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Found 44 results

  1. William Overington

    Peppermint song

    I was opening a box of peppermint tea bags and I noticed that they were not actually labelled as peppermint tea bags but as peppermint infusion. A song started to form, the first three lines of the result. So I wrote them down and just continued writing as it came to me. My original intention - an intention still in existence - is to use it as a song in the novel that I am writing. Yet, as there are not many threads here for Affinity Publisher I wondered if I could produce something that might look good here. Here is what I have produced. William
  2. Dazmondo77

    Blackout in Technicolour

    Really happy with the speed of Pub 1.7.3 on this album cover for the Steam Kittens new release, although I started off the digi painting in Clip studio paint, I did a fair chunk in Pub using studio link photo using Frankentoon and Daub brushes plus some vector colour overlays - did need to use Illustrator to distort the SK logo and the colour wheel around the image but really impressed with the speed of using studio link on tonnes of layers
  3. This work was for may last assignment, is the mockup of a magazine, and I chose my favorite band as a subject, I hope you like it.
  4. Here is a poem which attempts to convey some of the challenges faced by caring for someone a relative with dementia. It is an experimental layout in Affinity Publisher. I found the layer effect emboss quite useful for adding interest to the page. Particularly using the invert option to create something unexpected. Adding 3D to the text also helped the output look far more interesting. This work is copyrighted. Treasure in Darkness.pdf
  5. Here are some layouts I created for two poems with a spider theme in Affinity Publisher ... The corner spiders were created using the Autotrace function in DrawPlus X4 from a photo I took and saved as a wmf file. I wish Publisher would support the smf file type as well. The background image was created in Corel Paint It.
  6. link: Graphic Design Addict
  7. Hi As mentioned in previous posts all my work has been for Charities or community groups FOC. Whilst these may not be overboard in design they illustrate the jobbing printing capability of Affinity. The last few weeks have seen me fully switch from Page Plus to the full Affinity suite and I thought I would share some of the work inc a 32 page brochure about Health Services in our community, much of it working from a range of supplied pdfs and images. We received the printed version today and it has been well received. You can see the online copy at the printers website https://mixam.co.uk/share/5d6a5d422b0e5d1600d4a8d7 I have also done a 6ft x 2ft Banner to display in the town using Affinity throughout, shown below, also leaflets and posters The only thing I have resorted to using in the serif suite recently has been draw plus for the autotrace function to convert photos to svg and when exported as pdf Affinity loads them without problem, it can save a lot of time when creating svgs. So I gave thumbs up for this as a feature request in Affinity PS I am on page 3 of the brochure
  8. Hi! and Bye! Tote Bag design The tote bag shape itself was produced using Affinity Publisher, using the Rectangle Tool and the Segment Tool. The symbols are from a font made using FontCreator. The design was assembled in, and exported from, Affinity Publisher. Export was as a png file. William Overington Wednesday 3 July 2019
  9. Graphic Novel skill set begins. I have written a sci-fi novel. I am learning Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher on my own, I will attempt Book 1 as a Graphic Novel in a series. I may try 50 pages at first, as one guy, no staff my way way, I'd say at least 2 years. But I have kept at this and I can hopefully do it one day. This art is just me practicing, all original, will be the way I go it alone. Although send money if you wish. He he he. You people at Affinity have great products as far as I am concerned, I need to get up to speed, going fast enough though for now. This is not the novel but a learning lesson.
  10. Construction company A4 flier. Ready to print 300ppi Font Proxima Nova Font Awesome 5 link: Graphic Design Addict
  11. This is a cover of a profile I am doing in affinity publisher will share the complete work later on
  12. Here's one page of a short (15pg) story I've been working on.l Originally used the Publisher Beta to begin with and now using the released Version. I'm following the lettering techniques for Illustator from the ComicCraft tutorial I saw on Lynda.com. And i works, even better using Publisher with the Designer persona used when needed. The art was hand drawn on paper, real old-school. Will be finishing it up (pencils, inks and colors) in Clip Studio (would like to use Designer, but I like CS for pixel drawing/inking and painting a bit better). this is a WIP, so as I wrap things up, I'll update this thread as i can. One nice thing is that having a link to the file, rather than embedding, allows me to letter rough penciled pages and see If I need to move things around in the roughs to make the panel "read" better as a visual composition. Yeah, it's a comic thing. This is something that most comics don't do, as it's so production-oriented. Y'know, if novelists can do a second draft, why can't comics. And Publisher allows me that flexibility and freedom. Thanks Serif and Affinity!
  13. Heriberto Reinoso Gallegos

    a Book in Affinity Publisher

    OK, this is just to let everybody know that I've made a book 740 pages, with 375 images included, where I used jpg, eps, pdf and png, and even though the program was working perfectly! Congratulations to the creators of Affinity Publisher, and thank you. It's so big that I can't include it here, so I don't know what to do about it. Herbie.
  14. Just finished this Publisher comic which is about a couple of high functioning autistic kids, who along with superhero "Captain Noise" save the day battling against super villain "Elf Loathing" which is all in aid of raising awareness of Autistic Spectrum Disorder - so essentially it's about kids like me, although I wasn't diagnosed until I was 47. Capitan Noise was a character I came up with around 6 years ago who was designed as a kind of mascot for the NLC Rockin for the children festival, based at the Maze in Nottingham which I used to design all the march and advertising materials, for free of course, (never had a head for money or business) I only did the illustration and layout on this, the story was written by Andrew Hawnt but I was really pleased with the end result thanks to Publisher and StudioLink which made most of it a total breeze, although maybe 70% of the panel artwork was done in Clip Studio Paint as single pages then all put together in Publisher. The only problem I've come across is an overflowing text alert which gives no indication of where the overflow is - so I've rolled over all the text throughout the document twice, but can't seen to track down the offending text frame, so would be grateful if someone could advise if I'm missing something
  15. William Overington

    Text on a path

    I have been learning how to have text on a path. I found using centred text helpful. William
  16. I have attempted to lay out my Higher Functioning Autistic Spectrum Communication Guide on Affinity Publisher. The results are interesting. I love the control this package gives me over typography and the excellent column guides facility. I hope you like the results although I still have a lot to learn. Added a slight edit to give the poetry a separate demarcation on page two. I used the rectangle tool with reduced opacity and placed the rectangle behind that particular column. I was surprised to find that the 'send to back' function actually sent the rectangle behind the layers which were on the Master Pages and not just on the current page. So I had to send it back one layer instead. I'm used to a slightly different functionality on PagePlus but I'm sure I'll adapt. Aspergers Information.pdf
  17. A week or so back I thought it was high time I applied myself to making use of Publisher. Here's a spoof magazine cover (you'll have to wait a l-o-n-g time for the articles!). I left it a while before I went back to see if it was good to go, or needed any changes. I decided to add the apps' logos -- which I had to make myself in AD; they're vectors, so I can rescale them for future use. Anyway, see what you make of this. Any helpful criticism is welcome!
  18. Michael S Harvey

    A Good Boy

    With thanks to everybody who helped on the forum with how to out dent Dropped Caps, here is my latest layout in Affinity Publisher. I used the Manual Optical Alignment facility to achieve the out-dent effect. On the downside this affects the ability of the alignment function to centre the text frame automatically so it has to be adjusted by eye only. I Am a Good Boy I Am.pdf
  19. Okay this is the first time I've used Affinity Publisher to layout a poem without first laying it out in PagePlus X9. It works quite well and I love the easier access to the typographical controls in Publisher. Here is my 'Dancing With the Psychotherapist' poem. Dancing With the Psycotherapist.pdf
  20. Michael S Harvey


    Here is my latest Affinity Publisher effort. A poem called Leela. Exported as a PNG. The title was created in PagePlus X9 and exported as a 32 bit PNG. One of the features Affinity Publisher lacks is this sort of font filled effect so I have to cheat a little. I hope you like it ...
  21. I've had an enquiry for some A5 and try-fold leaflets set up in black and 1 spot colour so thought I'd run a few test in Publisher and just made a quick screen vid capturing Affinity's amazing flexibility - I remember having a go in Designer around two years ago and having to give up - just shows how things have improved - would still love to be able to use masks so as to get soft edges on some things (spots always seems to turn out CMYK with a mask in my tests) but I'm really chuffed that it all separates correctly Spot.mov
  22. Michael S Harvey

    Phoenix Rising

    My latest poem Phoenix Rising using Affinity Publisher and Affinity Photo to create the layout. I used PagePlus X9 to create the title using filter fx and preset styles and exported it as a 32bit PNG. Then I placed the image onto the page in Affinity Publisher, although the colours are slightly different.
  23. While I was rummaging though some old files – some much-needed digital housekeeping – I came across the unfinished version of this Radio Times magazine film reviews page which I thought I’d finish off (up to a point) and post here in case it interested or amused anyone. It’s nothing special, I just thought it might make a few people titter a little (the text is all utter nonsense that spilled out of my head). P.S. All done with Publisher.
  24. It will be an A4 format and 50 pages with some vector images... In progress...

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