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Found 4 results

  1. I'm a Hebrew speaker, and Affinity softwares aren't supporting right-to-left languages, which means I have to write everything backward. Lately, I've heard about a software called "RTL Fixer", which suppose to help me write normally in my language in Affinity. The problem is there is no "about" page or any information about the developer, and even not a trial version. Does anyone here uses RTL Fixer and can tell me about the software? Is it good, is it works, is it safe, is it trustable? Thanks! https://rtlfixer.com/
  2. Hello, I just opened this publicly available PDF file which is ~10 MB in size, yet consumes over 24 GB of memory at times. Illustrator couldn't handle removing the brown hatch, whereas Affinity Designer could. 😃 However, Illustrator only consumes slightly over 5 GB of ram upon opening for the same file, which dropped to 4 GB once Illustrator was recognised as process within the Task manager (Windows 10). Whereas Affinity had been over 20 GB while loading the file and over 24GB when actually working in the file (after having removed the brown hatch and having rotated the file by 90 degrees. Values are CPU % | RAM usage | Disk write speed, it was at 96% so Designer had to use my SSD. I would expect this to be a good file for the team to look at to see whether there are additional performance gains to be had from CAD exports. I really have to praise the development team's efforts, because once open, the navigation is still buttery smooth compared to slow dinosaur that is Illustrator! I was septic at first seeing the 1.9 release video, but now I am impressed. 👍 I do hope this RAM issue could be sorted out. 06_3-5-6-2_PropVar_L3_2004A_P03.pdf
  3. Hello. I recently got the rest of Affinity suite which means Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer. Than I realized that a very basic but niche feature is missing. Right-To-Left support. Well I can work around this by throwing my text at Krita export as a high res TIFF than throw it anything Affinity. This works fine for small bits of text but if you are working with something like an article, it's a very annoying issue. Shout outs to the absolute hero on https://rtlfixer.com for creating a fix for it sadly this isn't a viable option for me since this program is not available for purchase in anywhere usable for me. In some Adobe stuff you can change the text engine to support it. In Krita it just there by default. Sadly that is not an option on Affinity. I know RTL isn't as main stream but a good chunk of people still use it. Please consider adding it to the suite. If you want to recommend me some softwares to basically cheat my way threw this problem keep in mind that any paid thing that isn't on steam or Microsoft store is absolutly useless to me and anything on MAC is even more useless. Still this isn't about finding a solution, this is a request for a basic feature.
  4. Hi I have an question is it possible to write text on an line or objekt ? I used this future in Illustrator is this in Affinity possible ?
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