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Found 14 results

  1. … after minimizing it when I click the Icon in the dock under BigSur 11.7.8. I have to right-click it and click the opened file.
  2. I am experiencing a quirk where when the main window of Affinity designer is minimized, clicking the dock icon doesn't return the application to the screen. It leaves it minimized, and it's the only app on Mac OS that seems to have this behavior. I know every install of macOS comes with its own quirks, so it might just be affecting me, does anyone else notice this? Comp 1 copy.mp4
  3. if I minimise the app on Mac and try to click on it again on the toolbar it doesn't re-appear. the only way to get it to re-appear is to open another photo also the 'open recent' option no longer displays
  4. I heard that the app icon on the dock is not shown sometimes.(happens with any of Affinity apps) According to the one who reported this say it tend to happen when using V1 and V2 simultaneously. I haven't experienced this by myself but I received a report from other user. Anyone saw this problem?
  5. Grabación de pantalla 2022-11-16 a la(s) 1.06.39 p.m..mov I downloaded the trial version at first it worked fine but I had to format my Mac due to update problems install the app again but now when I minimize the app in the doc then I want to maximize it from there the windows don't appear, I have to click right and see the open windows to return to the application Grabación de pantalla 2022-11-16 a la(s) 1.06.39 p.m..mov
  6. Hello, I'm running the latest version of Mac OS (Ventura 13.2.1) with an uptodate version of Affinity Designer2. I have a Designer file open but minimised into the dock. Normal behaviour in MacOS is that when I click an application icon in the dock, the last file used for that application will come to the front. If it's minimised in the dock it'll spring out onto the desk top. For me, this behaviour does not happen with AD... the computer selects AD but the open file remains minimised in the dock. Is there a setting that I've not selected to get the normal OS behaviour or is this a bug? Edward
  7. Enjoying the new Affinity Suite 2.0. One thing that is not working or not working properly is: restoring the active window. HOWTO: Restore Window / Document Inactivity 1. Work on a document in any Affinity 2.0 software. 2. Then collapse the work window. 3. On a Mac, click on the same program you were just using. 4. You will notice your document is not being restored (i.e. not automatically popping up). You must go "Window" and then scroll all the way to the bottom to select the document you were just working on, only then it will reappear. Maybe an option already exists?
  8. When I click on the Affinity icon on the springboard I expect the work I'm doing to open, as per the standard UI but no..
  9. A difficult one to describe or search for, my apologies if it has already been asked. This applies to all the V2 apps, but not the V1 versions. If, for example, I am working with a file in AFPhoto and minimise the window into the dock via the yellow button and then work with another app (Safari for example), when I return to AFPhoto by clicking on its dock icon, the minimised window does not automatically appear on the desktop (which it does with all other apps), I have to bring it up onto the desktop via the Menu Bar > Window. Thank you, for any help you can offer resolving this.
  10. On macOS when you have the Desktop & Dock system settings set to 'Minimize windows into application icon' the app/window should minimize into the application icon. This can be done either by clicking the yellow '-' traffic light button (top left of window) or, if the 'Double-click a window's title bar to…' (found in the same macOS settings screen) is set to 'Minimize', by double-clicking on an app window's title bar. The v2 Affinity apps do indeed minimize into the app icon using both methods described above. Yay! The problem is, the typical macOS way to restore a minimized app window with this Desktop & Dock settings configuration is double-click a minimized application's dock icon. Doing this with the Affinity apps does nothing but bring the app to the foreground (the top menu is restored as are any floating panels not docked in the left or right studios). The expected behaviour is that by double-clicking any minimized Affinity application is to restore the full app window along with any open documents. If more than one window had been minimized the last window to be minimized would be restored. Currently you have to either right-click on the app dock icon and then select the window/document you want to open, or by focusing the app (clicking on the dock icon) and then selecting the desired window/document listed under the Window top menu item.
  11. Hello, I got the universal license, and I have installed Affinity Photo 2, Designer 2 and Publisher 2 on my Mac Studio Ultra running Ventura 13.0.1 After I minimise the Affinity Photo window using the usual yellow button, then the application minimises in the dock has expected, the usual black dot is displayed near to the icon, but later when I click on the application icon on the dock nothing happen. The workaround is to do a right-click on the icon and select "Quit", then because the open document was not saved, the application window open showing the save dialog box. This issue is affecting all the Affinity application (Photo 2,Designer 2 and Publisher 2) Thank you for your attention.
  12. One feature of version 2 of AP bothers me mightily and is just annoying. When I have loaded AP with a picture and I have minimised it in the dock, I can no longer open it with a single click but always have to right-click on a file name in the history list.
  13. This effects all three programs: Photos, Designer, and Publisher. When i minimize the program to the dock, clicking on the docked icon does not expand the program to the desktop again. it does however make it the active window. to expand the program i must right click on the docked icon and and select the currently opened file in the program.
  14. Open a single affinity window/image Minimize the window (into the dock) Click Affinity Photo 2 App's Dock icon. It is expected that the minimized window un-minimizes and is brought to the front when there are no other windows open for the app. Af Photo 2.0.0 macOS 12.6.1 This behaves correctly in AP 1.10.5
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