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  1. All the affinity applications are crashing it does not open, I click on an affinity application, it loads the square screen that always comes out and then closes without doing anything, I thought it was my computer and it wasn't, I thought it was my AMD Driver they were not, restart the applications, nothing, uninstall it and install it again and nothing, I read in the affinity forums that it said to change the name of the application folder "1.0" that's the name of the folder, but it doesn't work, another one is created folder with the same name. I have bought it in the Microsoft store and I
  2. Hi! Since the recent update any files I open in Affinity Publisher look way too bright, which obviously makes pre press work very difficult. The same files look normal when I open them in Affinity Photo. Any thoughts or solutions to fix this problem are very much appreciated. Kind regards, Karina
  3. If I need to lay guides for a project, how do I do that if the measurement is not in pixels? Examples: inches, millimeters, etc...
  4. Hey fellow affinitiers(if that is a word), This is my first post so I hope it is put in the right place. I am not a new user to Affinity products, however, recently I came across a problem I cannot solve. I created my designer portfolio using Affinity Publisher. The way how I input my images or files into this publisher document - I link my files from my boards or images files that are made using Affinity Designer or Photo. The problem I got is I really want to compress my file while exporting it(my PDF needs to be about 10 MB). However, when I am exporting it, the text which was cre
  5. in Affinity publisher when I have multiple artboards and then I select an object outside of them an outline surrounding all the artboards is shown, how can I hide this outline so it doesn't show up anymore? check the attached image below note: this doesn't happen when am using Affinity designer.
  6. I've scrolled for some time looking for a thread in which my problem might be addressed, but no luck. Im using a mid-2009 MacBook Pro (Yosemite 10.10.5) 8GB RAM (1067 MHz DDR3) 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo - Affinity Publisher 1.8.3 Overall, I'm very satisfied with the user interface, features, speed and reliability of Publisher with two small exceptions. I'm working on a book (377 pages) with a substantial index (8 pages worth). Inserting an index is no problem, it goes very smoothly. However, the 'update index' icon in the Index Panel (lit and 'pressable') does not actuall
  7. Hey there! I want to install (for Publisher) the color profile "ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc", which i've downloaded from http://www.eci.org/ I am on Mac BigSur with the latest Version of Publisher. I bought my Programs in the Affinity Store. I tried the following steps i've found via Google or in this Forum: After each step i restarted my mac. Putting the ICC File to: ~/Library/Application Support/Affinity Publisher/user/ Source: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/128794-known-issue-icc-profiles-missing-from-affinity-after-updating-to-macos-big-sur/
  8. When importing text containg footnotes from MS Word 2010 via clipboard, the footnotes are lost and paragraph styles in document get messed up. Windows 10 Pro, 20H2 Publisher 1.9 MS Word 2010 Reproducible To reproduce: Create document in MS Word containg some footnotes. Create blank document in Publisher with a text frame. In Word <ctrl>+A to select all text In Publishet <Ctrl>V to paste text. Note that footnotes are missing and some of the paragraphs have been formatted as 'footnote text'. I would expect the footnotes
  9. Hi, I'm creating a magazine in which every page contains a two-column text frame that's inherited by master pages, one master for the even-numbered pages and the other for the odd-numbered pages. Typical articles are between 5 - 8 pages long, with the text frames linked as needed between pages. The text frames also have images interspersed among the text, with wrapping specified so the text skips over or around the images. This is all working fine. At the last page of each article, though, I want to balance the two columns of text. I tried checking the "Balance text in columns" check
  10. Again, I have some "remains" from a client's project (like the engraving macros last time), which might be useful for one or two: Simple 2-file solution, which generates a fake ISO 3D map of any image, shape or even text. Easy to use. Just place your object(s) into one file and update the master file. Cut's colours editable via layer FX. Caution! Can be quite demanding on weaker systems. Available for free (just enter "0" as price) at Gumroad.
  11. Hello, I just switched from the Adobe CC to Affinity and i run into a problem withing Affinity Publisher. In InDesign I'm used to making a mockup of my document using wireframes, and then filling it with text and picures. When i wanted to do the same thing within Publisher, I can't type in a picture frame. I seem to have to make a seperate textframe for typing. Can an empty pictureframe be used as a placeholder before filling the document with text and pictures? Or is it just an empty placeholder for pictures?
  12. Hi, i did check and search everywhere (Iat least I hope) before to open this thread. The problem is PDF seems ignoring the transparency i applied on those lines (i attached PDF and afpub file). It work if I apply the transparency to any single lines and doesn't work (no matter which type of PDF) when I apply the transparency to the group of those lines. I did try with square objects etc with always same result as you can see from the PDF. Did I something wrong or is a bug? Thanks in advance to anyone can help. test.pdf Test.afpub Test 2.pdf Test 2.afpub
  13. On the 200th birthday of Charles Baudelaire, I made a photo essay based on a poem by him. You can find this essay here: https://de.calameo.com/books/0062587442fbbd60b052d In my account in Calameo you will find some other books, made mainly with Publisher, but also using Photo and Designer.
  14. Hi, This is probably a silly question but I'm getting all these 'Missing dictionary for language (en-ES)' warnings in Preflight. They are probably harmless, but my Preflight is flooded with them to the point that I cannot find the few other warnings and errors that are sprinkled among them. How can I make these 'Missing dictionary for language (en-ES)' warnings go away? Thanks!
  15. Hi, I am trying to export as curves some text and part of my styles contain decoration. I have desired effect on screen and in export if I rasterize the file, but in case I try to export as curves, as I am being asked for printing purposes, the PDF shows a completely different effect. What am I doing wrong? Publisher window: PDF Result: My export settings: My "decoration" uses 3 elements, I use the stroke as decoration 3 with some pressure adjustments as it was the only way I could figure to get the "chipped" box effect.
  16. Hi Affinity Community. I am currently working on a portfolio that includes profiles of different people (Names, Stats, Etc). I have been using the data merge feature in Affinity Publisher to populate data in my profile template. The problem I have been having is that some names are too large for my text frame and are hidden. Is there a way to have text from a data merge automatically resize itself to fit a text frame?
  17. Hi All, I have set up a document in AP that contains a number of sections with names such as "1st Part of Training", "2nd Part of Training", etc. I have then places a field on Master A that contains a field called <section name>. The idea being that I don't have to have a seperate title for each page, it's just pulled automatically from whatever section the page is in. The problem is that the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, text no longer goes into superscript like it would for a normal text box. Is there somewhere in a stylesheet that I can set this so it gets applied? I don't know
  18. Windows 10 Home, Publisher (no hardware acceleration). I created a document to try and help another forum member but I have come across a behaviour I wasn’t expecting. Watch how the images move in my video. I’ve attached the file for experimental purposes. Is this supposed to happen? Am I doing something wrong? 2021-03-10_13-34-03.mp4 unexpected-constraints-behaviour.afpub
  19. Hello! Hope someone can help as I have tried so many different options and I'm losing the will to live - I'm at the point of resorting to MS Word! I've had a look at other posts on similar issues but haven't found a solution that works for me. I've just started working on a magazine for Work, when I export as a PDF our logo (.png file) on the cover has a messy grey outline around it - I've tired all sorts of PDF export options for resolution, compression, turning include layers off etc. and it makes no difference. I've just switched to Affinity Designer persona (whilst in
  20. Hi! When I place a page from another Publisher file (with Page Box: Bleedbox selected), if the source is linked the bleed is still there when you save and open the file. However, if you change the page file from linked to embedded in the Resource Manager, the bleed disappears when you save and open again and there is no Page Box option available (it appears again if you relink the file and then save and open). I don't know if this is supposed to happen with embedded Publisher files since it should keep the same page size before embedding it, but I thought maybe someone else had the s
  21. Hi, I tried many times to create a TOC in Affinity publisher and each time, when I'm just clicking on "Insert", appears in my texte area "Non TOC entry found" even though I have differents paragraph styles used in my document. I watched many tutos but none mention this trouble....
  22. I have weird issue where I set the size to 5x7 in but when printed it is not 5x7 in. size issue.afpub IMG_1448.HEIC
  23. I had a brochure created a number of years ago where the person isn't doing it anymore. At the time they gave me an IDML file. It imports into Publisher 1.9.2 on my iMac. Sometimes it crashes but I have been able to make it work. My problem that I think I may run into when printing is that out of the 5 total pages the 3 middle pages are basically 2 page spreads. However, they are only being shown as one large page (approx 11 x 17). I have done some searches and I read about facing pages and spread setups. However, I can't seem how to figure out to turn my single large page spread to
  24. I use quick access to recent files (right click) through pinned applications on the windows taskbar a lot. Would it be possible to use different icons for .afdesign, .afphoto, .afpub files? Much like template files in Microsoft Office have different icons from regular documents. This would increase readability significantly. Thanks!
  25. Designer and Publisher (apparently not Photo) launches slowly since MacOS Big Sur 11.1 (i.e. 45 dock icon bumps) in its first launch after Mac reset or after a while closed (versus 4 icon bumps when recently launched). Why?, is it normal?, is OS guilty or the app?, Apple Silicon Macs will solve it? Emilio
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