic Text elsewhere the page. However, the transparency gradient of the first bit of text has been copied over to the new text but in exactly the same place as it is in the first text, which means that the transparency gradient no longer covers the second text. Is this expected behaviour? It took me a while to figure out what was happening when I first saw this. I've attached a GIF to show what I mean.
  19. Hi All, Just tried to install version 227 and it gets as far as the ‘Do you want to run this program yes/no’, On clicking ‘yes’ the box disappears and nothing else happens. I have downloaded it twice in case there was corruption - from the forum and from within the program (version 222). I also tried to 'Run as Administrator, with no luck. Help please.
  20. Windows 10 Home 1809, Designer NOTE: Please ignore the export issue in this post. I was put right on that but the grid/guides getting reset is still an issue. I have a document - attached - where, when I delete the "Backgrounds" layer, the grid is reset to the default and my export slices are deleted. Try: * loading the document; * looking at how the grid is set-up (11px); * going to the Export persona and looking at the export slices (should be 27, not all included in export); * then go back to the Vector persona and delete the "Backgrounds" layer. The grid has now gone back to the default and all of the manually-created export slices (named with "slice" and "Icon") have gone. What have I done wrong? Or, what bit of the functionality am I not aware of? Surely the grid and export slices can't be 'part of' a layer? That sounds wrong to me. The slices were created from the rectangles in "Backgrounds" but I don't think the slices should be deleted when I delete the rectangles as the rectangles were only created because the "Add Slice" function doesn't - in my experience - snap to the grid or guides so that was the only way I could create exact slice positions/sizes without a lot of manual work. Even if there's some odd thing about export slices that I don't know about, I really don't think the grid should be reset when I delete a layer. On a related note, when I have the original document and I set the "Backgrounds" layer to not be visible in export, items within it still show up in export, which is a bit weird. I've tried all kinds of ways to get the rectangles from showing up in the export - including setting them to invisible individually - but they just won't go away. Might be a related thing, or might be something else entirely, just thought I'd add it. P.S. After switching off - and making transparent - everything to do with the layers in "Backgrounds", when I try to export the "Icon" slices I can see the icons on the canvas but they're blank in the Slices studio and I just get 'empty' SVGs on export. P.P.S. Just dragging the "Backgrounds" layer out of the artboard will reset the grid but the export slices remain. grid-and-slices-on-209.afdesign
  21. Hi, I am having no success in getting the latest beta ( to run. I have downloaded it four times onto two separate laptops and once onto an iMac 2017. I have downloaded the exe with Firefox - latest version and Chrome. The file size is always reported as 344mb on completion I have tried running it as admin, when the 'Do you want to run this program' box appears; click ok and the effect is the same, the whirling blue circle runs, disappears, comes back and then goes away for good. Any clues, please, as what to do next - thanks in advance.
  22. I apologize if this has already been posted (either I'm doing something wrong, or the search function in the forums is very limited), but the "Vector Crop Tool" is not listed in any of the menus. My biggest gripe about this is that I can't even assign an external keyboard shortcut (through the Mac System Preferences) for this tool.
  23. Hello, I'm having trouble exporting a design from the Beta version to the stable version. Copying and pasting doesn't work. Making a new file from clipboard doesn't work. Exporting to SVG or EPS resulted in many many issues, such as raster shapes, wrong shapes, etc. Is this a Beta limitation or am I doing something wrong?
  24. I'm trying to make some organic shapes with custom/random stroke dashes, upon expansion I get this messy fills: Before: After Stroke dash settings: 0 2 44 2
  25. Windows 10 Home (1803), Designer I have created multiple artboards in the same document and added some construction items. When I add more than ten construction items of any type, one item of the same type goes missing from the same - or another - artboard. See attached GIF for a working example where you can watch them disappear. I'm guessing that this isn't a deliberate design decision as it really limits the functionality.