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Found 6 results

  1. Anime-art "Swim time", created with Affinity photo https://www.artstation.com/artwork/YaV9bV
  2. I did a sketch of a cartoon Alita after watching the movie way back. Never got around to actually fleshing it out. What i like about AD for iPad is the really clean lines with the pencil tool + stabiler + editable line weight. I'll be documenting my progress every session I give time for this piece.
  3. after watching a few affinity tutorials I thought I try out affinity designer by recreating a downloaded character from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/790170697102016941/. I used the bitmap gradient fill to texture ...
  4. I been doodling up a storm.. here is one of my pieces of art.. Crystal Frost .. she love to fly in the night sky, however her father forbids her from flying especially at night, worried his daughter might be seen by other dragons or ponies that travel in the day and especially at night... Crystals father refuses to teach his daughter to fly, he needs her to stay out of sight to be safe. Not teaching her to fly keeps her grounded and gives him less to worry.. However she does try to imitate the wild creatures of the woods, it is from the birds she learns how to fly... one evening while her father was away, she wandered off into the woods where she finds a nest of young birds . watching them trying to fly, she tries to imitate the birds and try to fly, so she can follow and fly with them. She was so happy about what she learned she showed her father what she could do. Seeing his daughter fly for the first time made him very fearful and he lashed out in anger and scolded his Daughter never EVER to fly ever again... tearful, feeling she did something very wrong she promises never to fly again.. just a brief story I made up... However there is so much to Crystals life the is just so complex she struggles to understand why her father is the way he is, and life in general.., I also have 3 of my custom characters i made up, getting plush made by LionCubCreationsLCC. she is very skillful at custom plush... once they are made and arrive will post pics here of my characters in plush style.
  5. Hello, this image is my first bigger attempt to get more familiar with Affinity Designer. It's also my first manga/anime themed Image since 10 or 15 Years. I infrequently use Designer and when then for fixing PDFs, creating logos and other smaller/quick jobs. Fun-Fact: This Image started as rainy cyperpunk (Bladerunner) city scene, with her in one of the shop windows in the Background. Because lack of time ... :-)
  6. Attempted a manga anime style type drawing. I'm not quite happy with the colours but I don't think I will improve on this unless I spent another few hours on it. I've included the affinity file as well so you can see how certain I've done certain things. I'm not an artist so there might be a few things that I could have done better, or more efficiently. Manga.afdesign
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