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Found 4 results

  1. Lex

    Open Assets Crash

    I add some Vector graphics and some motion blur effect to Assets , and it crashes . I can't use assets Again. So how to Delete this asset before crash add or have some other solutions. Thanks Very much. Add to Asset Crashes .afdesign
  2. Hi. I used Illustrator before for shoe drawing. I'm using Affinity Design now, If I load leather materials as JPG, how can I make it for pattern. And Is there live paint bucket tools as like Illustrator? And Warp tool? Thank you very much.
  3. There was a suggestion of the Affinity Facebook page that I might make a tutorial on my 'Steam radio' AD job (see the link below). I thought about it and decided ... not to. But here are a couple of the things in afdesign format for you to look at. I'm sure you can work out how everything was done, and you can always ask if there's something not self-explanatory. Here is the left-hand valve/tube ... valve1.afdesign And here is the steam engine ... engine.afdesign I do need to add a brief explanation for this one ... The stationary flywheel spokes ('spokes (Curves)' layer) is turned off. I made the 'motion blur (Pixel)' layer by going to File/Edit in Photo, then rasterizing the layer and applying a radial blur. I did something similar with the connecting rod.
  4. CookieMonster

    Block font issue in design

    Hi everybody, can anybody help me out with this one? the font is cutted in half only in 4th line... Greetz The CookieMonster