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Found 8 results

  1. I found a severe bug regarding the alignment handles. Just joking, only an observation. As you move the mouse over the document there are thin gray lines moving also in the document rulers. Depending on where you grab the alignment handles there is an offset between the dashed line and the gray line in the ruler. See attached image.
  2. Not a drama at all. 1) Select Place from File menu 2) Move mouse over or click into file type dropdown
  3. Just for the records: Maybe this should be greyed out in the menu Layer? You can convert a picture frame into a picture frame with Convert to Picture Frame, which is pointless.
  4. Maybe this is reported elsewhere. Step 1: Create a document with two or more pages Step 2: Place a text frames with 5 lines of text (depends on the font) between the pages. Result: 2 1/2 lines are being cut off. See image. Funny side note: If you drag the text frame down and up again from page 1 into the gap the last lines vanish. If you drag the text frame down and up again from page 2 the first lines vanish.
  5. Although the place filter allows me to pick a JPEG2000 image in the variations JP2 or J2K this is not working. Step 1: Place file, nothing happens in the document. Step 2: Create an image frame and try to place the image there -> Publisher instantly crashes. Files were saved from Photoshop CS6. delete-stylejpg2000.jp2 delete-stylejpg2000.j2k
  6. Walt pushed me kindly in an other thread to the Find an Replace panel. There is one observation I made and my English is not good enough to express it well. Just looking strange and not an error at all but may lead to puzzled faces. I was just searching for a paragraph style called Versionsnummer which content is rotated. See attached image. I guess ##b## is an "artifact of internal formatting"? like \n\r which is visible in search results?
  7. Maybe covered elsewhere? Vertically shrinking the textframe to text height is working. But horizontally shrinking leads to unexpected results. See attached image. Also there are differences depending on the font. Two upper examples are Arial (OTF) and the lower example is Milo OT (OTF).
  8. I'm not sure whether this is a bug or intended behavior, so I'll start here. I'm playing around with the new hyperlink implementation in on Windows. First, thanks for getting this new feature implemented so quickly. I'm sure it will please those of us who have missed it. I did these steps in a new document: Created a few pages. On one page I drew a Text Frame and added some text without specifying any style information in the Context menubar. I repeated that on another page. I selected some text in one of the frames, and marked it as an anchor (Text > Interactive > Insert Anchor). I selected some text in the other frame, and marked it as an "anchor" hyperlink to the text in step 3 (Text > Interactive > Insert Hyperlink), and in the dialog left the Character Style at the default of Hyperlink. All of the above worked as I expected. I then created another Text Frame, typed some text, and it came out in the Hyperlink style, in blue. The default style for my new Text Frame was now Hyperlink, and the default fill was blue. From a usability perspective, I don't think that marking something as a hyperlink should change the default settings for future text or text frames.