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Found 1,320 results

  1. Hello designers, I always wanted to visit Japan, but until that dream will come true (hopefully), I tried my best to illustrate one of the wonders of that country, the sakura tree. Let me know what you guys think:
  2. Started work on Inktober 2019 Challenge.. Day 01 Prompt:Ring Completed in Affinity Designer Original Size 500mm x 500mm 300 dpi Upload size 1771 x 1771 HQ and jpg
  3. AltOber


    So I continue to learn and discover the possibilities of AD. I am posting here an illustration for my future website. I used here the "Tattoo Art Brushes" for some effects of shadows and textures. The critics are welcome.
  4. Greggry P

    Bear Gulch

    I wanted to learn how to apply textures to my work using the pixel profile. Although some of this is a bit rough, I was generally really pleased with the result.
  5. Lovely Greetings from Berlin, this editorial illustration is made in Affinity Designer on the iPad. »A friendly forest spirit with his avatar is looking for berry supplies in fall.« This two characters will be seen soon in my second edition of the German book: https://www.rheinwerk-verlag.de/affinity-designer_4939/ This work consistently grow really big, but the document was all time stable on iPad. I worked in both – Draw and Pixel Personas. I can not count the layers anymore! I used lots of simple shapes to create the plants and went to the Pixel Persona to create further details with simple brushes like pencils. For my colouration I created a document palette with 9 main colours and HSL shades. I just used 3 layer effects: blur and shine and shadow. The lines of the character are from my sketch and later edited. I used a lot of brush sets from FRANKENTOON and DAUB and my one customised brushes.
  6. Hi My second attempt at such an illustration with Designer.
  7. Hey guys! I'm quite new to affinity designer and this was the first typeface I designed on Affinity Designer on iPad. A month later I bought the desktop version too. It's a free font and you can download it (or play with the preview tools) via dafont or my website nantia.co
  8. Hey :-) This time kind of an open transit diagram design Just throw in your ideas, suggestions, corrections (transliteration)! I'll try to incorporate them as much as possible. My tiny side project of the trams in irkutsk I appreciate any feedback! Have a nice day, Chris
  9. Hey! I make transit maps and diagrams for fun in my spare time after work. This time I'd like to show you my side project of this weekend! I was not quite happy with the official map so did a quick redesign on Friday and Saturday. Here is my unofficial transit diagram of the integrated commuter rail network in the Bratislavský kraj (Bratislava area). Have fun with it! Feedback is appreciated and corrections as well.
  10. Fauna Sorry for link. It wouldn't let me upload the image. Also my first time using AFD for drawing instead of logos.
  11. Working hard to finish the theme of today on time for Inktober, October 11th: pattern. Using Affinity Designer inktober-pattern.mp4
  12. Greggry P

    Milo (1st Post)

    Portrait of my magnificent hound - vintage poster style... This is my first ever post, and I’m a complete amateur, so all (constructive) comments gratefully received!
  13. Drawing with AD is just pure fun!
  14. sketchyadam

    First Post

    Hi all. I've been playing around with the trial version of Affinity Designer for the last few days and so far I'm really liking it. I've dipped in and out of art as a hobby for quite a long time and just recently decided to dip back in. Here's something I did today. I based this on a randomly generated description of a critter. I've always been shy about sharing my work, but I'm trying to get over that. Even though it's only a hobby and something I can only devote a few hours a day to, I am interested in improving. Does anyone have any suggestions as to places I can post my work to get feedback? I know people post to places like Instagram and Imgur (which I've done), but those aren't really places geared towards getting criticisms of your work. A downvote on Imgur doesn't really give you a good idea of what you need to improve. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hey there, this is the character done using affinity designer, video recorded for my youtube channel using Affinity designer on ipad, enjoy!
  16. A post on Facebook prompted me to make this image. Tutorialmeister Carl Surry posted a link to this tutorial by Michael Wilson: Here's my effort: and the figure I started off in AP with a couple of stock images, the background by J C Gellidon from Unsplash and the figure by Radu Florin from Pexels. The 'portal' began as an ellipse; actually a circle which I deformed with the Perspective Tool to make it appear parallel to the shop fronts. The flare is a trapezium rotated onto its side. Some clipping, masking, gradients, transparency (in Designer) produced the lighting effect, and I added a pixel layer to paint a few highlights on the right-hand side. Here's the aphoto file: AlleyPortal-000bSMALL.afphoto
  17. Cool, I created a doc frame with a leaf theme to it. Leaf Frame.afdesign
  18. Hello designers, it's halloween month so it seems the ghosts are cooking something:
  19. My new series is on the way, I am trying sci-fi style illustration in this series. October is little bit busy. So sad.
  20. Hi, I've recently switched over from Adobe Flash to Affinity D. And I'm really digging the whole experience so far . Before doing iso stuff in Fash was a real chore. But with AD's speedy zooms and new isometric tool it's so much easier and faster (plus all the lines are clean!). Here's a few icons I've been working on in case anyone might be interested. Cheers, Rob.
  21. Vectograf

    Truck Chair

    Hi Everybody ! this is my first post in this forum, can you tell me what you think about this work ?
  22. My latest work is Affinity Designer and Procreate. I hope you will like it. If you want to watch the entire production process, you can visit my youtube channel.
  23. Hey! And here we go again - all three unconnected tram networks of Barcelona, Catalunya, in my unofficial interpretation. I assigned every network a primary color with ligther colors derived from. Now all six modern tram routes have the same color. Latest news is that the connection via the Av. Diagonal is now being planned. That will finally link the two modern tram systems. And the heritage streetcar called tramvia blau is currently undergoing renovation. The Funicular del Tibidabo is shown as well. And I have implied direct connection to the Metro Barcelona too. Have a good night or day! Chris PS: Feedback is welcome and much appreciated!
  24. This image of an oak tree amongst cider apple trees at sunset was used to illustrate some writing at matthewslater.org.uk. It worked quite well, though I had no idea how the finished image would look. My iPad struggled hugely with the complexity of the trees and I had to expand and merge elements to reduce the number of paths and points. In the end it still became painfully slow to edit which was a pity as I could have tightened it up more. I tend to work in cmyk so this might look a little odd when posted as rgb.
  25. Cool, just now purchased Affinity Designer from the Windows App Store. It rocks! I love it a lot. I created my first template using Affinity Designer. Awesomeness Starter.afdesign

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