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Found 35 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new here, and new to Affinity Designer. I have no experience with any other vector drawing programes so I really am a total Noob! Please can anyone explain how I might create the texture pattern attached? Thank you! John
  2. Hi, I am new to the Affinity Photo so sorry for the basic question. I have looked at tutorial videos online on how to cut a section from a image. The two methods I found is the selection brush tool and the pen tool. Every time I use these tools to cut an image, the edges of the image that is selected has rough edges or not smooth. I use refine but nothing really helps. How can I cutting an image with smooth edges and place it in a different image?
  3. Hi. So I've had Affinity Designer for about a year but have never really tried to expand my art in the digital direction. This will be my first attempt at a vector illustration. Suggestions and feedback welcome! Sloth:
  4. Hi zusammen, ich hoffe es ist nicht unverschämt, unhöflich und total daneben ... Ich habe lange mit mir gerungen, ob ich diesen Thread hier mache. Denn es handelt sich um profane Werbung. Und dann auch noch um Werbung für mich und mein Produkt. Nämlich um meinen Einsteigerkurs für Affinity Designer. Liebe und kreative Grüße Heike
  5. Hey guys. Im a new memeber here and new to these programs by Affinity. Anyways I've dabbled a bit in the past in illustrator and inDesign but pretty much forgot everything. So now im getting back into Graphic design simply as a hobby but this time around on Affinity. My question here is which affinity program should i use to create a Restaurant Menu? I was thinking of using Publisher. Is that the right tool to use? Any good tutorials for similar ideas made on publisher? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello community! I was always using pixelmator and just bought afphoto as pixelmator is quietly dying. Pixelmator was super easy to use where you can drag an drop effects into the photo. On afphoto, I saw how to do a certain things but not all the effects offered by pixelmator. I was wondering if there were a video tutorial made just for this transition: Pixelmator to affinity photo. How can I achieve the pointilize effect for instance? or the honeycomb effect? Anybody knows? Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Cheers :)
  7. Hi I'm new to affinity and I'm a home designer without much skill. I know the basics of Affinity Designer. Please can anyone help show me how to replicate picture 1 using picture 2. I came across picture 1 on the internet and loved the way it hazes out (or fades out) on the left hand side. I can see the picture has been extended and then hazed (or faded out) to make it look like one long picture and I'm trying to do the same with picture 2. I am sure that it would be quite easy for someone who knows their way around Affinity Designer so I am reaching out to the forum in hope that you can help show me what to do, I really appreciate you taking the time to read this post. David
  8. In this beginner tutorial, I'll show you how to use Affinity Designer 1.6.1 to draw a dartboard with simple tools. The following tools from the toolbar are used in this tutorial: • Move [V] • Node tool [A] • Rectangle [M] • Ellipse [M] • Graphic text [T] I mainly work with the following panels in this tutorial: • Transform • Layer • Swatches / Color • Stroke With power duplication we also get to know the function of rotation and changing the rotation origin. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  9. Prior-AI user here. How can I join 2 nodes? None of the options in the Action window seem to help. I'm basically trying to turn this "O" into a "C":
  10. Hello all! I'm a complete beginner to creating vector artwork. I'm more of a Photoshop person. I have the Designer trial, and since I work better with text tutorials than videos, I went looking for some. I didn't find many, but there are tons for Adobe Illustrator. I did one and the lack of the warp tool in Designer tripped me up. Can you recommend any Illustrator tutorials (since there are so many more of them) that work with Designer? I'm looking for basic stuff. This is the tutorial I tried that used the warp tool, otherwise, I had no trouble with it. https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-create-a-set-of-flat-animal-icons-in-adobe-illustrator--cms-24710
  11. Hi, I´m a total beginner and I just can´t combine this 3 lines into an area I could fill with color. They just don´t combine. Why is it?
  12. Hi there, as an Adobe user for years I´m thinking about switching to AP and donwloaded the trial version. From what I see after one day of testing I´m really impressed and I´m sure it not only can replace Photoshop, it seems to be the better software. With that said I have some questions from a AP beginner (not a image editing beginner at all) perspective: 1. Is there a way to "export" images from Adobe Lightroom right into AP? I mean some option to set AP as the external editor in LR 2. Is there an option to save individual workspaces such as in Photoshop? I mean customize the canvas and panels I use the most and save that. 3. If 2. is possible is there a way to use these individual workspaces on two Macs? I´m using an iMac and a MacBook and would like to have the same environment on both machines 4. Is there a specific workflow with CaptureOne? I mean use C1 for tethering, as catalog and for RAW processing and AP for more advanced image editing/retouching 5. Are "panels" available such as in PS? I mean can I arrange my panels and tools in a way shown in the attached screenshots (and save this in my workspace)? I think that´s all for the moment. Thanks a lot for your support. Cheers Michael
  13. Hi Everyone, I just bought affinity designer, but was wondering if there are any good resources for complete beginners? I am looking for something like an in depth guide. I wanted to order the workbook but my country is not listed. Thanks for the help in advance. Regards, HDK
  14. I'm new to photo editing and when I look at all the different options available, I get overwhelmed and just don't know where to begin. I wish there was an explanation to what all the different options mean and an explanation of when and in which scenario they should be used. So, I'm wondering if such a website or video in AP exists? I watch all the tutorial videos but unless I understand when I should use the different options, e.g. masks, layers, brushes, etc., I won't be able to edit my photo properly. When I try to follow what's being done in the video on Vimeo, my photos look horrible then I get frustrated and just do basic editing on my computer.
  15. I'm new to design so excuse if this it's a dumb question. I duplicate a shape with no stroke but the new shape doesn't have the same size. There is some "extra" which I believe it's from the stroke. Please take a look at the attached file. Thank you.
  16. Hey Guys, I just got Affinity Designer and Photo for my windows surface. Firstly, I'm not a professional, neither in Affinity nor Photoshop. What i want to do: I just want to make some easy sketches in AP, but it turned out to be quite "edgy". When i'm starting drawing with my stylus pen, its not a smooth line (using the brush tool), it's more like little pixel "steps" into the line. In PS i dont have this problem. I will attach some pictures to make it visible for you. I Hope someone is able to help me, maybe i have to do some settings first? The documents used, was 600 x 900 mm sized with a DPI of 300 (in AP) . It would be great getting out of this trouble, thank you! Cheers
  17. Greetings, I have no experience with graphic design, but I am interested in creating simple designs using stock images and incorporating text. In an attempt to narrow the information I have to consume to do this, I wish to find instruction on how to import stock images into affinity and place text onto and around these images. Also, how would I get the final product into vector format? I'm sure my questions are very elementary to most users, but I have never worked with any design software and would like to dabble in some simple designs and be able to see my creations on tangible products. Thank you so much for any support you can give.
  18. Hi everyone, I've just released a series of 10 videos at 5 minutes each about the absolute basics of image editing at this link: https://www.udemy.com/enhancing-photos-for-complete-beginners/?src=sac&kw=enhan This is not a course about how to use any one bit of software. It just covers the basic processes & in what order you would do them with just about any image editing program. The majority of the videos use Photoshop Elements but I also use Affinity Photo and Pixelmator. *Ahem!* - this course does not recommend any one bit of software over another. The very basic stuff I show was selected because the course is for those people who come to an advanced image editing program with all it's buttons and don't know where to start. It aims to show you what sort of things you should be starting out with. It's for people who have said something like: 'I want to improve my photos. I've looked at one or two programs like Photoshop but all of them are just a confusing mass of buttons. Where do I even begin to understand what to do?' All the processes I describe can be done in Affinity Photo, and it naturally leads into 2 of the Affinity Photo courses I have at Udemy - the Five Steps to Better photos course and the Solid Foundations course. Oh; and did I mention it's free? Right, with that course released I can get back to doing the Affinity Photo 1.5 update videos for the other courses at Udemy. Thanks for your time & I hope the lessons prove to be of use to as many of you as possible.
  19. I am new to photo editing and just downloaded Affinity Photo. I have seen some of the tutorials, however, I have not been able to find my edited photos except by right clicking on the Affinity icon and then clicking on photo in the list. Is there a file they are stored in?
  20. I got Affinity Designer at Christmas last month, and at first just played around to understand the program but I am now starting to do projects. With my small wacom tablet, I drew the two characters who are from the popular video game Overwatch. The robotic looking one is known as Zenyatta, a robot monk. The other is Reaper, a man who died then revived. The 3rd has nothing to do with Overwatch. Just some random thing I felt like making. Supposed to a underwater creature. Hope you like my work :) please keep in mind I just started.
  21. Hi everyone! I recently posted about my lack of knowledge concerning workflow but the kind guys who left a post there assumed that I DID have some sort of knowhow, and- the sad thing is that I (and I presume also many many others who had their socks blown off by this beautiful piece of software) have no idea whatsoever how to wade in... I have been taking photos for many years and have a big collection of raws, but up to now, have mainly limited myself to Picasa for JPEGs, and Lightzone and Adobes Lightroom for the past few months. And now- gorgeous Affinity... Where do I start? Yep- I know that there are great videos and I have gone through quite a few but they go over a specific setup, and I need even more basic than that- e.g: Do I play with white/black point before or after exposure? Why are there color controls in a b&w mix? Do I have to use all the controls? what is a live layer and do I have to use it? etc. etc. etc..... In other words- A course called "basic photo editing 101" Any ideas? Maybe there are a few videos out there for guys like me with low confidence issues? And if we're talking about videos (the guy who talks you through them is a real pro- kudos!) why arent they numbered in order of complexity?
  22. Hi I have made 12 new Affinity Photo Tips in german I hope you enjoy it. I am planning to make more.
  23. Hello everyone, I'm new here and new to any Affinity software. I've got AD, thanks to the recent sales (windows) and I decided a couple of minutes ago to give it a try. I start by importing the brushes in "the-box-set.zip" then I moved to "daub-essentials". Here, instead of importing the brushes one by one like I did before, I imported the all at once. The problem is that it added only one category called "DAUB-inkers". I do not know if in that category it added all the brushes or not because there was also one brush set in the "daub-essentials" folder called "daub-inkers" so I tried next to add "daub_pastello" only. This time AD said that "daub-pastello 2" was successfully added. I removed the category called "daub-inkers" and imported "daub-pastello" again but this time the message was that "daub-pastello 3" was successfully imported. I would like to know if there is a way to "clean" or "sort" the imported brushes so this time it will add "daub-pastello" and not "daub-pastello 4" or 5 and same goes for the rest of the daub brushes. Thanks for your time.
  24. Hi everyone, I've just put three tutorials on YouTube aimed at complete beginners, although slightly more experienced users of Affinity can get something out of the third one. So here they are: https://youtu.be/mYwjdx9FJRA- Affinity Photo Tutorial for Beginners - 101 - don't panic! https://youtu.be/_sbuSNiiZWc- Affinity Photo Tutorial for Beginners - 102 - What is a Layer? https://youtu.be/aWx4X-Nes-s- Affinity Photo Beginners 103 - 5 Essential Photo Editing Steps If they are of some use to you then it's all good. Cheers, Simon Foster
  25. I'm yet another refugee from the Apple Aperture camp. I have looked at Lightroom, and found it excellent, but cannot abide the Adobe Creative Studio add-in software, which practically takes over your machine. I've also looked at DXO extensions for Apple Photos. Now I have bought into Affinity, with the intention of creating a workflow in which I first load raw files into Affinity, to take advantage of the editing power, and then export the results as jpegs for loading into Apple's Photos, which will form my primary library. I use Apple Airplay to display images on the TV, and iCloud to share with other members of the family, so the last thing I need is a non-Apple-compatible DAM system. (I understand that you in the process of developing a home-grown Digital Asset Management system). I do not require to manage the original raw files, which I shall progressively discard as storage becomes limited. So the nub of my question is, how do I go about designing a work flow that is efficient, and ends up with my edited jpegs in Apple's Photos? I have consulted the Help application and watched many of the videos, but I'm unable to see an efficient way to proceed. For example, I might take 10 shots of one subject, and dozens of subjects in a day. First off I want to view all shots of the same subject and select the most promising for Developing. Now I want apply some general presets to every selected image. Then I will go into individual images to perform specific edits. Finally I shall want to export the edited jpegs and then import them into Photos. The videos and the Help text do not seem to give me this sort of overview, as they concentrate on performing edits one photo at a time. I'd be grateful for any pointers that you can give me.

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