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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everybody, First of all i am writing in behalf of my friend, i will post reply here as my original username. TL&DR Ver.: Affinity Designer didn't recognize intel q8300 cpu as a 64bit CPU. Although our OS is 32bit our installation error says: " 64bit CPU not found" and NOT "64bit Windows not found". What should we do if it is too much work to install 64bit Windows and give it a try? Lon Version: We are in a complicated situation here. I was beta tester of AD at windows. I tried it and absolutely love the software and planning to slide from Corel to Affinity. So i persuade my friend to give it a shot as we both are daily CorelDraw users and just bought 2 licences for us. Anyway, while i was using beta i knew it requires aero desltop but didn't notice it needs 64bit CPU and OS as i have them. So after downloading the installation file i clicked it with excitement to show him that it will change his mind in a few tries aaaand boom. We get error message: " 64bit CPU not found" I feel kind of guilty to be honest :) because i didn't check that as i haven't any issue before. ;Than he said "ok my Windows is not 64bit now but i installed it before." Hmm, so that means CPU should be 64bit otherwise it was not possible right? His CPU is Intel Q8300 Then i start a quick research, i saw this topic. There are several different codes and our was not "64-bit Windows not found (but CPU is 64-bit)" Reason that he use 32bit Windows is some of the CorelDraw plugins are not working properly on 64 bit Windows. I know you have nice refund policy but he want to use Affinity Designer and abandon Corel if it will work for him. However it is really hard job to to organize and back-up every file, software etc. before a clean OS installation right? And also it will not easy to figure out a way to run those daily used plugins for CorelDraw on 64 bit environment but he is so excited to use it. The main question for now is if you ever test Affinity Designer on Q8300 CPU before? Or will it be same if we create a virtual machine with similar specs. to his computer and try to install Affinity Designer, will it be a similar experience with a real system except performance? If yes, we will try to install a fresh 64bit OS and spend time to figure out to run those plugins on CorelDraw. I understand if some guys think running plugins is not a big deal however in his business they help him a lot :) What do you guys suggest us to do? Cheers.

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