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Found 27 results

  1. Sometimes I wander about our garden with a camera in hand. This morning I noticed one of those blue headed birds that is not only content with eating the Apricots in summer but has taken to chewing the leaves on said Apricot tree. When I feel more energetic I'll set up a telephoto lens and get a decent shot of these birds. Jeremy.
  2. Nothing special, I took these pictures last weekend at Umhlanga Rocks in South Africa, all pictures taken with a Sony A7II, with the Sony 28-70mm, and all develop in Affinity Photo. This is my first time using Affinity Photo to develop pictures.
  3. It's just a small bird (Kohlmeise, Great tit), but he has made me a little nervous. So many layers I had previously only in some large portrait illustrations. I thought so a bird is easy to draw, but he is not. Respect, little bird ;)
  4. No wonder there is nothing on TV ---- it's broken free and the driver is still asleep .Talk about a magic carpet ride!! Not sure about elsewhere; but in Australia there is a 2-3 month non-rating period, so basically TV is really **** from November to late February This pic is far more complicated than it looks because of the big blue sky . This the original file --- "easier" to swap an Australian blue sky than match it
  5. couple of happy snaps of a little backyard mate -- background was basically painted in/mask out until it looked Ok. As usually, no particular workflow and done for something to do so i don't have to do the many things I need to do Pana Fz300 honest comments/cc/questions welcome. . I still owe someone an answer -- will get to it when I work out how I did it LOL!!
  6. the local blackbird dropped in nearby for a quick drink before rushing off to find more tucker for the kids. Considered a pest in australia Only had time for 4 clicks It's a massive crop of a very small file Likely did more work than was required; but it's all good practise --- been sharpened/softened/masked off/background blurred+darkened/dodged+burnt (mostly burning) But all rather impressive for a little panasonic fz300 imo honest comments and questions welcome
  7. Questions welcome MUM! Tv is not working --- only blackNwhite!! MUM!! Shakin' the dust off Make that three now
  8. Hello Affinity fans Today I drawn flamingos, interesting long-legged birds. I have made not use of textures, patterns, pixel layers or brushes, I just wanted a very simple illustration, just shapes, pen and gradients. Give a look at the illustration, drawn in Affinity Designer and tell me what do you think, leave your feed backs, write positive and negative The full project here on behance
  9. This edit was to explore the possible aesthetic improvements by removing background clutter
  10. Surprisingly easier than it looks, about 5 minutes per picture in AP Thanks to Erwe for the idea
  11. This is an experiment to see if the background bokeh adds to the image appeal. Used inpaint and selection brush to remove background. Duplicated image and added heavy Gausian blur to replace background.
  12. Last but not least, the lady is gleaning, thanks dear thing, I don't want that seed germinating in the lawn :D
  13. It was a very pleasant surprise to see these guys, if only their cousins the Evening grosbeaks would show up next, they're breathtaking in colour and markings. My fingers are crossed. In most of this set, the seed feeder was showing, removed with Inpainting tool and cloning.
  14. Rather unusual for me to get a chance to capture these birds on the ground, or snow in this case.
  15. I got up late, trying to catch up with some paper work for my lawyer. I should not have looked out the window, fatal mistake (my lawyer has to wait until I get the more important work done). I have to first edit my Pine Grosbeak photos before anything else. There they were in all their glorious colour, how could I resist?
  16. This is one of the many juvinile Downey's hatched this past spring. There is still a large size disparity between them and the mature Downey's.
  17. This is my first Pine Grosbeak taken using a new Jobu gimbal with my Nikon D800e + Sigma 150-600 S combo. The gimbal makes it a joy to shoot fast moving wildlife.
  18. Another Blue Jay with the background removed and sky added.
  19. So I hope this is judged as an improvement. Please give your CC. I horizontally flipped the sky gave a slight Gaussian blur cooled it, then warmed up the bird, extended the canvas size for better com-positional balance and finally added the tree branches. Hope it fly's.
  20. Well I'm noticing a colour drop in the file as it shows here. Don't know if its me or the site. Anyway this was done again with the repaint brush to remove foreground clutter caused by twigs crossing the subject. I didn't include the before shot to save space.
  21. This is to illustrate the benefit of not passing up a shot because of clutter. Every time I do heavy PP, the software will teach me something new. I just love this stuff! I did it in the beta version of Affinity Photo and find the unique "Inpainting brush" to be a wonderful tool for this kind of editing.
  22. My first bit of art using the brilliant Affinity Designer :D http://georgeacles.deviantart.com/art/Vector-Owl-622731032?ga_submit_new=10%253A1468978798
  23. Spent a little time this morning trying to composite some images in AP. I'm still learning the tools and features of this app, but more and more I'm starting to see how I can replace PS for good. The beach and the photo of the tree were shot by me. The vultures were found searching google. Any thoughts, suggestions, tips, or feedback? Thanks!
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