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Found 991 results

  1. Focus stack from 180 jpg shots, all post done with Affinity Photo
  2. Photographed single leaf, selected only the leaf, made shadow by outer shadow, masked, some colour adjustments, local dodging and burning, placed textures.
  3. Hello all: I am a 42 year old guy who's been in LOVE with Paula Abdul my entire life (since age 10). I was always obsessed with her "Foever Your Girl" album and album cover photo. Over the years, I always wondered what the rest of her profile looked like during the actual photo shoot. The photo was either cropped or taken from her neck up, which looks good, but I desired to see more. Well, a few photos from that actual photo shoot (1988) were leaked online and I used them to "re-imagine" what she might have looked like when the photo was actually taken. So I used images in Affinity Photo and masked in a profile which I think is a good approximation of what I was always looking for.
  4. I was experimenting with doing focus stacking in AP and as I was shooting the individual photos one of my cats decided to join in the fun. As per usual some of my most wonderful shots turn out to be the total accidents. There's a lot of noise in it, still learning how to use masks and layers, but the subject and composition is just too good to resist. Enjoy!
  5. Just bought all of Affinity programs since they where om 50%. Had to try to make something. Here is three different goes at it. Here is my first go after having watching a lot of youtube.
  6. Hey! I've been taking pictures for quite a long time but now I'm more into photo manipulation and retouching. I like the software and its "Live Filters" feature makes the process so much more flexible. Here are my first composites made in Affinity Photo. Hope you enjoy it! https://www.flickr.com/photos/167401184@N05/
  7. Here are some examples of the art I have created using Affinity Photo alongside Fotosketcher and Corel Paint It! based on free images from Unsplash. I find the Tonal Mapping Persona remarkably useful in achieving some impressive effects.
  8. Hello everyone, Back with another illustration. Similar to “Light houses” this one is also a mixture of vector illustration with photography. The main vector objects (the monsters/creatures) where made in Affinity Designer then moved into Affinity Photo where I started with the background, removing all the people, followed by removing any text on the signs and labels around the train and replace it with my own text (a bit over kill since there kinda small to read and most people will never see it but was still fun to do) followed by placing the vector objects in, colour correcting the scene and adding shadows and other textuers such as dust and lens scratches. Overall the project was fun to mess around with and I’m happy with how it came out. Made with Affintiy Photo + Affinity Designer and made on the iPad Pro. Main image: Close Up: How it was made: Thank you for your time, Andrew.
  9. Hey everyone. I hope you all are well!! Been working on some illustrations and wanted to share one with you all. I've been message around with arts styles and started to play around with mixing raster and vector together and came up with this. Where I take vector shapes and apply raster effects such as brush effects and textures to it. Made with Affinity Designer + Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro. (With brushes from https://frankentoonstudio.com) What do you all think? Thank you for your time. Andrew Salfinger - Made by Campfire
  10. Back in March, I had to "tie up" my car's muffler after one of the mounts broke. I grabbed some bailing wire that one of our autoshop guys had used to hold a door open on windy days. Didn't realize it at the time, but there was a Preying Mantis egg on one end. When I got the new mount and attached it, I was about to dispose of the wire when I realized there was an egg on it. My wife wanted to put it in our garden. I figured it was damaged after all the heat coming off the tail pipe. That was in March 2020. Today, while I was in a Zoom meeting, she came into my room all excited and showing me pictures of her Preying Mantises that were hatching. As soon as my meeting was over, I grabbed the camera and took a look. Here's a couple of pics I got while she was "making groceries" (Cajun term for "buying foodstuffs"). Appears they are coming out one or two at a time. In second picture you can see some little heads that have broken through the shell but haven't exited yet.
  11. Hello everyone I just recently started using Affinity Photo for art and discovered the paint mixer brush. This is my first try with that tool and I honestly think it turned out pretty cool There's also a speedpaint video here:
  12. How tedious! I keep getting ads on social media telling me the creative world runs on a certain photo editor. Ours runs on a different one.Saturn photo from NASA/Cassini, starry background and merged texture from magazine freebies, stately home window from my own photos and my (hand-tinted) baby brother (many years ago!) from my late father's photos; lots of masking, clipping, a bit of dodging & burning ...
  13. What do you think this is? …and how many faces can you see.
  14. I have just started to investigate water drop pictures and am at very early stages. In experimenting with stack I have found a lovely effect by using range setting instead of median or average. This is simply a glass bowl full of water with a lot of fairy liquid in it. Into which a few drops are milk are dropped form about 30cm. Shutter at 0.05 seconds with 200 images taken. A selection are then used for the merge - there are no colour corrections made in AP just levels, curves and denoise Bit of fun and costs next to nothing except processing time in affinity.
  15. The beard won and stayed 😂. Shot with an old Fuji HS20EXR, a couple of softboxes and a black flag.... and my trusty straight razor. I usually use a greenscreen but instead used a black flag which was wrinkled to hell and had a job cutting the image out, this is about as good as I could get it.
  16. It's the second I'll do beneath macro-stacks (indoor).I use a clockwork-lomo micorscope, build in 1973, an 21 mp ocular-cam hy-1138 from china, and for some photos I use not only polarizing filters but a cd-case for more colors. This pic consisted of 172 jpg's with a ROW 6,0/0,15 lens.
  17. When I showed up at work on April 6, 2020 I was informed that I had been laid off because of fears over the Corona virus pandemic. Well, that just gave me back about 11 hours of daylight to use until work cranks back up (or I decide to go ahead and opt for early retirement). So I went home, ready to file for unemployment. When I got home, got a call. A local business saw this as a good time to invest in a new website, and I was his choice. It would require lots of coding, pulling out some of the few strands of hair I have left, and photography. So I grabbed my Nikon and struck out to capture the images I would need. However, my old Nikon just didn't have the quality I needed for my web design shots. It showed when I got home and started editing the images. I had already been looking at purchasing a used DSLR camera, but I hate to buy something someone else has already abused. So, figured I would kill two birds with one stone. I still kept the budget small (around $300.00 US) but made the jump, making the purchase with the income the customer paid down for me to start production. Then I realized that, since I would be using the new camera for photos for web design, I would need (clears throat) to "practice" with the new camera in order to get proficient when operating it. This would also give me an opportunity to hone my editing skills because we all know that no matter how good an image is you will need to do some kind of tweeking before you can use it. So, I guess it was a good investment. I know my images are working better. With less time spent trying to bring out detail from poorly recorded images, I'm able to spend a bit more time trying to be artistic with my editing. Be safe, be well . . . make pictures.
  18. Namaste, During the time of Quarantine mode, I planned to learn new application Blender. Here is a artwork made with Blender, Octane Render & Affinity Photo. Check out my other artwork on Instragram : mohitsanchaniya
  19. I have often used my flatbed scanner to directly create images of flat objects such as leaves, so I thought I would have a try with a slide scanner. When I retired, I was able to keep some of my computer hardware including a microscope slide holder for my Nikon LS50 slide scanner. I have been searching rather desultorily for a suitable subject to scan., The problem is that I have to first place the microscope slide in the holder, then add the subject, then a cover slip. I cannot push a loaded slide into the holder. I recently came across this subject. It was an old flower head from some composite plant with many pappuses (parachutes). I was able to detatch a few of these and immerse them in liquid and add to my slide with a coverslip. I used the top layer from a bottle of Dentyl mouthwash as a liquid medium as it wetted the pappus nicely. Post-processing comprised a bit of sharpening and a Levels adjustment. After much trial and error I managed this. It is hardly a fine photograph, more a proof of concept. I will keep hunting for a suitable subject. January is not the ideal time, but I hope to find a small skeletonized leaf. John
  20. I was trying to learn adding some light rays to the image. The original, layers panel and final image are given below. The basics are from two video tutorials, links are here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FEw2BrsTek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Wh3ZVDt8Kk The light rays layer I made differently, not as per details given in tutorial. I created a new pixel layer and used a brush from "sprays and splatter" drop down menu. White colour was selected for the brush. Made 10 to 15 clicks without dragging the mouse. This layer was then used for the zoom blur as per procedure given in the videos. Since every picture is different, some modifications have to be made in procedure when trying to adapt from videos. One major point is the fill slider that is not present in AP. Colour Dodge blend mode works better with this fill layer slider. I managed with the sliders in the Re-colour adjustment layer though it will not produce similar results as in PS. BR, Unni Original image, Layers panel, Image after editing and Light rays layer given below.
  21. had some fun in creating this Tudor clothed cat, heavy usage of Affinity Photo.
  22. Hi there, A very long-time user of Photoshop and just about every other image editing App you've heard of and probably a few you haven't I thought I'd show my work in here with Affinity Photo now that I've completely moved across from using Photoshop. I'm loving every single second of Affinity Photo and I believe that it's waaaaay easier to do most nearly everything in Affinity than it is in Photoshop even though I've been using Photoshop literally since the very first version of it. Anyway I'm going to post images that I've created using Affinity Photo and will update this thread when I create new pieces as long as that is okay with everyone in here and the forum moderators / Serif? Many thanks for taking a look, Mark https://instagram.com/mbphotomanipulations https://www.facebook.com/mbphotomanipulation
  23. I am still learning my way through AP and have started re-working some of my old images which are now much improved vs my old editing techniques in PS Here is my 1st main attempt using AP This is IC5070 Pelican nebula in Cygnus tone mapped using Sii as Red, Ha as green and Oiii as Blue. 9x5min each colour channel. Stacked and aligned in Astroart, Initial stretching and development in Startools then colour re-combination, balancing, additional tone mapping and sharpening in AP. BTW - AP did these final stages in a fraction of the time PS takes. Clear Skies
  24. Finally, it is published 🙂 (for a non-profit association ; difficult time too for non-profit associations all over the world but that's nothing of course compared to the suffering of many). All photographs and graphics in this book have been edited and designed mainly in APhoto and AD. I had to import them in Photoshop for a final exportation with the right colour profile that the Affinity suite can't (still) handle properly. You may recognize some screenshots of photographs I had posted here. It's still too bad I couldn't use APublisher. I patiently waited for the availability of this desktop publishing app, I tested it and even finished the layout of this book but was “defeated” by its general instability, its poor colour management, its inability to handle a specific colour profile,... maybe for a next one ? Before book binding and after binding :
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