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  1. 1. It feels weird that the apps allow zooming in beyond the redraw limits, beyond which the screen just goes blank. Perhaps zooming should stop once it reaches the apps' limits? 2. The screenshots below display the zoom level at which the screen goes blank; the percentage seems to vary, it's never a consistent percentage.....
  2. This is my impression from the result of super scaling a very low-rez image. So AI/DL/ML tools are lucrative. Feel free to comment. additions/revises are welcome. Great Gigagixel AI (commercial, Mac/Win) Upscayl (free, Mac/Win/Linux) Pixelcut (freemium, Online & iOS) Replicate (freemium, Online) Nero AI (freemium, Online) Good ON1 Resize AI (commercial, Mac/Win) Upscale.media (free, Online & iOS/Android) LetsEnhance (freemium, Online) Remini (commercial, Online & iOS/Android) Mediocre Photoshop, PS Elements (commercial, Mac/Win/iOS) Luminar Neo (commercial, Mac/Win) PhotoZoom Pro (commercial, Mac/Win) Paintshop Pro (commercial, Win) AI. Image Enlarger (freemium, Online& Mac/iOS/Android) Bigjpg (freemium, Online & Mac/Win/iOS/Android) Haven't tried Pixelmator,
  3. I would like you to apply the new option "Limit initial zoom to a maximum of 100%" to the image after cropping/resizing also.
  4. The actual size zoom option is not physically correct on my screen. I'm on Windows 10 and use a 175% scaling for a 4k screen. When actual size tells me something is 20mm long (I measured the ruler as well as objects), I can measure this corresponds to something close to 6 cm in real world size. The zoom percentage used for actual size is exactly the same as 100%, but shouldn't the actual size correspond to the physical size in the real world? This zoom level is the same for the 2.2 release candidate and 2.1.
  5. Just installed V2.1. The speed is very laggy when zoomed in still . This has persisted since v2 has been released. Its a vector file and no effects on this object. 1 object and it lags. Not happy. PLEASE FIX THIS. If you being in a more complex file , its almost grinds to a halt. Gary Designer_2023-05-18_09-50-25.mp4
  6. Hey guys! I'm using Publisher 2 on a client project, as it's a low-cost method instead of the standard Adobe subscription. Plus, it spreads the word of your awesomeness! I'm using the latest download of Publisher, as I just installed it on a new laptop yesterday. On both the new graphically capable laptop (NVIDIA 3060 on a Ryzen 7 CPU) and my older Microsoft Surface Book 2, I have the same crash. When using the zoom tool (as opposed to control + scroll zoom) on and off and when adjusting graphic elements by adding geometry and then inserting text into the newly standardized element, I tend to get the "not responding" white out and have to force-quit the process and re-open the document. I'm on a Windows 11 ASUS ROG Zepherus G15 and the latest version of Publisher 2, professional license. I cannot provide screen shots or files due to confidentiality constraints.
  7. Bug in every app: Scrolling with mousewheel inside navigator does not respect position of the mouse inside navigator panel view, but it is using position of the mouse of the whole affinity publisher application. It should work either like manual zoom input > zooming in/out centered on actual view or zooming based on mouse location inside navigator panel.
  8. I noticed that when zoomed out to 29% a portion of my image doesn't show. Zooming in to 58% and beyond makes it reappear.
  9. Bug or feature? When I zoom to 150 or 200, I get a black sliding cover below the circle. I does not happen with 400, 800 or below 150. Has anyone an idea? Wolfgang
  10. I always find myself wanting to both scroll and zoom my pages with my mouse wheel, so setting either of the options still leaves me wanting more. So I am proposing that you can do both based on the cursor position. So you should be able to zoom when you are rolling the mouse wheel within the page bounds/ bleed bounds (in the horizontal direction) and that you can scroll through pages when you are outside of the page bounds. In case there is any content outside the page and you were already scrolling, you'll continue scrolling and if you were not scrolling in the last x ms, then you'll zoom into this content if it is below the cursor.
  11. This happens sporadically. It doesn't always reproduce, but now it is reproducing when opening/closing app. <Remove no longer relevant info. See posts below> Related possibly? See the numbers being put into Navigator in this video. (No audio) 22.12.14_10-42-57-AM_NV12_3840x2160.mp4
  12. Please introduce a spacebar to zoom option in Affinity apps, it is much more accessible. For people who have acces to a three (or more button) mouse and/ or a pen tablet with remappable buttons, it would be neat to set zooming to Spacebar. I don't like the Ctrl+Spacebar zoom, especially since you need to press Ctrl first. However, with the aforementioned input devices, it is fair to assume users can leverage a middle mouse button to pan their view. I for one never use spacebar for panning at all. Whereas in Krita, I am able to opt to zooming by pressing just the spacebar and click dragging my pen. Anyone who wants a simplified zooming experience should be able to configure this, whereas those without such devices can still use the existing navigation methods.
  13. Zoom-in shortcut should be ⌘= rather than ⌘+. It's Ctrl = on Windows. why it's different on Mac? Though ⌘= works with the US keyboard, it does not work with the JIS(Japanese) keyboard. On JIS Keyboard, - "=" is on the same key with "-." - "+" is on the same key with ";." The result is: - ⌘= does not work. - ⌘+(⌘⇧;) conflicts with the spell check.
  14. The Zoom/Rotation right click menu is not shown once I start adding objects. Only the object manipulation right click menu is shown. This happens on both Mac/Win.
  15. Hi, I created an A5 document and pressed Ctrl + 8. I expected that the document is shown in real size on my screen, But it is not. It is shown too big. See the photo attached to this post.
  16. Hello Affinity Designer community! I have been searching through the already asked questions and I couldn't find my answer so I am posting it here. I am looking for a way to change, or better yet, delete a shortcut for the Rotate View feature. I am on a Mac and the shortcut is ⌘ + Scroll Wheel Up or Scroll Wheel Down (Command + ...) and I am assuming for Windows it's the Windows key. Because it's next to the Zoom shortcut (Option key + Scroll Wheel) I keep messing up my view and I would like to know if there is a way to remove that shortcut. I have looked through the Shortcuts section in the Preferences tab but I couldn't find it. And in general, I couldn't find the shortcut that involve the scroll wheel. Could someone help me out please? Thank you kindly, Robert Reynik
  17. I do a lot of work where I need to zoom in and out by quite a lot. For me, the scrubby zoom together with my pen tablet is just not sensitive enough and I need to make really large gestures. Instead, I would like it to be more sensitive, so that I can more comfortably zoom in and out in a single gesture instead of multiple large gestures. Here's a comparison with Illustrator's zoom speed, which I find preferable. So I am proposing to add a Zoom-speed option under the Preferences > Tools so users can set their preference and/ or change it on a per-project base if the need arises. 2022-09-13 12-38-10.mp4
  18. Currently, the pages studio and viewport are relatively detached from each other. I can double click in the pages studio to jump to this page in the viewport. However, the reverse action: double clicking on the current/ active page in the viewport to jump to this page both in the viewport and pages studio, is not possible. This is useful to manage the position of the page within the document, so you don't have to scroll to go to the page. In the pages studio, this function is called "Go to Spread" in the right click menu, so I propose to add this reverse action to the viewport too.
  19. I've noticed after recent updates that there is a change in behaviour when zooming in and out on Affinity Designer documents. The items on screen seem to pixelate slightly as I zoom, then sharpen back up once the view is fixed. I swear it never used to do this. Is this a performance option or related to the graphics card perhaps? A video reviewer on YouTube also pointed this out when taking a first look at AD.
  20. Loving Designer v 1.8.2 on iMac (running OS 10.14.6). Since I upgraded, the pinch-zoom gesture on Apple Magic Trackpad no longer works on Affinity. Pinch-zoom still works on all other programs I use on the iMac. I noticed someone was having the same problem on Windows. Any thoughts?
  21. in the keyboard shortcut editor, 'zoom toggle' is notably absent from the list of editable shortcuts. i would absolutely LOVE it if i could change this to 1. CMD and then 2. +spacebar (in that specific order). disclaimer: i have decades of photoshop muscle memory. general fact: control, option, and command are nearly universally modifier keys, meant to be used first in a two-key combo. affinity's use of spacebar first, then command to zoom into my document is the only software i've personally run across that reverses this concept. i use the zoom shortcut every 30 seconds in the type of work i do, sometimes even more. i play the desktop keyboard the way a guitarist plays a blazing metal solo when i'm designing or illustrating. now, i know there's a lot of Affinity crossover with photoshop's tools and shortcuts, so it would almost be better for me to have a different zoom shortcut entirely to get it further away from my aforementioned muscle memory. because of this one specific, seemingly 'petty' issue i have with affinity products, i've basically given up on using them for any serious work on desktop. i get much more use out of the iPad versions because zoom is logically replaced by a gesture. I see other posts on various sites bringing up this issue, and the claims are that this request has been submitted to affinity for years now, probably since v1. i'd be so incredibly appreciative if this was seriously considered and implemented. thank you for reading and namaste!
  22. I don’t think it’s a bug because it has been around as long as I can remember. See the attachment to see it in action. When working with text, if the cursor leaves the center of the screen, the document zooms to what I believe it thinks is the place that the text should be focused. It is never in a place that is helpful and is in fact quite disruptive to workflow as I then have to reposition the screen to continue working. This also happens when zooming on a text box. This is VERY frustrating. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks IMG_0017.MP4
  23. Greetings to all. I have a little problem with the zoom when using it in Publisher. I'm used to using "Spacebar" + "cmd" to zoom and "alt" to zoom out, but every time I use that shortcut combination the zoom goes to another page! both to decrease and to increase ..! is there any way to configure it? in affinity Designer when using that command set the zoom works perfectly! I hope any comment of help, thanks.!
  24. Hi, I often use the left double click for zoom to fit instead of Ctrl + 0, which works fine and it's very handy after zooming in and out, movening the image aroud for detail work to see finally the whole image (all while keeping the hand on the mouse). Unfortunately it works only within the Photo Persona, the Liquify Persona and Export Persona using the Hand Tool. Therefore my feature requests are: 1. Please add this feature as well for the Develop Persona and Tone Mapping Persona 2. Please add this feature as well after switching from other tools to the Hand Tool by using the SPACE key. Which would be then SPACE + left double click. I think this makes the handling more continuous within the app. Thank you very much!
  25. As many design tools(Sketch, Figma, Framer...etc) use ⌘ + mouse wheel to zoom in/out, Affinity Serif uses ⌥+mouse wheel that is pretty special. I understand it's a hard-corded modifier but still want to suggest to change the function to fit design experience. While I change different tools, I always mess up the function. I know "use mouse wheel to zoom" is an alternative solution but it's not instinct for beginners. Please consider about this. 😃
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