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Found 827 results

  1. Blended images . . .
  2. Andreas Raninger


    Todays work to test out new workflow for client work in the future. No problems at all. Closing my Creative Cloud Account A.S.A.P.
  3. I had a bit of time this WE and edited a few pictures in APhoto (1.7.2). As usual (well in the days when I posted more often), screenshots of living specimens for colours, forms and textures. The lens aperture was not optimal but I did not want to process with focus merging. P.
  4. AffinityJules

    Liz Fraser (Recolour)

    A (recolour) tribute to the amazing Liz Fraser. 1930-2018.
  5. Hello! It is still very difficult to use Affinity Photo for mockups. However, I think a basic solution is to prepare layouts that allow you to use the perspective tool with ease. Also, leave prepared layers that can be used as masks. On this, I would like to share something that I am working on: In this template, I just import the business card's PNG images and adjust it with the perspective tool on one layer (hidden below). The thickness and background colors are changed by selecting the desired color from the palette. I'm currently revamping this model to insert a localized varnish mask. See the result: Seriously, this design took a long time to build, but to modify and use is super fast and easy. I would like to hear from the community before proceeding to produce more Affinity Photo-specific mockups! Until then!
  6. A post on Facebook prompted me to make this image. Tutorialmeister Carl Surry posted a link to this tutorial by Michael Wilson: Here's my effort: and the figure I started off in AP with a couple of stock images, the background by J C Gellidon from Unsplash and the figure by Radu Florin from Pexels. The 'portal' began as an ellipse; actually a circle which I deformed with the Perspective Tool to make it appear parallel to the shop fronts. The flare is a trapezium rotated onto its side. Some clipping, masking, gradients, transparency (in Designer) produced the lighting effect, and I added a pixel layer to paint a few highlights on the right-hand side. Here's the aphoto file: AlleyPortal-000bSMALL.afphoto
  7. Photos for the presentation optimized with AP. Eye-catching with light and shadow and some Dodge and Burn
  8. My dear Ms. Charity, 10+ years of total love and devotion. A crude photo composition; however, the story of us growing older together is simply marvelous.
  9. Sunrise, Crescent Beach, Fl. 48 hours and Hurricane Dorian will be pushing ocean surge 5-7 feet, winds Cat 2.
  10. Created in Affinity Photo Panorama and caption. Do you know the mountains? http://panorama.welling.ch/Z/rigi/rigi.html
  11. Dazmondo77

    Blackout in Technicolour

    Really happy with the speed of Pub 1.7.3 on this album cover for the Steam Kittens new release, although I started off the digi painting in Clip studio paint, I did a fair chunk in Pub using studio link photo using Frankentoon and Daub brushes plus some vector colour overlays - did need to use Illustrator to distort the SK logo and the colour wheel around the image but really impressed with the speed of using studio link on tonnes of layers
  12. Composing using Affinity Photo and the nice Chroma Supply Abstract Paint Bundle
  13. colin foster


    MP4 and AVI not supported. Have included Utube link REBOOT1.avi
  14. melior64


    Continuing with Inktober, day 2 is MINDLESS, so I created this piece and wrote a short little article about it in my world here Image sources via Unsplash: Model: https://unsplash.com/photos/gDG8KSwSAvo Head texture: https://unsplash.com/photos/EXcebySSEMo Smoke: https://unsplash.com/photos/pFB0b8btIfM Cobweb: https://unsplash.com/photos/uer6GAKM53s Swirly Bits: https://unsplash.com/photos/4ZFeOnVwoek
  15. Hi all, Here the result of a long night chasing the last milky way for this year. It is a stack of 42 shots edited in Affinity photo with develop persona, plus other 2 for the foreground and the person (that's me!) shooting light to the universe. Sky has been stacked in sequator software, than the compositing has been done in AP, with all the fine tune required. 2 little problem found: - developing raw one by one it takes a long time; a method to apply raw settings to the entire group would be very usefull - TIFF exported from AP have something wrong. I faced several errors with them and I don't know why. It seems something well known… (using JPG everything went smooth, but I lost the 16 bit and you know, jpg… bah…) However, here the final result. Hope you like it. Have a great week end, see ya! G:
  16. Hi everybody, I'm new to the Forum and to Affinity products. I made this Poster mockup for my second assignment of the Graphic Design Course. Enjoy,
  17. I'm doing photo manipulations for Inktober this year and the first prompt is RING, so I created this for my worldbuilding project! I used two sources from Unsplash for the hand and the ring - I'm pretty pleased with how it came out! If you want extra lore read about the ring here: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/Melior/a/truthspeakers-ring
  18. affinity2darkness

    New Profile Pic

    This is my first creation using this software. I know it's not much, But I'm proud of it LOL. V1 V2 A2D.V3_Final A2D.Profile_Cover Now how do I use this as my profile pic? lol I can't find the edit avatar in settings.
  19. We dropped in at Mottisfont Abbey, Hampshire, last Thursday to see an exhibition of photographs by Lichfiled, Donovan and Duffy. (It's on til 4 November this year if you want to see it: well worth the trouble!) I darkened the sky separately to simulate a yellow or orange filter, and used a Black & White and Brightness/Contrast adjustments to get the selective contrast I wanted, after getting the verticals parallel with the Perspective tool. The original:-- (The chap on the bench is a scarecrow effigy of the artist Rex Whstler, who did some fantastic trompe l'oeuil painting here.)
  20. Hi, affinity focus merge works very well. Here one screencapture video how it builds image. 26 images focus merged, Nikon microscope & olympus pen f
  21. Just to prove that even fossils can learn! The 35 mm slide view (top) of the chapel roof at the Air Force Academy in Colorado was scanned several years ago and lay forlornly in all its glum grandeur in a "some day this photo needs fixing file." Below is my amateur attempt at a sky replacement using Photo.
  22. This image, for a bit of mild amusement, is essentially a fake. I found an old picture of some young women on a beach which in its original state was sepia toned. After three head-swap operations (you figure it out - it's not hard) and a bit of fine trimming, I had three of my favourite yesteryear comedy actresses in the frame. So to take it even further I thought I would try to recolour the whole image using mask layers with the appropriate colours. I replaced the sky because it didn't look that good. I had no idea what colour the swim suits should be so I went for the 'washed out' look as best I could. Once all that was done I put the final image through a filter to produce the desired result, I then placed it on top of a serated edged card. I then stressed the edges a bit in an attempt to make it look worn. Anyway, enough said. I hope I've produced something that appears authentic even if it's not.
  23. First image is the original image with only a small bit of sharpening, second is the same image after a bit of luminance masking and some HSL adjustments. Topped it off with a bit of dodging and burning. Not a great subject, but a good bit of practice now that I fixed the corruptied tablet drivers installed by Micro$loth's update about a year ago. Thought my tablet just wouldn't work with affinity . . . went to Huion and got latest drivers, turned off "Support TabletPC" which corrupted driver would not allow.. Works perfectly now.
  24. IPv6

    Anime art

    Anime-art "Swim time", created with Affinity photo https://www.artstation.com/artwork/YaV9bV

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