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Found 83 results

  1. I signed up for some quick freelance work for a friend’s game... Made a few inventory items of sort, but using the iPad instead of the usual PC setup. Figured some stuff: Layer management becomes really troublesome when the number of layers/shapes increases. So I opted to separate each items as different files. Pro: Numbers of shapes and layers are manageable Con: you’ll have to open each files and then export all manually one by one. I wish there’s a batch export from the project preview (same as the screenshot) Ran into some trouble exporting assest as SVG. I realized that layer blending mode weren’t supported yet. Those with blending mode are rasterized upon export as svg. These assets will be exported in different dimension to be used in-game. It’s very tedious to do that in affinity designer for iPad... so i’d like the exported assets to be in vector and compatible with different vector softwares out there. I use figma.com to setup and automate image processing. Had to remove all blending modes and had to rely on fill opacity instead. They’re not a lot so it’s fine. Line weight tool is a favorite of mine... it gets annoying when i reach a number of nodes. Even the apple pencil is having a hard time with it. i wish there are other ways to manage line weight for complex shapes. Otherwise, I had a blast making these. The sketch to finish workflow is very streamlined.
  2. Hello everyone, Back with another illustration. Similar to “Light houses” this one is also a mixture of vector illustration with photography. The main vector objects (the monsters/creatures) where made in Affinity Designer then moved into Affinity Photo where I started with the background, removing all the people, followed by removing any text on the signs and labels around the train and replace it with my own text (a bit over kill since there kinda small to read and most people will never see it but was still fun to do) followed by placing the vector objects in, colour correcting the scene and adding shadows and other textuers such as dust and lens scratches. Overall the project was fun to mess around with and I’m happy with how it came out. Made with Affintiy Photo + Affinity Designer and made on the iPad Pro. Main image: Close Up: How it was made: Thank you for your time, Andrew.
  3. I’m intentionally seeking to learn from some of my favorite artists by attempting to emulate aspects of their styles. This particular exercise in admiration is based on the flowing ribbons and gradients of @serdarduran’s work. Created solely on Affinity Designer for iPad with Apple Pencil (including the sketch, which is a first for me).
  4. Independent commercial fishermen have lost a huge chunk of their market due to lockdowns around the world. Support local fishermen; eat seafood. This piece was inspired by Zutto. Found her amazing work through Affinity's Spotlight blog. (Yes, I’ve been mulling over her bubbly style for quite a while now; The date on that blog post is January 2019 😅) It was a little challenging to translate the more liquid style to something with very symmetrical, defined structure. It probably would have worked better if I hadn't done a head-on view of the crab so that the legs were overlapping. Ah well. Onwards and upwards. Drawn on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.
  5. I really didn’t know where I was going when I started this piece for fun, but one thing led to another as I got in flow. Very satisfying creative experience. Hope you enjoy!
  6. I learned a lot about using Affinity Designer for iPad with this piece. - To select multiple objects in the layers panel, tap the first item and then two-finger tap the last item. Those two items and all the intervening items in the same layer will be selected. This came in so handy for quickly selecting those hundreds of scales. Thanks to @DM1 for this one. - To add a gradient to a stroke, select the object (or objects or group!) and then open the appearance studio. Tap the stroke and then the gradient tool and drag it to position your gradient as desired. You can see the different stroke and fill gradients applied across the scales. Separate stroke and fill gradients gave me the most trouble though. Repeatedly the stroke would become unselected, or the fill would be selected instead (or vice versa if I was working on the fill gradient), or the gradient would disappear and I’d have to start over. These issues made adjusting the gradient quite cumbersome and a bit frustrating. - To snap nodes to each other, well I never did really figure out which of the little symbols it was... but if you turn on all the snapping options in the node tool’s context toolbar, your nodes will snap. This was great for aligning the tip of the tail. And I’ve been wondering about how to do this for a long time. - Oh and I found the in-app user manual which is basically a lifesaver. I wish I’d known about it sooner!
  7. Getting up to speed with Designer on iOS. I’ll hopefully rig these two in Unity when they’re done - which is another thing I need to get up to speed on.
  8. I know designer is meant for vector, but I just had so so much fun with it's pixel persona. I doubt if I'll ever use procreate much anymore, if ever. Not to mention if it's anything past a doodle or a sketch I always need the vector tools.
  9. A very simple set of shapes, and a first post of something I've done with Designer on iPad ... Feedback welcome.
  10. A little experiment in keeping things black and white. The main outlines were vectors with detail added in pixel mode. Used brushes/pencil tools to do the vector lines, not the pen tool as I wanted a slightly loose feel, but not too much. In fact, I didn't really know what I wanted!
  11. Done using Affinity designer on ipad. around of 50 minutes in real time, there is a video link available if you want to see my process used here! thanks!
  12. Guys! Tried another illustration style using affinity Designer on iPad. Let me know what you think? https://dribbble.com/shots/7593873-Hero-Illustration-for-an-upcoming-kit-Untitled
  13. My latest work is Affinity Designer and Procreate. I hope you will like it. If you want to watch the entire production process, you can visit my youtube channel.
  14. This image of an oak tree amongst cider apple trees at sunset was used to illustrate some writing at matthewslater.org.uk. It worked quite well, though I had no idea how the finished image would look. My iPad struggled hugely with the complexity of the trees and I had to expand and merge elements to reduce the number of paths and points. In the end it still became painfully slow to edit which was a pity as I could have tightened it up more. I tend to work in cmyk so this might look a little odd when posted as rgb.
  15. Hey Guys! I've been exploring affinity designer both on my mac and now on iPad, and guess what! I'm just loving it. Here is my recent work that I was exploring in order to create a new illustration style I named Flexi it looks. I hope you like it. https://dribbble.com/shots/7229199-Flexi-Illustration-Style-Hero-V-1-0
  16. Good evening, I continue to explore AD on with my iPad... I love this machine! Delicate subject, especially drops of water..... What do you think?
  17. Regardless of how long it took AP to stack the 11 images, way to long, the outcome was beautiful. I also did two merges then another stack all on an iPad Pro. There are three orange to teal gradients used and the lighting filter, as well as some painting. AP is so awesome and I hope soon that they fix whatever is slowing it down and turning our hair grey in the meantime. This is a jpg image, the original .afphoto is over 2 gb.
  18. A small faucet/tap to continue taking AD on iPad :)
  19. Hi there, this is one of my latest Artworks. I hope you like it. you can find more of my Stuff on instagram: @lifestyle_geildesignt C U Soon
  20. Colt 357 with vision vintage + modern
  21. Hello, Just test AD + iPad.... Getting started a little difficult
  22. The source file is in the attachment。 Drawing process: 001.afdesign
  23. I did a sketch of a cartoon Alita after watching the movie way back. Never got around to actually fleshing it out. What i like about AD for iPad is the really clean lines with the pencil tool + stabiler + editable line weight. I'll be documenting my progress every session I give time for this piece.
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