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Found 3 results

  1. ... a mess. I like Publisher, a lot. But setting up a greyscale document is (right now) a catastrophe ... to me. But maybe I am too stupid, so here is how I start: 1. File New, Colour = Grey/8, Colour Profile = Greyscale D50. 2. Typing in some text and creating a rectangle. 3. Nice there is a Greys Palette (Swatches panel), so apply Black to the text and rectangle. 4. Export PDF for Print and opening with Acrobat Pro. Result 1: What is meant to be BLACK is C83 M67 Y51 K95! Sending the file to a print service will end as disaster. 5. Too bad, my fault? Going back to the document having a look at the colour panel. First shown is the RGB slider with values 0,0,0. 6. So I use the CMYK slider having black only with 100%. 7. Repeat Step 4. Result 2: What is meant to be BLACK is C74 M63 Y50 K89! Sending the file to a print service will end as disaster+1. 6. Too bad, my fault? Going back to the document having a second look at the colour panel. Picking up Greyscale from the pulldown. 7. Seriously? The value of 0 at the slider means 100% black? Value 70 means 30% black and value 0 means white? So why not. 8. Repeat Step 4. Result 3: See Result 1. Final conclusion: If I ever want to send a greyscale document to a print service I have to set up the document as CMYK. From my point of view this should be fixed. While you (Serif) are at it, please give "colour management" a re-design = Switching between colour spaces (spot to cmyk to rgb to spot whatever) + Iconize the colours to make it visible what colour space they are + A colour manager before export or print like in Indesign where you can define aliases for spot colours for instance or some other helpful settings. I do know this is BETA, but a stable Affinity Designer 1.65 has the same problem.
  2. I made my paragraph style for the bullet list, select and apply to the desired paragraph. So far so good, but when I try to apply a character style to the first word of this bullet list, the bullet will also be formatted. How can I avoid this? See video. bullets.mp4
  3. Open PDF + All pages or a range of pages of a PDF get its own page in Publisher + Instantly editable - No Master Pages available (of course) Place PDF - All pages are loaded, no range selection possible. You have to duplicate the pages to switch between pages of PDF - Extra step with Edit Document to work on the content of the PDF + Apply Master Pages to existing pages My workflow: I receive a multipage PDF document where I have to do some massive changes. So I have to decide now, whether I copy and click every single page of the PDF or open the PDF and add Master Pages later. So I kindly ask for options during import: Option 1: Leave PDF as is, treating as an image Option 2: Importing PDF (full or range) being instantly editable with no Edit Document-button (or make it a choice on the user)

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