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Found 2,398 results

  1. Hello, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator and I work with the Serif apps. I worked with Photoshop and Indesign for many years, but I discovered Affinity Designer in 2015 and Affinity Photo just a little later. I have created many book cover designs, most and the best with Affinity Photo. Now I have bought Affinity Publisher and I am absolutely thrilled. I now open all work with affinity publisher and switch very quickly to photo or designer. It's so practical, I love it! I am happy every time I switch in Affinity Publisher to Photo or Designer, I don’t want to do without it anymore. Thank you, Serif, you really did something great. Yet again;-) Here is a working example: E-book and print cover for a thriller series from Cologne. https://www.bodobe.de/berberblut-buchcovergestaltung/
  2. Inspired by the vinyl record centre label posted on Sunday I thought I have a go at trying to create a reasonably-decent vinyl LP. It’s not perfect by any means but it’s probably usable for most general one-off at-a-glance cases. I haven’t measured anything so the proportions are probably a bit off but it’s just for fun. (It looks a bit ‘smudgey’ at some viewing angles on my monitor so I don’t know how it will look for you.)
  3. I really like the features of AF Photo where it can build vectors within the same document. But... I'm trying to move from Photoshop and now find that there is a significant issue with image quality when you try to downsize an image. Shooting product and converting to final images sizes for websites is essential in my business. I need full size images for print and downsized image for websites. Take a look at the attached image. Upper right corner is working from the full size and exporting to jog @80% and resizing to the intended 1200 px wide. Terrible results. An improvement is to duplicate the parent document and resize prior to export. That is the example in the upper left corner. Still not very good and shows an overall issue with downsizing images. I've tried all the different options and see little if any difference. Conversely, look at the image in the lower left. THAT is how it should work (Photoshop Export As, resizing on the fly). Is this a known issue that we may see improvement on in the future?
  4. It is almost a year that I have introduced Affinty suite in my entire workflow. Affinity Photo has become the standard. This image has been created with Starry Landscape Stacker (lately my win box with Sequator has some probs due to Microsoft updates… bah) and edited in AP. 30 shots of the sky and foreground stacked together, one shot at lower iso for the foreground and one with some light painting for the lake. And a couple of mugs of hot coffee just to defreeze my… well I guess you understand Thanks for your precious time! G:
  5. Hi All, As announced in a recent blog post we have launched the Affinity Photo Workbook to accompany the desktop versions of Affinity Photo Affinity Photo Workbook Launch Announcement November 23, 2017 We are proud to announce the launch of the official Affinity Photo Workbook, our first ever guide to Affinity Photo on macOS and Windows. Painstakingly put together over many months, the long-awaited Workbook teaches you everything there is to know about Affinity Photo and mastering its powerful tools and capabilities. . This is a big book - 488 pages, in hardback - and it includes fantastic projects created by some top photographers, as well as a comprehensive reference to all our tools and panels, and a set of core skills tutorials. For those who are interested, there is a further blog post describing the creation process Behind the Scenes: Creating the Affinity Photo Workbook November 27, 2017 As we released our glossy full-colour Affinity Photo Workbook last week, we thought you might like to take a look into how it was created… You can find more information about it here. Usual price is $49.99 / £37.99 (+ shipping and handling). It's available in English and German. Hope you like it!
  6. Hello- I am a new Affinity user (got the program this January.) I have questions about the Develop persona. I shoot with a Nikon D7000 and use a Dell laptop running Windows 10. I find that NEF RAW files usually display as very dark in the Develop persona and lighten significantly when I hit "Develop" and move to the regular Photo persona. Then I have to re-adjust the levels if I want to get it back to how the photo appeared after edits in Develop. The confusing thing is, this does not happen with every image, and I can't figure out which variables differ between the photos that preview accurately in Develop and the photos that do not. It might have to do with which specific edits I applied in Develop, and this issue may come up more with photos that were already on the darker end of the spectrum. I have checked my monitor display settings and they seem to be OK. Is there something I can do to make the Develop persona provide a more accurate preview of how the photo will appear in the main Affinity Photo Persona? Is there something basic I am missing? Thanks, Alexis
  7. Excuse me for the newbie question. Is there a way to simply scale down an image to a certain percentage? I just switched from GIMP, and after designing certain images that I have to make regularly, I also need to make a mini version at 18% of the size. Is there a simple way to do this, or do I need to do the math outside the program, figure out what 18% is, and then scale it to the right pixel count? Tell me it ain't so.. Here's how it looks in GIMP, so that you know what I'm looking for:
  8. The clock ticks and a new creation is bourn.
  9. I cannot pinpoint what exactly causes the memory leak/maximization, but in the action of either going back in history to remove an edit/manipulation or zooming in and out along with changing brush size, the platform will quickly max out on memory causing a total machine memory max. It forces me to force close and re-open the program in order to continue working on the images. I will do what I can to pinpoint the behavior, but it's causing significant issues that are slowing our work within the system that was not a problem prior. I am on V
  10. Hi there. After seeing a video with Nick Page using Lumenzia in Photoshop, I was inspired to do luminosity masks in a new and much more customizable way than the much used 5 levels of brigths, midtones, and darks. With these macros, when you create a light, midtones, or dark mask, it doesn't create the mask immediately, but applies 3 adjustments: a B&W, a Curves, and a Levels adjustment. Now you can adjust the three fine tune whatwhat you want in your selection. And using B&W adjustment you can more easily target specific colors. The only difference between the 3 that the curves layer is inverted in the darks, and peaks at the halfway point in the midtones mask. When you are happy with the selection, select the "Complete" macro, which will create a selection, and a new spare channel from the selection. Hope you find this useful. Stroiman's Luminosity Masks.afmacros
  11. So I was browsing my hard-drive last week and came across some old race helmets designs I'd created way back in 2012. The 1st design below won a monthly award on racedepartment.com, the 3rd won praise from Rage Designs last week, SOOO, I decided to make some more. The first new designs I created this week (after some test/practice creations) were the The Colombians. I like the colours here but the finish isn't quite right. A few days later I cracked on and made The Spaniard design. Nice colours but the design doesn't QUITE work, (I don't think so anyway), but over-all I really like it nonetheless. 💪 Then yesterday/today I created an alternative design based on Robert Kubica's helmets. Tonight, I just finished this Italian inspired design. Not for any one racer per se but just as a general theme. *Below. I'll be creating more designs over the next few weeks. Be sure to follow me on Twitter if you like what you see and remember to tell anyone you know who's into motorsport (2 wheels or 4,. or 3 even!). 😎 I'd be happy to hear from anyone who might also want a custom design for a lid. Message me! Thanks Affinity Photo! Great software! Hands down a better value investment than the other well known image editor!
  12. I apologize if this question has been asked before; I can't find it. I'm new to Affinity Photo from GIMP. In both programs, when you hold down shift while using most tools (eraser etc.), you get a straight line. With GIMP, a line is shown while you hold down shift, enabling you to better approximate what you're doing. I don't see this in Affinity Photo. Is there a way to enable this? Attached is a GIMP screenshot to show the guide line that I'm talking about, in case I'm not making any sense. Thank you!
  14. Hi Affinity By Serif, I'm using Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. I noticed that once I have imported new brushes, I cannot re-order brush categories or sort the brush categories by name. The most recent imported brushes are at the bottom of the scroll down menu in the brushes panel. Would it be possible to add such an ordering or sorting feature so that users can actually order the brush categories according to their own preferences? < I could not find such a feature/ functionality in Photo or Designer. > Would be nice. With kind regards, Bastiaan
  15. Affinity Photo - Macro Bundle 1 (15 Styles) | Architecture Edition elathi-affinity photo-macro.mp4 Download Link 15 Different Styles of "Affinity Photo Macros Bundle 1 - Architecture Edition" as mentioned below. Heat Map 1 Heat Map 2 Smooth Colourise Cyber City 1 Cyber City 2 Trace Light Surface Radium 1 Thermal Scan Night Vision 1 Night Vision 2 X-Ray Comic 1 Comic 2 Comic 3 Diagonal Line Drawing
  16. Today I completed this artwork. Drawn in Affinity Designer, then color shifted in Affinity Photo, then my "chop" was added in Photoshop. It made it to the Homepage of Artstation, if you scroll down in print section. Human Bacon Hunters in bathed in blue light of the mind machine. Human Bacon Hunters - walking in the blue light of the mind machine, prior to mission launch. These two lifeforms: Totem and Grill, by me Doz, are productions of a type three civilization sent to start a culling section by section on planet Earth. It is harvest time, thin the herd time, and make space time for another zoo animal. I love science fiction, I am working sincerely and diligently to grow and expand my skills as well as imagination. I have fun, love digital art, and have a vivid imagination. See the print shop above, this is posted at half size of maximum 36 x 36 inches, available in smaller increments, and at half res, print res is 300 dpi. Still getting all the drawing down first and mastering tools, then someday a book, perhaps. Black and white, shading and highlights, gray development still in the works can be seen here. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/KameBB
  17. I keep finding unexpected behaviours when working with an external display plugged into my MacBook Pro. I really get the feeling that perhaps not much testing has been done on this or similar set ups. This applies to all three apps if I'm honest. Just the most recent example was one I experiences with Published. Often popup windows or panels appear on the screen other than the one being used. The latest one was that the text frame settings panel appeared on my MacBooks display rather than the external one I was working on. I tried to adjust the colour using the colour wheel but the colour would not change. I moved the panel to the same display as the one being used for publisher and immediately it started working. Interestingly, when then moving the panel back to the MacBook display it carried on working as expected. Another recent one was the other day I was using Designer and on one display the artboards started showing as much smaller than they should be, with the artwork appearing to incorrectly extend far beyond the limits even though. Moving the window between displays and then back again resolved this issue. Could they be related?
  18. A big wish on my part was if you have an image browser like Adobe bridge, this is something many photographers want, as you often have to batch edit many raw files, From a wedding, business shoots, advertising work, etc.
  19. My different dodge and burn way using two curves adjustment layers . Seems to be less saturation I was having trouble with Open photo Add two curves adjustment layers [open one >Ctrl+J] Set one to darken similar as screenshot – does not have to match perfectly Name “burn” [or darken Set other to the opposite to lightening Name “dodge” [or lighten. Invert both > Ctrl + I Add a mask to each (especially if making a macro To use Bush settings >standard round brush >hardness 0 >opacity 10-20 are a good starting point . To darken >have burn layer active >paint with white To lighten >have dodge active >paint with white That's about all there is to it. Options Make yourself a macro /action --- pity we cannot make an action “with current settings” Use the layer mask + black brush to reduce /soften the effects especially on the edges. You can also reduce effects by lowering the opacity of the curves layer Open the adjustment panel to adjust curve settings – I am considering making the settings stronger . Tips to use. Little at a time is best. Or in other words, 10 brush strokes are better than one heavy brush stroke. Experiment with blend modes (not that I have yet) Not sure you will be able to paint in colours as can be done with the 50% grey method . I use that trick a lot so I now have both methods as macros and part of the ''start'' macros . The built in dodge and burn tools are great to target highlights or shadows With practise, and experience, you do do so much photo editing with only the dodge and burn tools that were used in the earliest darkrooms . Digital makes it so much easier! Honestly; I feel we are making photo editing more complicated than it already is, or needs to be . Would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and questions .
  20. Hi, I use Affinity Photo (beta) I'm quite satisfied. But I found a little bug with denoise. When I import a *.NEF or *.NRW I need to use the denoise inside the Develop Persona. Because if I use the denoise in Photo Persona and I do the same modification example Luminance at 75% nothing happens. Please fix this little issue I think you just forgot to code Luminance ? See file attached to test my bug. Louis-Philippe Hebert Thank You! DSCN0197.NRW
  21. Below is my list of written tutorials I have done over the years. The first few were done using early versions of Affinity programs but they should still be ok. Some menus may have changed or tools look different but the basics are the same. Also most are for Affinity Photo, but some could be done in Designer. Plus the "Beginners Look at Affinity Photo" ones will pretty much be the same in Affinity Designer and Publisher as all 3 programs have same basic functions. PhotoPlus and Affinity Photo – make a fake Starry Sky background https://www.dropbox.com/s/3la5z4amc11wcgx/starry-Sky-PhotoPlus_and_Affinity_Photo.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Silk Embroidery Effect https://www.dropbox.com/s/9h4mpso7i77z1oq/Affinity%20Photo%20-%20Silk%20Embroidery%20Effect.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Silk Embroidery Effect V2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6usbza25vidgmck/Embroidery%20Tutorial%20v2.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Vintage Cabinet Frames https://www.dropbox.com/s/bj2dsmwmy0juazk/cabinet-frames.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Fake Evening Sky with Rain and Lightening https://www.dropbox.com/s/mlcdnducotitp1d/Fake_Evening_-_Lightning_-_Rain_-_Affinity_Photo.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo - Art Projects Shows 2 ways to make a blank canvas on an easel have what might be a painted image on it, from a photograph. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8fx18c77t2dnulb/Art-Projects-sept2018.pdf?dl=0 Infrared V2 – Affinity Photo 3 ways to make fake Infrared images I Needed a project to use in the Affinity Publisher beta, so I thought I’d update an old Serif PhotoPlus tutorial to an Affinity Photo tutorial. It basically shows 3 methods to get Infrared style images. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0c0mgqfrbrdv4q5/Affinity%20Tutorial%20-%20Infrared-v2.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Convert German Video – Film Strip Image in 3 parts pt 1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/iewleyt95a8qhdk/Photo_Film_Strip_-_German_Tutorial_pt1.pdf?dl=0 pt 2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/2j35gkvxr9emcq6/Photo_Film_Strip_-_German_Tutorial_pt2.pdf?dl=0 pt 3 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6yvxubgne0kqct4/Photo_Film_Strip_-_German_Tutorial_pt3.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – False Water and Reflection https://www.dropbox.com/s/4sm0qqikvp0hs0a/affinity-photo-false_water_and_reflection.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Chinese Painting Styles in 2 parts pt 1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/uvqn9hf9mo2xwbr/Chinese_Painting_-Pt_01-_affinity-photo.pdf?dl=0 pt 2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ovc317ncjjosd0/Chinese_Painting_-Pt_02-_affinity-photo.pdf?dl=0 Affinity Photo – Beginners Look at Layer Masks https://www.dropbox.com/s/c0lsf9e7kdymdyd/A-Photo-%20Beginners%20Look%20At%20Layer%20Masks.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 1 – Better Cloning https://www.dropbox.com/s/a1d283mn7icltzc/ACTIV8-issue1-BetterCloning.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 2 – Spheres https://www.dropbox.com/s/igufcf3unu4z84b/ACTIV8-issue2-spheres.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 3 – Affinity Photo - Select Tree - Replace Sky – 2 ways https://www.dropbox.com/s/lx0ko7f2xjqsg3r/ACTIV8-issue3-replacesky.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 4 – Tri-Fold Image https://www.dropbox.com/s/1iyp59mr3bzjlri/ACTIV8-issue4-TriFold-image.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 5 – Emboss With Lighting https://www.dropbox.com/s/t5r6tiz3c7k7o1s/ACTIV8-issue5-emboss-with-light.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 6 – 3D Text https://www.dropbox.com/s/gif1x6xrtfrp2z8/ACTIV8-issue6-Three-D-Text.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 7 -Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher – A look at Styles This written tutorial, mainly aimed at beginners of any of the Affinity Software made for PC and Mac. It may work the same on iPad version but I don’t own one so can’t confirm that it will. It looks at what Styles are, how to make some Gradient Styles and some Styles made from images. Then how to Export and Import your newly made Styles. After that I do a basic overview of a couple of video tutorials I have made in the past. Using the Mirror Filter and the Equation filter to make new images, to then make Styles from. Lastly, another overview of a recent video tutorial, which looks at using the Vector Crop Tool in Affinity Designer to grab sections of an image to then make Styles from. The end of this PDF tutorial has interactive links to all the video tutorials and links to the downloads of all the Styles I have made in these video and written tutorials. https://www.dropbox.com/s/82szaatnflaw8fk/ACTIV8-issue7-Styles.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 8 – Affinity Photo – Make Sketch Image With Just The Channel Mixer A while ago I made an Affinity Photo video tutorial about making a sketch image just using the Channel Mixer adjustment. I thought I’d up-date it slightly in this written tutorial, which can be done in Affinity Photo, Designer or Publisher. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6etmt3am6ljprwn/ACTIV8-issue7-ChannelMixer-Sketch.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 8a – Affinity Software – 4 Creative yet simple ways to use Blend Modes This is a written tutorial update of a video tutorial I did in Feb 2018. They are fairly basic edits and will work best with an image that has a white background. So, I will use one I got from Pixabay, as are the other images used. Links to the video and image are in the written tutorial. The video was done in Affinity Photo but this will be done in Affinity Designer but I see no reason why it can’t also be done in Publisher. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sluebvjl86nuk8e/ACTIV8-issue8-Four-Uses-for-Blend-Modes.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 9 – A Beginners Look At Affinity Photo part 1 Looking at opening images and saving your edits. Plus, file formats also a look at the Layers Panel and Colour selection Although tutorial is for Affinity Photo all will work pretty much the same in Affinity Designer And Publisher https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ztaxn4siom7evd/ACTIV8-issue9-Beginners%20Look%20at%20Affinity%20Photo%20pt01.pdf?dl=0 Activ8 issue 10 – A Beginners Look At Affinity Photo part 2 Looking at opening and setting up a new document other than an image. The Brush Tool and changing the Brush Tips. Then looking at the different types of Pixel and Vector layers you can make. Layer Masks and their use. Plus, a quick look at Text and Shape layers and the Glyph Browser. As with part 1, most (if not all) of the information in this tutorial will work just as well in Affinity Designer and Publisher as all 3 programs are so similar. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kourodnfojwq26l/ACTIV8-issue10-Beginners%20Look%20at%20Affinity%20Photo-pt02.pdf?dl=0
  22. Applications Affected: Affinity Photo Operating Systems Affected: macOS Windows Description of the issue: Batch processing a raw file to an image results in a much darker image than if the RAW file is developed within the app. Recipe: File > New Batch Job Select a raw file Select Save as JPEG and choose a location Click OK to perform the batch operation Compare the JPEG to the processed raw file and observe the JPEG is much darker Workaround: The 1.8.0.x beta builds mentioned in the next post provide a workaround until 1.8.0 is released
  23. Today I went to open a new Affinity Photo file and it froze. It just kept showing the spinning wheel on my 16" Macbook Pro. I forced quit and opened AP again. this time I tried to open a rcent file and the same thing happened. I am not sure if it is the cause, but I think my mac auto updated the OS. It shows as 10.15.3 Can anyone help me with this?
  24. Hello everyone, as the title suggests, is it possible to save a path in APhoto? Thank you and greetings
  25. In this video: - Make pictures pop with the Curves Adjustment Layer Trick - How to use the Pen Tool easy and fast for great results - Make a even Frame around your images with ease - Create a Mask for a Glow effect that works
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