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Found 9 results

  1. I'm wondering if this is the expected result from Refine selection. I've included a video, but I'm wondering if this isn't a bug? Process: Selection Tool --> Refine --> Paint with Matte brush (Matte edges selected) --> Output --> New Layer with Mask --> Hide the mask. The new layer seems to have been destroyed (old layer is not touched, as expected) I would think that after going through the process, I would be able to touch up the mask, but the new layer is so ruined, that I can't use any of the area that I would unmask. I am able to move the mask to the old layer and touch it up there, be the new layer isn't good. Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14dkQlwMszAn0vPi7hnB7MbQF_WzP3IpR/view Thanks!
  2. I just discovered a pretty serious issue with the selection tool in 1.5.1. After refining the edge for masking, the program now adds defects (for the lack of a better term) to the new layer. To replicate this: 1. Use the selection brush tool to select the object to cut out 2. Refine edge 3. Set border, smoothing, feather and ramp to 0 4. Refine the edges as normal 5. Select New Layer with Mask and click OK Hide the mask and you'll see the issue. It also blurs the edges even though there's no smoothing or feathering specified. All of this isn't shown in the overlays at all in the Refine Mask preview. Update: It looks like the issue only occurs with the New Layer with Mask option. If I select the output as a selection and manually create a mask using that selection on the original layer, the issue doesn't occur. Please see following screenshots. Normal layer (no selection or masking yet) New layer with masking (note blurred edges) New layer with mask hidden
  3. Applications Affected: Affinity Photo Operating Systems Affected: iPadOS/iOS Windows macOS Description of the issue: When refining a selection as 'New Layer with Mask' you will see distortion around the refined area. Recipe: Open an image Make a selection using the Selection Brush Tool Click Refine on the context toolbar Use the brush to refine the edges of the selection Change the Output to 'New Layer with Mask' Apply Expand the newly created layer to show the mask Hide the mask Observe - the distortion will be apparent around the refined edges No workaround required. This behaviour is intentional. The selection refinement process performs colour decontamination when output is set to New Layer or New Layer with Mask. Because masking is non-destructive, hiding the mask will reveal the pixels that have been treated and decontaminated. Example
  4. Hi, New convert here. What's up with selecting the subject like this? The bird's tail ends up having pixels with odd colors in the new layer with a mask. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Xnyt1rJ34M
  5. I'm using Affinity Photo [v1.5.2] on an iMac. I have a photo that I removed the background from by: ​Open photo Selection Brush (selected the subject of the photo only) Clicked "Refine" (added strands of hair I wanted to be included) Output>"New layer with mask" New Pixel layer with mask is created I would like to know how can I add/subtract from the mask using "Refine". When I click the mask, and select the Selection Brush again, I see the "Refine" button, and it opens up, but I can no longer add or subtract from the image like I was able the first time around. Is this possible? How?
  6. Hello, I'm using AP 1.6.7 and I've noticed when I attempt to remove the background on an image using the Refine Selection tool it creates artifacts when I output to "New Layer with Mask". The masked layer gets artifacts all around the edges, which are mostly masked out but they poke through. I searched the boards and found this was a known issue with the Mac version in 2016. I was wondering when this will be resolved. Attached are samples showing the artifacts I'm talking about. Image A shows the artifacts. Image B shows how the image is supposed to look.
  7. Hi there, I do have a problem with masking. Samples see attached: What is the problem? I have a pic. (original.jpg) and I've done a selection with the selection brush. After this is I did "refine edges" to fine tune the selection. After this I safed it as a new layer with mask. The result was ok (see: with mask.jpg). BUT Once I disable the mask or I edit the mask I get horrible artefacts (see: mask disabled.jpg)... What is the problem? What is my thinking mistake? Thanks for your input and help.... Best Thomas
  8. This is so annoying. It wastes so much time. When making a mask and using the Refine tool, the refined mask changes from the previewed mask, after the dialog is 'okayed/closed'. Either there is a bug in the Mask Preview ... or ... there is a bug in the mask itself. I think it's the mask and that the problem is in the mathematical calculation. I suspect some tiny error of percentage, because the resultant mask layer seems to be slightly shifted to the left and slightly too large overall. The consequence is time spent cleaning the mask up by hand. Very slow process and AFPhoto doesn't have good tools for doing the job either. Here's what happens : AFP-MaskingBug.mp4
  9. I'm trying to use refine selection with "new layer with mask" option. After applying i'm editing the mask for fine tuning and fix some missing points. But i see that Refine Seleçtion tool causes artefects and odd pixels around the edges of original image. See the attached image. Original and defected side by side.
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