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Found 8 results

  1. Even in v2.1 Wrap Group Tool still freaks out when wrapping imported svg. I've reported it already for previous version. After exporting it is even worse.
  2. The latest beta has some fixes related to the way overlapping text frames wrap text around each other. Now the z-order of the text frames determines which frame will wrap text in other text frames, which IMO is a step back, since the behavior is different from graphic objects (which wrap text even if they are lower in z-order), and it also unnecessarily makes decisions on behalf of the user. Now if an underlying text frame is wanted to be the one that wraps the text in text frames that are higher in z-order, this must be done with auxiliary (dummy) objects, while it could be done without additional objects, if it is done just using the frame-specific wrapping settings. The logic should ideally be as follows: 1) For the overlapping text frames where only one text frame is set to be wrapping, this text frame should wrap the text in other text frames no matter what is the z-order of the frames. 2) If multiple overlapping text frames are set to be wrapping (and accordinly the wrapping settings themselves cannot determine which objects wrap), the topmost text frames wrap text n the lower-order text frames. The latest Publisher beta also behaves strangely when the text frame has a setting to ignore text wraps: it correcly ignores wrapping effect of other ojbects (including text frames), but also applies the text frame's own wrapping effect -- and now even if the object is lowest in the z-order. I suppose the effect of this setting should simply be to ignore wrapping effect of other objects. See below the screenshots and the Publisher file: Here is what happens when the orange frame is applied the "Ignore text wraps" setting: To compare, here is how text wrapping is done in InDesign in a similar scenario (green frame is lowest in z-order yet wraps the text in the yellow frame because the yellow frame does not have text wrapping effect turned on. The red frame does have text wrapping turned on and as it is higher in z-order, it wraps the text in the green frame. Making the green frame to ignore text wrapping does not have any effect on the way the green frame itself wraps text in other objects, but instead only determines whether text in the green frame wraps around other objects, so the green frame would continue to wrap the text in the yellow frame, and the red frame no longer would wrap text in the green frame, causing texts of the two frames overlapping each other. Is the way text wrapping now works in current Affinily Publisher really intended behavior? I would prefer Publisher to implement the feature similarly as it has been done in InDesign, since it makes creation of auxiliary wrapping objects mostly unnecessary by ignorng the z-order of objects as long as wrapping settings are logical and it is clear which object will wrap text in other objects. This way one can easily use underlying objects and transparency settings to create a desired effect without the application dictating the wrapping behavior with an assumption on how the user wants wrapping to happen. "Ignore text wraps" setting, if meant to be behaving as it now does, is misleading, as its effect is actually opposite in a situation where the text frame itself has a text wrapping setting turned on. EDIT: Sorry, posted this mistakenly in the release forum, can it be moved to the beta forum? The release version actually behaves otherwise as suggested here, but just does not apply wrapping according to the z-order in situations where overlapping text frames both have wrapping turned on. Ignore text wraps seems to work ok in the release version. wrapping.afpub
  3. Hi all, I just had a quick look at photo beta and it looks great! There are two features supported in Krita which I think would make fantastic additions to both photo and designer: 1: Tile mode (or "wrapping" mode). In this mode you can see the image/canvas repeated at least once beyond each edge and corner, and you can just draw off the edge and the drawing automatically wraps around to the other side. Ideally most of the built in effects and filters would also work properly with tiled mode, such as blurs, bevels, shadows, etc. This would be superb for making or working with seamlessly tiled backgrounds and game textures. 2: Infinite canvas. When you find yourself running out of space at one edge of the canvas, this feature would make it very easy to extend the canvas just in that direction. Cheers, Jules
  4. Hello, I wont to have a sqare reaching in the corner of a text filed. So the text in the fileld should not run into the Square. Thats works so fare with the test wrapping settings. But now I want to place the page number into this square. this smaller textfield should lay on the square. This textfield is also effected by the text wrapping of the square. Is there a possibility to block the Textwrapping for this field? Thanks for your help! Roland
  5. Im working on a document in APub Beta on macOS 10.12.6 (16G2016). If I use floating text over 40 pages with multiple text frames and insert some pictures and graphics with custom wrappings APub slows down extremely and the fan of my iMac27 (4 GHz Intel Core i7, 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB) start to spin like crazy even if I only scroll. It seems to be caused by rendering the whole document on every event (scrolling, inserting text, etc.) I redesigned the document and use only text frames without floating from one page to the next. And behold... no time consuming rendering. Everything works fine. The slow document with floating text is appr. 2.2 MB the one that works fine is appr. 700 kB. All images/graphics are linked and not embedded. CPU in macs Activity Monitor App sometimes reaches over 500%. Another side effect is the slow rendering of the previews in the pages panels. Rendering-Problem.mp4 Any ideas how to use floating text without this side effect???
  6. Hi – I wonder if there is any way in Affinity Designer and/or Photo of doing the following. Imagine a can, say like a can of paint. I can draw a can that looks fairly 3D-ish, and/or use a photo of an actual can and overlay something. I then have a whole range of 2D labels, basically rectangles with text and logos on, that I want to paste over the can graphic (or can photo) in such a way that it looks distorted, like it’s actually wrapped around the can, like a real label would. I have played about with Mesh Warp and Perspective in Photo for ages, but can’t get anything that looks any good, and I can’t find anything in Designer that seems to do anything like this. I’ve read on the web that Photoshop does have some very limited 3D capabilities, and indeed I’ve spoken to someone who said they’ve done something like this in Photoshop (allegedly), but they could not give me any details (and I don’t have Photoshop anyway). Any suggestions what I could do in Designer/Photo?
  7. Dear developers, I use HunSpell for hyphenation for my book wrapping in PagePlus. Can I set this in Publisher? I need hungarian language for my work.
  8. Hi all, I have just recently come to realise that designer does not include a wrap feature which blows my mind. I can't believe that something so basic has been left out. I mean, I know that this is primarily an illustration program but DrawPlus certainly had the ability to wrap text around an object. Anyway, as a workaround I created a box (see screenshot attached) I then skewed it and then filled it with some text. As you see, the text is now sloping. Is there a way to make this not be the case? I just want to fill it with text that is normal and upright. Thanks very much for any help. Phil
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