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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there! I'm not sure whether this is a general bug or limited to the computers at our office: Whenever I try to undock the paragraph panel Publisher crashes without notification and has to be killed via the Windows task manager. Interestingly it does not crash if I try to undock any other panel (e.g. character or layer panel). Additionally it only happens on Win-10-machines in our office. All Win-8.1-machines are not affected. Initially we blamed the graphics driver, but after having removed the drivers completely and installed them afresh, we come to the conclusion that Publisher might be the cause as the problem persists. The problem is not limited to a specific document but happens with all existing and new documents. Windows 10 (10.0.17134), 64 Bit Nvidia GeForce 940MX (driver version Best, Volker
  2. Maybe there is an option or workaround? Step 1: Menu "File" "Place", pick an image and open it Step 2: Move cursor with placing cursor to e.g. top 20 mm left 20 mm and simply click Result: Image is placed centered (middle of image) at the desired position. So if I want the images top left corner at 20 / 20 mm I have to manually move it.
  3. I noticed this before, but forgot to tell. I really like the feature of positioning an object absolutely centered on a page. Green line for horizontal and red line for vertical position. It seems to be that a page has two vertical centres. See attached image. Move object slowly to the vertical centre, red line appears and the object snaps, now move the object a little bit down and another red line appears. On an A4 layout vertical centres are at 146 and 148,5 mm.
  4. See attached image upper font Kabala, lower Milo. Left side typesetting in Publisher, right side imported PDF of the same page. Unfortunately I cannot look at my work if the fonts have the GSUB table lookups as required from PDFLib.
  5. ... from All Documents to Text Files. But I can't detect a pattern in which the file type is changed. Just happens randomly.
  6. This might be confusing, searching for the right words since I am not a native speaker. Step 1: Place file via "File" "Place" in a size that is not 100%. Step 2: Click on 1:1. Now the image has (with my image) 300dpi (100%). Very nice. Step 3: Decrease the image with the lower middle handle. Now the image has 300x593dpi. Step 4: Click on 1:1. Nothing happens. Step 5: Decrease the image with middle right handle. Now the image has 656x593dpi. Step 6: Click on 1:1. Now the image has 300x270dpi. What I would expect from 1:1 is that the image is reverted to 300dpi (100%). Once we resized the image not maintaining aspect ratio we will never get back to the original file size. I hope someone has an idea what I am aiming at?
  7. Never had this case before. Step 1: Create Greyscale document Step 2: Place PDF CMYK + 1 spot colour Result: Placed PDF displayed in grey Step 3: Export as PDF, Colour space like document, ICC use document profile Unexpected result: Coloured PDF CMYK + 1 spot colour
  8. One can argue, that handling of objects is in some cases not streamlined. Not a bug of course. Step 1: Create e.g. a square. Step 2: Pick the upper left handle of the object and fill in the rotation angle in the Transform panel. Result: Square is rotated from the upper left handle. Step 3: Leave the upper left handle of the object picked and rotate it manually. Result: Object will be rotated from the centre. I do know, that I can move the Rotation Centre, but why not respect the picked handle from the Transform panel in this case?