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  1. Maybe this was reported before? Stumbled upon this recently, not a bug, but funny. Arrowheads behave funny, when the line has a small length. They just "walk" out of position. A creative way to do "other" arrowheads.
  2. 1. Create a table. 2. Select some cells and give them a fill through the context toolbar from Swatches. Result: Fine 3. Select some cells and give them a fill through the context toolbar from Swatches. 4. Switch to the Colour tab, pick Tint, enter a value or move the slider, hit Return / Enter. Result: No colour change.
  3. Check spelling while typing is enabled. If you move a text frame with misspelled words off the page, they disappear from the Preflight panel, although they are red underlined to indicate a misspelling.
  4. Even in v2.1 Wrap Group Tool still freaks out when wrapping imported svg. I've reported it already for previous version. After exporting it is even worse.
  5. Maybe I am overlooking something? Here is my recipe for correcting images in APu marked with a 'mismatched colour profile'. Starting point: An opened PDF, now in CMYK, having lots of embedded images with no colour profile. Current workflow: To get rid of the 'mismatched colour profile' errors, make the images linked, open and edit them in AP and finally save / export them. Wanted workflow: Put the embedded image into isolated layer mode and assign the correct colour profile in the Photo Persona. Easy and shorter! For those going to give me the advice to rasterise the images: NO, but thx anyway for your support. I have NO control over HOW the image gets rasterised. In my case rasterising the image leads to a recognizable loss of quality.
  6. I use a ANSI (qwerty) keyboard, but type in multiple languages, most of which are european, so I use the EURkey keyboard layout by Steffen Brüntjen to type the language specific letters occasionally needed. As an example to type the german Umlauts (ä,ü,ö) you would use the keybind "CTRL+ALT+A/U/O" or "AltGr + A/U/O". In Affinity Publisher 2, when typing in a Text Frame or Artistic Text Frame, the same keybinds with "CTRL+ALT" do not produce the desired characters, instead no input is read by the program. Using "AltGr" does produce the desired characters in the Text Frames. Interestingly if I go to Edit -> Preferences -> Auto-Correct and type in the "Replace" or "With" input fields, the program behaves as expected with both input methods, meaning that it can read the inputs normally. The problem can repeatedly be reproduced on new files. Technical details: Windows 10 Home 64 bit, Version 21H1 OS build 19043.1526 Ryzen 5 5600X processor 16 GB RAM Radeon RX 6800 XT Graphics card Issue persists with and without hardware acceleration enabled No relevant background software that may intercept the keystrokes other than the OS Recipe: Have ANSI (qwerty) Keyboard (Issue supposedly appears on other keyboards too) Have EURkey keyboard layout installed and selected Open Affinity Publisher 2 Create new Project Create a text or artistitc text frame Type in it Try to insert special characters with the CTRL+ALT+Character binding Unverified personal assumtions regarding the issue: The only other program where I have seen similar behavior in the past was in Joplin, a notetaking software. In there the issue existed because the keybindings were already preoccupied by the program, and had to be unbound in the settings. After unbinding it worked as intended. Since in Affinity Publisher 2 only one of the relevant keybindings seems to be preoccupied with another keybind ( CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S for export), this solution does not work here. However my assumption is that the program somehow blocks the keybind because it reads some of the input. Since using AltGr keybinds works, my assumption is that the issue is the using of the CTRL key on the keyboard to switch into the mode in which you can see the distances of text fields to their surroundings (for lack of a more specific term). A "fix" could consist of either making it so that the keybinds work on EURKey again (evaluating how realistic that is is beyond my technical skills), or giving us the option to bind this control mode in the settings to some other key, which might also work. I'm of course willing to elaborate should further information help on my part. I know this is a bit of a nieche issue, but it seems like unwanted behavior and as such it should qualify as a bug. I asked about possible ways to fix it in the Support & Questions part of the forums and was advised to specify it as a bugreport. Thank you for your time.
  7. Hey everyone! #AffinityV2 #Windows I have a disturbing bug in a workflow senario that worked well in V1 but there is such a frustration in V2: While having a file at desktop or other folder, I want to quickly open it in an app, so I create some shortcuts on desktop for frequently used programs. When I drag a compatible file on a V1 app, it opens it immediately. While I already manage to create similar shortcuts for V2, unfortunately this is not working. How can someone achieve that same workflow? I am attaching a video capture on what I mean, for convenience reasons: affinity-apps_openwith01.mp4
  8. Hello, Why the selection of the design is bigger if I choose "Select All" and If I Ungroup is smaller? Thanks Camelia
  9. AP 1.10 on Windows 10: When painting on a single pixel layer the strokes are blended with the wrong gamma curve. Instead of using linear gamma it seams to be a 2.2 curve. First image: Simple strokes (no wet edges) on a red background. At the edges there is the typical halo that appears when the blend gamma is not linear. Second image: A pixel layer on on top of the red fill. This layer is set to a use a linear blend gamma (value 1). In this case the stroke edges are correct. Is there a way to let AP use a linear gamma for all paint strokes; even those on a single layer? Seems so, the gradient tool is also affected by this: Non linear blend: Linear blend (two layers - top one uses a gradient alpha mask and blend gamma 1) Blend-Gamma.afphoto
  10. I purchased all 3 softwares in the microsoft store but can not find the download links to the given apps. The links in my purchases brings me to a whitescreen page. This are the links in from my orders: https://www.microsoft.com/is-is/store/p/affinity-designer/9nblggh35lrm/0010 https://www.microsoft.com/is-is/store/p/affinity-publisher/9nblggh35lzr/0010 https://www.microsoft.com/is-is/store/p/affinity-photo/9nblggh35lxn/0010 When i download the Designer/Photo/Publisher Software from here (e.g. https://store.serif.com/en-us/update/windows/publisher/1/) it requires a product key wich i can not receive, because its not in the purchase mails or in the order list from microsoft purchases and the links don't work.
  11. As the new apps are shipped as .MSIX package for Windows and there is some confusion about the location and accessibility of the executable (.exe) - the 0KB exe files are in the specific user folder (as opposed to C:\Users\Default) . I am wondering if it can be used by the second user (non admin) on the same computer - could anyone please clarify?
  12. I have been experiencing an issue with AD when attempting to copy an object either with ctrl+c shortcut or through the context menu. When copying an object in AD, my desktop begins to flicker non stop which prevents me from clicking and keeping focus on anything. This is includes any application running and not just AD. The only way I am able to prevent it is to go to the login window and log back in. This behavior happens regardless of which app I have open and am actively focused in when AD is open. For instance, when the flickering is not occurring, and I am in my Mozilla browser and do a ctrl+c, the flickering begins. I do the login window/log in to reset the flickering. I close AD and do the same thing in Mozilla, and the copy works fine which then makes me believe it is an AD conflict with the OS or something. This behavior occurred in both Windows 10 and 11 since around March/June time (so whatever AD versions were active then) and on different computers. Current version is 1.10.5.
  13. We need to guess if it matches if it do not show any preview at the mouse point, The versions of windows , Affinity Publisher is showed in the picture, . among with image description of this issue.
  14. I added a page to my document and suddenly random pages have had the text color changed to a light grey. However, in the settings and font adjustments no change is actually noted. It's mostly on the right hand spreads Here it is on the left. There are spread that are completely unchanged as well. Creating a new text field seems to fix the problem, so has something to do with the master page and it's text box. spirit in the blade.afpub
  15. Just testing the SVG export and the files written to the disk using the export menu are written. When I change parameters and do another export, the prompt for "file exists - replace - yes/no" is answered with yes and the file is replaced. I can see it in the contents after my changes. But the file daten/time does not change. This is a very simple setting in the IO lib, as I know from my programmers days. And obviously it is done wrong. This applies also to the Publisher, cannot test with Photo. But they probably use the same export library functions.
  16. New issue with the latest version of deisgner. When you type out anything , then you want to duplicate it by pressing ALT and dragging the text object. The contents of the new duplicate do no show while dragging. They appear after stopping the drag. This never used to happen. Gary
  17. Affinity Photo ver., Dell Inspiron 5770, Windows 10 pro (x64) ver. 10.0.18363 I can no longer get the Macro or Library panels to show in any of the Panel sections. (View>Studio>Macro or >Library) 1. The entries on the Studio list show both Macro and Library with check marks. Keyboard macros Ctrl+Alt+L and Ctrl+Alt+M work as expected in selectiing and deselecting the Macro and Library panels 2. Removing and reselectng Library and/or Macro via View>Studio makes no difference other than adding or removing the check marks. Also View>Studio>Reset Studio does not change the situation. 3. Removing C:\Users\darel\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\user\macros.propcol and restarting Affinity Photo does not help. Macros.propcol does get recreated. 4. Adding a user-created macros file by dropping on the workspace does not result in an error but the panels are still not visible. The last time I used the Macro and Library panels was around mid February when they were used together in a floating window separate from the main panels sections. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Best regard. 1) I have tried Affinity Designer and I liked it a lot to illustrate, but unfortunately it has a performance problem in windows 10 and 11. When I make illustrations with many objects, the program becomes very slow, when moving objects, when moving the stroke modifier bar (it is so slow that you have to enter the number otherwise it is impossible), when applying effects, when modifying figures , when moving a point. I have tested the program on two PCs: In both runs the same, slow. 2) And another problem is that it pixelates a linked element as I show it in the attached image. I have to get very close to be able to see it well. Now the problem is also that when I export it, it does it wrong, it exports it with the pixelated image and it shouldn't be like that. Thank you for your attention.
  19. I'm using Affinity Publisher, Windows build I'm using XLSX as a data source. It hasn't been changed recently. Preflight panel shows the warning and a Fix button, but it doesn't seem to work. I have no idea if my manipulations caused some kind of disconnect. But here are the things I did to create a template: Initially, I began the whole process in my main document, "Puzzles" I created a page (not Master) and used the Data Merge Layout tool to create a "Sudoku" grid After learning more about Data Merge, I decided I should have a separate .AFPUB template I copy/pasted the page from "Puzzles" to a new document I belatedly realized that I should be using a Master page I copy/pasted from the normal page in my new document to Master A This is key: I was concentrating on the Master page and totally forgot to delete the Data merge Layout from the normal page The source field on the normal page was called "Solution", then I changed it to "Puzzle" before I copied it to Master A Meanwhile, I kept tweaking the Master page and renamed the field from "Puzzle" to "N" to help get rid of an Overflowing text frame error After each tweak, I would save the project as a template. Every time I generated the merged document and tried to export it to PDF, Preflight complained about three errors I finally removed the old Data Merge Layout from the normal page. I resized the text frame in the upper cell to handle the Overflowing text error Maybe all that copying, pasting and renaming confused the software. If not, then perhaps the preflight check is not seeing the XLSX as being unchanged.
  20. Due to some problems i have to reinstall my windows 10 would it affect my affinity license in anyway. Cause i heard affinity attaches the license to the os thus i want to be sure.
  21. I use version on windows 10. You can use (windows key) + Shift + (any arrow key) to switch applications between different monitors. When you use this method on full screen affinity designer UI turns non interactable. Shortcut's work but no mouse pointers register. Correct me if I'm wrong but this problem precede this version and even other applications(affinity photo not sure on publisher) is affected. Short term solution: Select designer and press (windows key) + down arrow, this will shrink the window and you can interact with it again, even turn it full screen and every thing works again.
  22. This is what I've been told decades ago. In the Affinityverse a perfect circle has 360,00001° Test yourself with 6 decimal places for degrees.
  23. Hi, if I open a PDF in Affinity Publisher 1.92, which was created in Dorico (Music notation), I get a warning, that the font "BravuraText" is missing. I can exchange it with "Bravura Text" and everything is o.k. I've checked, that the font is installed correctly on my system. Don't know, if this is an Affinity or a Steinberg problem. Would be glad, if this could be resolved. Opening the PDF in Adobe Reader or other programs is no problem.
  24. I got problem with Affinity - all software (Photo / Designer / Publisher) won't open. Windows 10 / Surface Pro 7 I tryed disable CL, but can't find that XML (I'm newbie on Windows).
  25. Recently purchased Designer for my windows computer, I have been using it daily on mac without issues. I randomly receive extremely heavy lag when in designer, it's extremely disruptive to my workflow and forces me to restart the program multiple times an hour. This is not an issue with my pc, my computer is new, there is nothing running in the background and no other software I'm running has any issues at all. Relevant specs are as follows: cpu: i7-9700k gpu: 2060 RTX RAM: 2x8 (16gb) 3600h DDR4 (XMP enabled) This computer was built with the intention of running high usage GIS software programs daily and should be more than enough to run affinity without any issues. It starts off great but inevitably results in my having to stop what I'm doing to restart the program. As stated previously there are no interactions with my antivirus or firewall, there are no issues with background processes, my cpu and memory are both below 35% usage the entire time I'm using it. It does not seem to be determined by file size or the number of objects in the file. I have tried to perform a clean uninstall and reinstallation of the program, I have gone as far as going into %appdata% and deleting the affinity file followed by a computer restart before re-installation. I cannot stand working on a MAC computer, any help would be greatly appreciated, I want to re-iterate that this is not an issue with my computer, this is an affinity problem. -Thanks
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