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Found 2,875 results

  1. Hello, I was working on wireframe project and the moment I group objects, the suddenly transform and move unexpectedly. The grouping bug is so annoying and I cannot constraint feature because I cannot group object. I have recorded my screen using Affinity Designer when this bug occurs. I have also highlighted the bug area with a dashed rectangle, so you could pay attention when the bug occurs. Please Help. Thank you grouping-bug.mp4
  2. One of the most beautiful car designs of modern times. 100% vector drawing. Work in progress. Used lots of custom gradients and transparencies. Also Gaussian blurring and 3D effects. Stages 1 - 16 Stage 16 Dec 9 2019
  3. Hello, I have seen a couple of similar posts addressing this issue, but I've tried all the solutions shown and they haven't worked. A couple of times now, a downloaded stock image from Shutterstock has presented annoying thin lines around masks on the image. They show when exported, too. You can see them pretty clearly in the screenshot I attached, in the darker gray clouds. In other areas of the image, I've hidden the masks and fixed the issues, but I can't do that here; it really alters the image. I have "use precise clipping" turned on, and I've tried editing the blend mode of the masks, and nothing has fixed it. Help? Thanks so much.
  4. Hey, while I was looking for new practice projects, I found a little windmill which I recreated. For me as a beginner, it was quite hard to deal with the colors, especially in the shade. For the speedart video itself, I prepared a color palette so I don't have to find the colors again.
  5. Hey, So I created a palette and exported them as a afpalette file. Unfortunately, it is not saved in cleartext. Is there a way to get the fill name (I created custom names) and their corresponding color in text format? Many thanks in advance.
  6. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Hello everyone, Here's some works I've done with AD and AP.
  7. here I try to bring many useful tips for beginners, if you want to create illustration I highly recommend you to take a look around of my channel! thank you guys for your time! regards Jhon
  8. Jhonatan S Silva

    Vector ROCKET done!

    sharing here the image that I did for my youtube live streaming, with awesome tips for beginners! you can watch this process at the linked Tutorial Section Topic thank you guys!
  9. Don Lee

    251 Series

    After near 2 months resting, I am going to paint again, and I am learning how to draw with Affinity and Wacom, it's cool. And what's more, there is one thing recently makes me very angry, Huawei 251 issue, so it makes me to start my new series —— against 251, it's least I can do. This paint is the first one of 251, it's a copy from pinterest.
  10. Hello designers, today I will be showing you how to make a simple Chemistry Illustration. Enjoy:
  11. Very excited to finally being able to present this class: “REALISTIC VECTOR ART PRINCIPLES“. In this class you'll learn all the techniques, methods, tips and mindset to achieve professional results like you see in these samples of my own work. HOW to observe, HOW to think, WHAT to do and WHY. Watch the video to get all the information about this class. See you there! Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgYN2MRcl2w -- 10 FREE Udemy coupons for this class will be raffled among anyone asking for them with a comment on the Youtube video. I will reply commenting back with instructions for winners on Friday 13th - Good luck y'all
  12. My latest work is Affinity Designer. I hope you will like it. If you want to watch the entire production process, you can visit my youtube channel.
  13. Manofjesus

    Some lettering examples

    Here is some of my lettering experiments in Affinity software.
  14. Hello designers, altough it's winter, it's never to late for an ice cream. So here's a tutorial on how to make an ice cream illustration. Enjoy:
  15. Well it's THAT time of year again, and there's no avoiding it... This month, create something related to the holiday season. This could be a photo of a Christmas Tree or a Christmas lights display, a wintry landscape, your dog in a Santa hat etc. If you're looking for an extra challenge, try to work in some unusual angles or experiment with depth of focus. When posting, if you can, please also write a sentence of two on the editing techniques you used or the filters you applied, so that we can learn from each other. Alternatively, create something in Designer or Publisher that expresses 'December'. This could be a holiday greeting card, a gift-wrapped box, Santa's reindeers crossing a starry sky, etc etc. If your style is more 'Christmas Grinch' than 'Santa's Little Helper' (no judgement here), create a photo or piece of art that channels 'Mid-winter', or 'the shortest day'. (Apologies to people in the Southern Hemisphere - maybe you could do the longest day and make us northies jealous of your fine weather!) We had some gorgeous pics last month, and I hope more of you can find the time to join in again. Let's see what you've got!
  16. Hello, The moment I press "z" on the keyboard to zoom the "undo" function occurs. As I was aligning the 2 squares and I pressed "z" to zoom in, the 2 squares went back to their original state. Please check the video in dashed yellow rectangle when this bug occurs. I don't know why square go back to their original positions the moment I press "z" to zoom in, Please help. Thank you zoom-bug.mp4
  17. I was in need of lines with dots and triangles for a project. I started creating a few lines and then I encountered a whole bunch of problems with repeating patterns in the Texture Intensity Brushes in the Designer Persona. My triangles got squished, my squares became rectangles and I went into full pitbull mode and did not sleep until I understood what went wrong. These are my work arounds if you’re struggling with squished or otherwise deformed repeating patterns: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/101575-textured-intensity-brushes-and-body-repeat/&tab=comments#comment-545105. With the work arounds in mind I’ve created a set of brushes with repeating patterns that hardly show any deformation*. I was on a roll, so I created 114 in 9 families. I won’t use all, so feel free to use them. They're nice for stamps and borders and such. Enjoy! *) When using these brushes on a tightly curving curve or a sharp corner they of course do deform. Experiment with the brush setting for Corners to find the best solution for your project. The brushes all contain a centred line (in 3 widths, S, M and L) and repeating shapes and stripes above or above and below. The brushes with stuff above the line, but not under are therefore not vertically centred on the stroke. In the stripey families I added 3 lines with a different center point, those are marked with a suffix ‘mid’. They are symmetrical, the 'mid' version is vertically centred on the whole stroke. When you import the brush files you’ll see that a few of the brushes in the round families have different heights from the other brushes. The sources of these brushes have a different width height ratio (see the post linked above for the reason why). I added them to the brush files with a height that by default fits to the brushes with the standard height of 80px. Lines CTSR examples.pdf lines CTSR - pointy L.afbrushes lines CTSR - round L.afbrushes lines CTSR - stripey L.afbrushes lines CTSR - pointy M.afbrushes lines CTSR - round M.afbrushes lines CTSR - stripey M.afbrushes lines CTSR - pointy S.afbrushes lines CTSR - round S.afbrushes lines CTSR - stripey S.afbrushes
  18. Company logo for son in law. His company sells vintage gear. He buys from merchants and shops and sells it again. Created in Affinity Designer.
  19. Hi Affinity, I badly need the option to autosave - maybe a toggle icon or a prompt after a few minutes of working with a new file ("Do you want to autosave this file as you work?") which would also save history. I could then close anytime (without CMD+S) and all my edits are saved. I realize that there is an autorecover function, which I've rarely ever used since Affinity software is quite stable. The problem, rather, is my own stupidity. I sometimes open a lot of files to edit and then decide to exit them - the software asks me "do you want to save?" and certainly I don't want to save all these files I just opened (especially if I made some test edits). More than once this week already I have closed down without saving documents that I had been working on. Really terrible, and then it happened again. I try and train myself to look before I close everything, but my reptilian brain doesn't always comply.
  20. When you have a tablet and convenient programs, you can make your own designs. İn this video, we see how to design a special thermos mug, step by step, using Procreate and Affinity Designer programs with iPad Pro. I hope you will like it.
  21. Hallo, gibt es vielleicht ein deutsches Forum ? Is there a German Forum existing ?? Ich habe Fragen / I have questions I try in German: Ich Zeichne in "Pixel Persona" Problem 1: Ich habe ein XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro. Wenn ich Zeichnen möchte, wechselt dieser Ständig auf den Radiergummi.. Dann Switch ich wieder auf den Pinsel und irgendwann ist dieser wieder auf dem Radierer, das ist sehr nervig.. Wenn ich die Maus benutze passiert das nicht. Ich habe nichts gedrückt oder dergleichen. Hoffe auf eine Lösung. Problem 2: Ich kann den Druck des Stifts NICHT ausstellen. Wenn ich auf das Symbol klicke welches den Druck steuert (der Stift mit den 2 Kreisen), passiert absolut gar nichts. Ob ich ihn Drücke oder nicht ist egal, der Druck bleibt immer da. Sprich die Pinselgröße bzw Stärke des Pinsels andert sich bei Druck. Problem 3: Wenn ich mit einem Pinsel arbeite z.B. Schatten machen möchte und wieder über den Schatten gehe werden dieser Dunkler, da ich quasi drüber male, wie bekomme ich das weg ? Vielen Dank, ich hoffe sehr auf Antworten :-)
  22. Hello designers in today's lesson we will be learning how to make a Goblet using Affinity Designer. Enjoy:
  23. jackamus


    I've been using AD since it was first published and been a regular participant in this forum. I have used AD to create the calendar shown below for a crowd funding project. The calendar feature 12 my paintings. here is a link.
  24. Hello, friends. First of all i want to describe glitch. I have a design with two elements in one group. I make bevel FX adjustments to one of it. Then i copy one element with adjusted FX and then use for my group - Edit/Paste FX command. The settings for bevel FX are changed a lot and overall effect looks completely different. I dont check other FXs - it need to be checked additionally. SUGGESTION - why not to place Paste FX in drop down commands for the Layer tabs - as on my screenshot? It will be more handy and logical - where you work with FX, adjust, copy and paste them in one window ..... maybe )))

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