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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I am trying to combine 2 curves together at their endpoints to create a closed curve. Each endpoint has 1 handle that sets the curve shape. When I use the node tool to use the 'Join Curves' command, AD will join the two curves and combine one set of endpoints while preserving the original handle orientation at the joined point. Now that I have a single curve, I want to close the shape. Dragging the remaining two endpoints on top of each other will close the curve, but deletes one of the handles! This ruins the symmetry of the design. Using the 'Close Curve' command adds a straight line between the two remaining endpoints. If the two points are aligned on top of each other this doesn't cause any immediate problems. However, this causes workflow problems down the line by causing disjointed strokes (after doing the Layers -> Expand Stroke Command), which are an essential step to creating offsets because AD doesn't support an offset tool at this time. This issue was reported 2 years ago and the linked post contains a video of the issue: Has this been corrected in a patch I can download, or are there any community accepted workarounds?
  2. I need to join two endpoints, resulting in a single corner point that closes the curve—a pretty common requirement. Even though the points appear to be perfectly aligned, the 'Join Curves' command fails, so I first need to ensure that the points are perfectly aligned by snapping one to the other. I select one of the points, move it away, and then move it back until it snaps to the other—but in the process, the control handle from the point I moved disappears, altering the curve slightly. (See attached screen-capture which illustrates vanishing handle.) Affinity Designer disappearing handle issue.mov
  3. To create symmetrical shapes, normally I draw half and get the other half by duplicating and flipping it. Here is what I tried in AD Windows: I created a curve and flip symmetrically. Then I moved and sticked them together. Aftter that, I used move tool to select them and click Join curves button on the tool bar. Then, I got two problems: 1. Only one pair of overlapped nodes are merged. as showing by the attached GIF, the lower pair nodes weren't merged. There're still two sperated nodes. 2. I used Node tool to drag one of the lower node, moving it away. When I moved it back, it snapped the other node and merged into one. At last I got the one shape without extra overlapping nodes. However, the problem is when I combined the two nodes by dragging the away and back, the node handle angle changed. This means, adjusting by hand, I was almost impossible to get my perfect vertical symmetrical shape. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Is it possible to merge nodes without losing their bézier setting? The task I'm trying to do is to create a design that has some symmetrical elements. I draw one half and mirror it over. The problem I find is when I come to join pieces. There doesn't seem to be a way to get nodes to merge properly. I can snap overlap them, but that is not ideal and may cause problems later. An example would be a heart shape outline. Imagine you draw the left side then mirror it right. Joining the top right and bottom right nodes to their left counterpart loses the bézier on the right of the node. The nodes on the left side retain their bézier, on the right they become sharp. Thanks for any help, this is driving me mad. :wacko:
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