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Found 178 results

  1. Hi there, I've seen many topics on Affinity Publisher Printing Issues, most of them talk about DPI and PPI as well as bad print quality. If you want to learn about DPI and PPI, you can take a look to "James Ritson – Understanding DPI" in an Affinity Spotlight, it's very good and understandable. I encountered some problems too, but after some investigation I can say that the DPI-Settings in Document Settings are not the culprit for those issues. I'm a professional designer and use Affinity Publisher to create Layouts as well as PDFs for Print Productions, and all that works fine. If you stay with the default document setting of 300 DPI, you can produce high quality layouts and PDFs. Our Layoutprints are done with an XEROX 7750, an A3 color laser and the colormanagement runs with ColorSync where we use custom ICC profiles for Linearzation and Colormatching, made with i1 Profiler. We use macs running 10.14 mojave. This workflow is stable and controlled with constant results. This Laser prints with 1200dpi mad makes about 150 LPI, which simulates standard offset printing correctly in terms of color and offset rastering. There is no RIP, we print directly to the printer. With Indesign and Acrobat as well as with other softwares, all works fine. For that reason, I can say: Its not the printer or the RIP. When printing directly from Affinity Publisher, we encounter all the time some "blurring" specially of typography. We made some tests, first with some labels, then with the "Manga-Layout". Let's take a look to the labels. The label on the left is directly printed from an Affinity Publisher document, the other one on the right is printed with an exported PDF (from that file using PDFlib+PDI 9.1.2p1-i (OS X/macOS) out of ACROBAT. In terms of color no problems. But you can clearly see the blur of the typo (NO pathtext) on the left side. Both prints are done under matching conditions (driver/settings/paper): The one on the right side is correct, the LEFT print directly out of Affinity Publisher is not. Typo is blurred, but surprisingly other elements not. Colors are good. Lets take a look to the second test. We made a quick layout, prepared a somewhat logo on Designer and an image with transparent background in Photo, a gradient as back, and the logo as placed PDF. Same export as PDF, using PDFlib+PDI 9.1.2p1-i (OS X/macOS) The page on the LEFT is directly printed from an Affinity Publisher document, the other page on the right is printed with an exported PDF out of Acrobat. Here we see the same problems with blurred text, but also some quirks with the background and overlays. (dont blame me for those iphone colors This is not correct, while the colors are the same. My personal impression: The blurred text as well as those not properly working overlays seems to be an POSTSCRIPT issue of the internal processing unit in Affinity Publisher, I'm not sure but I think Affinity Publisher sends a rastered image to the printer instead of a PDF. Normally this works fine, you can use such a feature in Acrobat too. Affinity Team, please take a look at that. From far, or scaled down like this picture, you don't see the blurred typo really well, for that reason another picture, which shows that clearly. And btw that this is not an issue coming from resolution settings – dpi and raster are exactly the same, but not the typo. So maybe you might want to reproduce that yourself at Affinity, therefore I prepared a DMG of 34 MB with the files I spoke about. Here's the link to download that: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oa9gzou5is2vgq8/19_08_24_Affinity Publisherprint issues forum.dmg?dl=1 and the screenhots high res: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k4c0aaz4l1dqr9m/screenshots_ap-print-issue.zip?dl=0 Thanks and Cheers, Marcus
  2. Hello there Affinity Team, Do you have any plans on launching an app similar to "Adobe Bridge"? That would be a great thing! : ) That has been preventing me of purchasing Affinity Publisher. Thanks in advance, JP
  3. It's very nice to edit embedded files in Publisher with only a double-click or with clicking the "edit document" button. But if you do that with an linked file, it opens a embedded copy you editing... OK, so far so good. But if you edit the original-file, all changes will be overwritten. Please fix that bug, that the linked original file will open by double-click or editing. Tanks for your great software! Thomas
  4. link: Graphic Design Addict
  5. I started a thread in feedback on font organization but now honestly this issue has turned into a bug or a glitch and wanted to address it here. My original request/complaint was that Affinity Publisher (or any Affinity product) could handle font organization better, grouping the widths together as a condensed/normal/extended format. Adobe does it this way and it works well. Now however, I sent feedback to a font foundry because I thought they had mislabeled SemiExpanded to be wider that Expanded. They told me it was the case with my software not their font. I looked again and realized they were correct and want to share a screen grab from Affinity and another from Photoshop to compare. Please see how the weights and widths organization is messy but the optical illusions of the widths. It seems the word length is squeezing down the sizes as well. Since Affinity Publisher is a master layout assembly tool especially where typography plays a critical role, and where many designers use thousands of fonts and many superfamilies that are extremely difficult to navigate through in the current font organization scheme, I ask for the fonts to be displayed as they are with Adobe. This would help tremendously. I love Affinity products but this is issue a thing to deal with.
  6. Hi everybody, Maybe some of You can help me. In Affinity publisher, my problem is : when I import image from "contenu" ( in the Left of the screen, "maquette"/"contenu"/"stock") , the file is place in the doc but I can’t put in a image box. Is it possible to put in the image box directly please ? Hopes my question is clear, I’m french and I use publisher in french...Sorry if it’s not, tell me and will try to do better. Thank you Seb
  7. Hello everyone I found a problem when u try to rename something else in the layer panel the text apply without my confirmation, I type and the first letter the name apply automatically without any enter or confirmation operation
  8. I have an issue concerning overriding text of Master Pages. I created a document with a Master Page including two text frames: one with a static text set in my Master Page (text is the same on all my pages) and one I override with my own content in each pages. I wanted to reuse and translate my document to get a few model documents in different languages. So I modified the language of my Master Page's text frames and I noticed that: - for my static text frame: the language has actually changed in all pages - for the other text frame (the one I completed with my own content on each pages): the language hasn't change. I noticed the same problem with other properties like text colour for instance: I couldn't find how to apply a text colour to all my text frames by modifying the one in master page if the text has already been edited in the different pages. One solution could be applying the Master Page to my pages once again but if I do that I lose all the text I have previously added. Does anyone know if it is possible and how to do that? How to automatically override text frames properties without deleting the text on the different pages? Thank you for your help.
  9. With these simple hatching styles you can hatch your vector objects in Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo. Affinity Publisher Beta seems not working yet (previews looks strange on my machine). DOWNLOAD: https://mensch-mesch.com/download/affinity-designer-schraffuren-hatchings/ With the red styles you can easily change the color of the hatching while using an adjusment layer recolor. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  10. When I export a single page document as a JPEG with bleeds of .125 in on all sides, the width of the document is shorter than it should be. Also the performance starts dropping when using tables for some reason. Windows 7 64 bit i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 driver version: Affinity Publisher
  11. Cat pulled out the power cord, how do I find publisher back-up's? *Added tags for this post
  12. Hi everyone, I wanted to ask a question about how to print a pages with a ruler guild. Where can I find the button to prints with ruler guild? I looks in the printing setting --> Bleed and Marks Nothing that I find help me. I don't know if the "printing with rule guild" is there or affinity didn't put in the program yet. IF not, please put it in. Thank you all.
  13. Hi, Does someone know how to set a default language in any of the Affinity Apps. I am Dutch so I would like to set the spelling language to Dutch.
  14. Hi As mentioned in previous posts all my work has been for Charities or community groups FOC. Whilst these may not be overboard in design they illustrate the jobbing printing capability of Affinity. The last few weeks have seen me fully switch from Page Plus to the full Affinity suite and I thought I would share some of the work inc a 32 page brochure about Health Services in our community, much of it working from a range of supplied pdfs and images. We received the printed version today and it has been well received. You can see the online copy at the printers website https://mixam.co.uk/share/5d6a5d422b0e5d1600d4a8d7 I have also done a 6ft x 2ft Banner to display in the town using Affinity throughout, shown below, also leaflets and posters The only thing I have resorted to using in the serif suite recently has been draw plus for the autotrace function to convert photos to svg and when exported as pdf Affinity loads them without problem, it can save a lot of time when creating svgs. So I gave thumbs up for this as a feature request in Affinity PS I am on page 3 of the brochure
  15. Affinity Online Help Hello all, we're happy to be able to offer you an online version of the in-app help! Access Designer, Photo & Publisher Help here: https://affinity.help Here are some of the additional features we're able to implement as a result of having proper browser support: Dynamic language switching: The help will determine your language and (if it's available) serve you a localised copy of the help. If you prefer to read in another language, however, you'll find a combo box at the bottom left which will enable you to change languages—and stay on the page you're currently reading. Print: Sounds simple, but with full browser support we can now implement printing of the topic pages. The print icon in the bottom left will give you a nicely formatted printout of the current topic. Share: Clicking the clipboard icon will copy the current topic's URL to your clipboard, which means you can easily point other people towards topics that may help them. Responsive: The help was responsive anyway, including off-canvas menu functionality so you could collapse the window and still read a topic, but this is taken further in this version of the help. The help is formatted nicely and usable even on a 4" iPhone SE screen. Search: we've implemented our own bespoke search for the online help which is fast and accurate. Access it via the tab system along the top left. Favourites: you can add topics to your favourites list to easily access them during future browser sessions. Simply click the + (plus) icon next to the "Favourites" tab to add the current topic. With this online version you'll be able to print out topics and view them on your tablets/phones, which are two of the most common requests when it comes to help feedback. As always, if you have any feedback or find any issues with this online version, please let us know! Hope you find it useful.
  16. Hi All, I am new to Designing. And trying to create editable PDF files for my client. What are my current options? Can I create editable PDF directly on any of the Affinity products? If not, how can i go about it? Can I create designs etc on Affinity designer app and then somehow make the PDF editable to be filled by someone. Only basic few words need to be editable. Please help. thanks.!!
  17. Como agregar diccionario en español latino en Affinity Publisher.
  18. Simple logic designs


    Hi everyone these are some styles i created for use on individual letters , hope there good enough for everyone to find a use case for them. this is my first go at creating styles it is a 148.59MB DOWNLOAD. S.L_LETTER_STYLES.afstyles
  19. Is it right that Affinity Publisher can’t edit inline tables? If I create a table and inline it into my text, I’m not able to change the content of the table until I make the table floating.
  20. Hello, I would like to number some headlines in a two-sided document and display the current number on the left and right side of the headline. The numbering itself is not such a problem, but I don't know how to display it on the right side of the headline and how to set it automatically so that it is displayed correctly for even and odd pages. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks!
  21. I'm new to Publisher. i was exploring how to hang a open quote mark in the margin in a 2 line display head. I went to Character>Optical Align>Type>Manual, as per the "help" page. I selected the first default, which seemed to be quote marks but it didn't have any effect on my selected type. In exploring the panel for a solution, I inadvertently made all 5 of the presets disappear! 1) How do I get those 5 default presets back? 2) How do I get the Hanging Punctuation to work? I read the "help" page for Optical Alignment over and over and I still can't figure it out. I use "Hanging Characters" settings in QXP all the time, but I just can't figure out how to do it in APub. Thanks ahead of time for the assistance. lettergothic
  22. Simple Poster Design. done in Affinity publisher Event Poster.afpub
  23. Hi! and Bye! Tote Bag design The tote bag shape itself was produced using Affinity Publisher, using the Rectangle Tool and the Segment Tool. The symbols are from a font made using FontCreator. The design was assembled in, and exported from, Affinity Publisher. Export was as a png file. William Overington Wednesday 3 July 2019
  24. Graphic Novel skill set begins. I have written a sci-fi novel. I am learning Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher on my own, I will attempt Book 1 as a Graphic Novel in a series. I may try 50 pages at first, as one guy, no staff my way way, I'd say at least 2 years. But I have kept at this and I can hopefully do it one day. This art is just me practicing, all original, will be the way I go it alone. Although send money if you wish. He he he. You people at Affinity have great products as far as I am concerned, I need to get up to speed, going fast enough though for now. This is not the novel but a learning lesson.
  25. for September 2019 -ALL of my Designers Kits and other products on a once only Super Sale. Over 29 GIGS of Archived product files in the one bundle. Affinity Designers' kits including Rose Petals Leadlight Glass, Coffee, romantic Hearts, Frames, Cafe Kit, Greetings Cards panels for Birthdays Christmas and more. Australian Themes, Vintage Aircraft, Kids Birthdays Treasure Maps So much more! Available for a LIMITED TIME! $25 the LOT https://gumroad.com/l/EciWh FULL Commercial Use! Including POD (Print On Demand). HURRY!!!