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Found 14 results

  1. i have been using Photoshop for some thirty years and switched to Affinity Photo when it was available. I also bought Affinity Designer, basically I suppose, to play around with and see what it could offer that wasn't available in AP. I must confess that the use of Art Boards has me puzzled. I've watched the tutorials, read the Help notes and see the broad aspects of how they work. But why do you use them? What is the benefit over Layers? OK, I'm not a designer; just someone playing around with the software; Doodling, if you like. Obviously they are an important part of a designer's tools and I would be grateful if someone could explain what I am failing to understand. Please set me wise.
  2. Hi. When working with a lot of shapes outside an artboard, the area becomes very cluttered at your layers panel and I thought it would be great if you had like a default group that you could then collapse to get to your artboards easier. Thought this would be easy to implement so I thought I would ask about it. Call it Art Work or something, So you don't have to group every time you put something new there just to find it easy enough to get to your artboard groups.
  3. Hello all, Discovered an odd glitch http://www.giphy.com/gifs/xUn3BVGVpqsYk2DJ7O No symbols are used. When I resize from any direction all of the elements scatter. However copy and pasting to a new doc fixed it.
  4. I'm informed by Callum that this isn't possible and should be requested here: I'd like to be able to see all gridlines on all art boards within one document. At the moment, grid lines only show on the art board you've got selected. This would be handy for quickly eyeballing dimensions and alignment across artboards. I imagine this would be implemented as a preference, rather than a permanent feature for all users. Ta!
  5. In Designer, grid lines seem to only show on the art board you've got selected. If you've got multiple art boards within one doc, is it possible for all of them to display grid lines, all the time?
  6. Hello - I am working on a file in Affinity Designer and each time I try to move the grouped drawing it is taking forever, or just won't move. I keep getting the spinning beach ball. Not sure how to fix this - it was working fine when I was drawing. AD 1.5.5 Mac OS - Sierra 10.12.5 Any advise is welcomed. Thanks! 212 Amoeba.afdesign
  7. I like to be able to line up elements across multiple art-boards in AD. Within an art-boards, guides help do that. But guides don't extent across art-boards as far as I can tell. If they do, how can I engage that 'mode'. If they don't, what are your recommendations for quick and precise alignment of graphics?
  8. Hello, I created and art board and placed an object onto it. When I export "PDF (for export)" all objects are visible. When I export "PDF (for print)" the placed object is missing. (see attachement) I assume I miss some settings? Best, Manfred Artboard1-pdf for export.pdf Artboard1-pdf for print.pdf
  9. Hello - I need some help I attached some photo's to better explain the problem I am having. I am printing a Art Board with my finished work - it looks just fine on screen - but when I print it, the finished result is very different. One problem is text is much larger then what is seen on Art Board. The Text has a Bevel/Emboss Effect, but when printed it's all strange and cut off. Under the text is a shadow which was done by copy/paste/flip and then converted into curves to align, grouped and then given a Linear Gradient Fill. The image of the car was given the same Bevel/Emboss Effect and the shadow is the same as the Text. I've never had a problem when I print - this is the first time since the latest update. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Is there a way to duplicate an art board and have the layer structure you already have on the first art board carry over to a duplicated art board? I just created a second art board and copy dragged my art over to the second art board and it lost all of the layer hierarchy I had set up. Do I need to copy and paste to retain the structure? Thanks. edit - just tried the copy and paste method and it didn't honour the layer structure it juste pastes everything in...
  11. Hi! I usually use AI and in there, I can choose "match artboard to art dimensions" and it will change the size of the board I am working on to exactly what I've created. This is helpful in letting me see all of what I have created (I often copy paste/reflect objects to make patterns) on white or on a specific color. So, I have two questions: 1. how to i get things that are off the current document size to be visible, even if they are off document and 2. how do i match the document size to the selected art? Thanks for your help! Colette
  12. In Adobe, I was able to see my work that was off the "art board". In AD, I can see the selection box showing it's there, but I can't see it. Sometimes I like to work away from project and then move into project. I've looked in preferences and view menu. Thanks. I am so in love with Affinity.
  13. I typically will keep assets outside of the art board when I am working on things like fonts, colors, etc... I have several things I am working on (Illustrator) and when I open up the .PDF in Affinity all those assets that were outside of the art board are missing. I can't seem to retrieve them. Any thoughts???
  14. Using Divide works fine except when I have a shape completely inside another shape. Attached is an example of the results I'm getting: 1. This shows the 3 shapes I'm using. 2. Here they are overlapping each other completely inside one another. 3. When I click "Divide," I expect to get 3 new shapes: 1 blue ring, 1 red ring, and 1 yellow circle. But instead it looks none of the circles are being divided (cut into) and a filled circle is being created where holes should be.
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