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Found 852 results

  1. Hi all though i would share a quick tutorial I have done showing how to cut out a image selection using the brush tool in Affinity Photo. Apologies if this post is in the wrong area. Regards, Grant
  2. Hi there, after upgrading to latest release i got extremly unresponsive paintbrush in layer mask with 650 pixel width System: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, 8+8 cores, 32GB RAM, SSD, Nvidia 1080 GTX, Windows 10, 1980x1200 Dell 2408 Display (Adobe RGB calibrated with Spyder 5). Using "Max Performance" Energy plan. Always latest Windows patches installed (to 1709 release) Canon CR2 RAW files (~30 MByte each), stack of 4 images with exposure bracketing, without HDR mapping (unchecked during "open" dialog). Steps to reproduce: 1. open 4 RAW files as HDR stack, uncheck "HDR mapping" 2. clone pixel map 3. HDR mapping of cloned pixel map 4. add curve adjustment 5. add highpass filter layer, 1 pixel, "linear light" blend mode 6. use paintbrusch with ~650 pixel width, black color, to modify filter mask layer. Result: CPU goes to 100% (on 16 cores!) several seconds lag before paintbrush results get visible, even preview of black paintbrusch on white mask layer lags needs 2-3 seconds. "bumpy" paintbrush results, chain of seperate black circles instead of full black mask. Any ideas?
  3. Dear all, I would like to compress my massive amount of JPGs in order to save some space and when I just opened up a picture in order to try out the amount of compression that would not yet show too much in the quality the following thing surprised me: The original JPG is about 4.4 MB big. If I go straight to "Export" (really don't do anything in between) and want to export it at 100% it is suddenly 9.43 MB when using Affinity Photo. When using Photo Plus X8 the "new" picture is about 8.0 MB. So it more than doubles in size just by opening in a programme and exporting it in the original format, the original resolution and at the original quality? Is it correct to assume that this is somehow because of the Resampling Method? Kind of like: I didn't do anything but the programme actually did quite a lot? And if I cannot export without resampling: Can anyone recommend a combination of Resampling Method and quality level that one the one hand don't lover the perceived quality too much but on the other hand put a good dent in the file size? Thank you very much in advance, Dreamer
  4. Hi All, As announced in a recent blog post we have launched the Affinity Photo Workbook to accompany the desktop versions of Affinity Photo Affinity Photo Workbook Launch Announcement November 23, 2017 We are proud to announce the launch of the official Affinity Photo Workbook, our first ever guide to Affinity Photo on macOS and Windows. Painstakingly put together over many months, the long-awaited Workbook teaches you everything there is to know about Affinity Photo and mastering its powerful tools and capabilities. . This is a big book - 488 pages, in hardback - and it includes fantastic projects created by some top photographers, as well as a comprehensive reference to all our tools and panels, and a set of core skills tutorials. For those who are interested, there is a further blog post describing the creation process Behind the Scenes: Creating the Affinity Photo Workbook November 27, 2017 As we released our glossy full-colour Affinity Photo Workbook last week, we thought you might like to take a look into how it was created… You can find more information about it here. Usual price is $49.99 / £37.99 (+ shipping and handling). It's available in English and German. Hope you like it!
  5. Tried out a fisheye lens on my camera (canon 800D) last saturday and wanted to see how it looked. But when I open it in affinity photo it opens it very shortly and closes the program down. As you can also see it made the corners black and deforms my picture. This is probably because it is trying to do some lens correction or whatever. The added movie was with (develop) assistant manager turned off. When turned on it closes down even quicker. I am either doing something horribly wrong, or affinity photo is failing on me. I have also tried opening the picture in other programs and they render the picture perfectly fine. ap_fail.mp4
  6. Hi, I've got some problems using the soft proof adjustment layer in Affinity Photo. I am so far unable to replicate the behaviour of Adobe Lightroom (which worked pretty well). I've attached two images here showing the difference in results (left side LR, right side AP). Gammut check is totally off in AP and the shadows are way to bright in the preview. I'm using a color profile provided by the photo lab for their exposure unit and they specify exactly what settings to make for which of their products. In this specific case: Retain CMYK-numbers: n/a Retain RGB-numbers: off Rendering priority: relative colourimetric Black point/shadow compensation: on Emulate paper color: off The shadows in the LR preview also get (somewhat) brighter if I turn paper color emulation on, however that is wrong and I seem to be unable to turn it off in AP...? I hope I'm just missing some settings hidden in another dialog? It seems to me that AP sadly isn't usable for soft proofing in all cases...? I would be grateful to get rid of LR, so any help is appreciated! Thanks, Henning
  7. 1. Type some text 2. Apply font "Helvetica" 3. Export as PDF with "for Print" Profile Expected : All text should be correct Observed : Characters get changed Is it a font corruption in my system? or font not embed properly. I try this font from PagePlus & Drawplus in my system and they work properly. Thanks in advance Arun A_Photo.pdf untitled.afphoto
  8. Hi! I have artboards in affinity photo and I'm making banner ads. Occassionaly exporting a jpg, i'll get weird stuff in the export dialog. my artboards are pixel perfect. I set their dimensions in the Transform panel. in the attached picture, you can see that the export size is different from the "Area" that isn't because I changed it. The Area is correct, the export size is not.
  9. Hello! I have been trying to add an outline on a selection but nothing appears. I make a square selection, then create a new pixel layer, then I’m adding an outline effect with the settings as shown on the screenshot below and nothing appears. I have tried anything, even reinstalling the app in case there was something wrong with it. The weird thing is that I had done it in the past and it had worked fine but it’s been more than a month now that I can understand what is wrong. On the screenshot you can see the settings and please let me know if I’m doing something wrong. (Ipad pro 12.9) Thanks!
  10. I'd love to see a the following additions and fixes to the Channel Mixer feature: Ability to output to Grayscale from RGB. Currently, this is a bit cumbersome since it requires the user to set identical slider settings for 3 different channels (R, G, and B). The current Grayscale setting is only of rather limited use since it only supports Gray and Alpha as input channels. Access to "Spare Channels" as Affinity calls them. Ideally, these would show up in the Channel Mixer as additional sliders. An "Auto Normalize" checkbox. While sometimes a change in output luminosity is desired, I often find myself unnecessarily wasting time trying to manually normalize the output using the sliders once I'm theoretically happy with my balance. Use an NSSegmentedControl or similar instead of a popup for selecting the current channel (goes for multiple place in the UI). The popup requires an unnecessary additional click every time the user wants to switch between channels. When typing a value into an edit box and then switching channel without changing focus to another input field first, the value that was typed in is currently discarded and not applied.
  11. Hi, I like the Perlin Noise Filter very much! Compliment!
  12. I am trying to use the pixel tool to, well, draw pixels. But every time I try to use it, nothing happens. The brush tool works just fine. I have checked to make sure that: My layer is a pixel layer. The pixel layer is not locked. The pixel layer is not transparent or hidden. The pixel layer's blending mode is normal. The pixel tool's opacity is 100%. The pixel tool's hardness is 100%. The color I have selected is a different color than that on which I am drawing. Nothing seems to work. Here is a screenshot of my window, in which someone might spot what's wrong: Thanks very much in advance!
  13. Looking through my profile I see that most frequently I note discovered twitches. It would be difficult to imagine more enjoyable and sensible professional photographic editing software than Affinity Photo. Since changing to digital some years ago the advent of this programme has completely changed the way I handle images. It is like using a dark room without the hassle of chemicals and destroyed Cibachrome paper, in short it feels like photography again. Michael
  14. I've accidentally closed the Color Tab and now I can't find where to go to open it back. D: (Affinity Photo)
  15. Open a jpeg in Serif PhotoPlus X8 Expected : as it look in web browser Observed : as it look in web browser Open in Affinity Photo Expected : as it look in web browser Observed : not look like as it seen in web browser. but open in a transparent layer.
  16. Hello In Serif PhotoPlus we got a "Paths" under Studio Tab by which I can store a drown path for further modification or use to select some parts of photo. But I did not find such option in Affinity Photo, In Affinity I can't get any chance to modify the path if I made a selection. How I can get the path again to modify the path and make a re selection. Thanks in advance.
  17. Starting to understand the layer functions in AP. I use a white rectangular layer between background and the layer that I draw on; this white layer's opacity I change to see the background and the result of my drawing. Mostly used various (customized) Brushes, the Smear tool and the Burn and Dodge tool. Some effect filters. This portrait was drawn from scratch and many temporary layers have been merged down. Actual size of the portrait is 60 x 46 cm, reference image was a small b&W photograph. What I would like to see in the Layer Adjustment functions is a button to see the original state to compare with applied function.
  18. I'm fairly new to Affinity Photo and I've been figuring out how to do the things I learned in Photoshop in Affinity. One thing I had in CS6 was a macro that cropped an image, confirmed the crop, then finished by saving the image. I have figured out how to make most of my original macro, but adding 'Save' doesn't seem to be an option. If I stop the recording, save becomes an option again. Is this possible with Affinity Photo, or is there an alternative option for this?
  19. Hi everybody, I do mostly portrait work on Affinity Photo working on 10 + Layers with live filters and so on. MacBook Pro Touchbar - 16gb Ram - i7 working on the internal SSD - high Sierra and latest version of Affinity Photo. Affinity is very quick, but after some hours it gets slower until the point I can't use the brushes without lagging. After I close Affinity and start it again, everything is fine and works as expected - so not really an issue right now, but still annoying sometimes. Is there a setting to let Affinity Photo clear caches or memory reservations? thanks guys, Markus
  20. I checked the available options for the Stock Panel in Affinity Photo and can only see "shutter stock" as available. It would be wonderful if there were many more than just one option. One addition I would like is for Story Blocks images database to be included as well. Here is the link to Story Blocks: I have included an attachment of the Stock Panel to show you what I am referring to. If anyone else has requests for image databases to be included, please list them here to avoid unnecessary duplicate threads expanding on this feature.
  21. Hi everyone, I hope this email finds you not too stressed out with the holidays at the moment! These are the Affinity Photo courses I've created a set of discount vouchers for. Enter the coupon on the Apply Coupon field for the relevant course to get the discount. Be aware that there are a limited amount for each course and it's on a first come, first served basis. Anyway, here's the courses, the discount vouchers plus just one of the many feedback quotes for each of the courses: 75% off 'Affinity Photo for the iPad' with this coupon: AFFINITY_IPAD_2017 - 'Excellent!! I have learned a great deal in a short time. Would recommend this course to anyone.' 66% off 'Affinity Photo: Solid Foundations' with this coupon: SOLID_2017 - 'Great course, have learnt such a lot. the subtle repetition helps a lot. The videos are easy watch and to keep up with. Tutors voice is very easy to listen to all evening too!' 60% off 'Affinity Photo: Developing Landscapes' with this coupon: LANDSCAPE_2017 - 'It's the only video that shows a complete work flow using Affinity photo. It's just what beginners like me have been crying out for, well done!' 60% off 'Affinity Photo: The Little Box of Tricks' with this coupon: TRICKS_2017 - 'Totally awesome and at the exact speed to match my level in Affinity' 50% off 'Affinity Photo: Raw Image Development' with this coupon: RAW_2017 - 'Clear, concise, informative, simple to understand and fun.' 50% off 'Affinity Photo: Five Steps to Better Photos' with this coupon: 5STEPS_2017 - 'Exceptional course, even after completing 2 advanced courses. Simon is very good in what he does and is a good communicator as well.' Just a quick note here. If you already have the Solid Foundations or iPad course, there's no point in you getting the Five Steps course. The Five Steps course is intended to be a very basic introduction to Affinity Photo and the topics it covers are covered in more depth, along with plenty more topics on the Solid Foundations and iPad courses. I wouldn't want anyone to feel like they's paid more for the same information. The vouchers are available until 6th january 2018, & in the meantime, happy holidays to one and all! Simon
  22. I've been using AP for a little while and for the price I think it a bargain. For me there are some short comings which hopefully will be sorted in time, but in the meantime I have found work-arounds for most. Reading the forums it strikes me that users are hoping to get an Adobe equivalent programme for an Affinity price. I too would be delighted with this, but is it a realistic expectation?
  23. Hello everybody I have a question concerning the export persona: I often need to export pictures for screen presentations which means a 16:9 aspect ratio. Is there any way to restrict the slices tool to a certain aspect ratio the way the crop tool does? It seems like an obvious feature to me, but I cannot find out how to do this. Thanks Enno
  24. I am trying to stitch a panorama with Affinity Photo, but have encountered some issues. When I stitch the image, it is done so incorrectly. Most of the photos I add aren't aligned properly and this has happened in multiple projects. I usually use use PTGui to do this, and it has a feature for manually adding control points. How do I do this in Affinity? I've done some digging and can't seem to find any advanced stitching options. Any help is appreciated.
  25. To be honest I can't remember whether this happened in beta 2 but in beta 3 when I tap the gradient tool to creat a gradient map it over writes the current image. I thought previously it would create a new pixel layer? If you forget to create a pixel layer you now lose your image. Is this the expected behaviour? I've had a look at the hep file but it’s not clear there. I don't recall overwriting an image in previous beta.