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Found 557 results

  1. Existence of Windows version of Affinity programs makes running them on Linux theoretically possible. While installers refuse to work under both Wine and Mono, it's no big deal as it's possible to just copy the installation from another PC or virtual machine with Windows. However, after copying files the problem is usage of .NET and WPF while being 64 bit applications. Both Wine and Mono behave as if .NET is not installed. Support for 64-bit .NET on Wine and Mono is almost non-existent, however 32bit apps usually work. Therefore, 32bit build would be super useful, as it may mean finally getting professional graphic editor on Linux (of course there will be a lot of "fun" getting DX10 to work so nothing is warranted). By the way, the only thing that made Designer go over 2GB of RAM usage was .psd exporting.
  2. I downloaded the Windows Affinity Designer beta trial -- I think within the last 2 weeks. (?) I tried it out a couple days ago, then got an email that there was an update, tried to load the update - but the link from the email to the update led to a page that offered it for $49.99. Seems that must have been the Mac version; since the Windows version is in beta. I have been unable to run the beta at all. A message comes up that says the program has expired. Nor can I buy it, since it's in beta. This seems strange. Does the Windows Beta version have a fairly short use period? Or did I somehow trip a wire and get linked in as a Mac user, ... ??
  3. I need to work across Mac and PC and am really looking forward to a full suite of Affinity products that I can use across multiple platforms. Has Serif worked out a licencing for people like me who need to move files from one platform to the other and still work on them?
  4. Hello, As this lesson here Stylish Strokes: Textured Lines the bee which is a round circle has a brush stroke that starts and ends in full, which means that the brush stroke covers all the areas see photo. But in my case there is a small gap in the circle! see photo. Is this a problem or this is the way it should look? And Thank you :)
  5. I just discovered the program and I gotta say it looks pretty awesome. I would buy this when it comes out for Windows. Will the Designer be offered at a 20% discount + UI Grade Kit for free as well?
  6. I am a windows user. The Affinity designer beta arrived just in time. For a variety of reasons, I had become disatisfied with the Serif management systems such as organiser and photostack, and as I started using raw for shooting photos, I was advised to use photoshop elements. This turned out to be very satisfactory, and I have found that the photoshop elements organiser functions very well. Indeed I was at the point of considering upgrading to Lightroom when I was mailed about Affinity. Even the Windows Beta of Designer is exciting, and I have looked at the Mac tutorials on Affinity photo. I am impatient to try that too. But I understand that it is intended that there will be an effective Data Asset Management system. It is major operation to convert a large library of images (I have about 20000) So I hope that the Serif Affinity DAM will have the following features as a minimum. 1: Effective automatic stacking of images, especially adjusted versions of the same image (with copy taking only the top one, but move taking the whole stack) 2: Face recognition and marking 3: Mapping of photo locations 4: Event grouping 5: Tagging of images. 6: Effective backup (full and incremental) 7: The ability to import catalogs from other systems, especially Adobe standards, including transporting the features listed above. I am very amateur, though my flickr site will shortly pass 1 million hits. I am sure that these features and many more required by professionals have already been included in the spec, but I thought it worth putting my views across. Apart from using PS Elements to process Raw Images, I have been a loyal Serif user of the mainstream Plus products produced by Serif, including Photo-, Draw-, Web-, Page- and Movie-, Plus. Affinity has stopped me deserting, and I cannot wait to see the New Affinity products for Windows as they emerge. Regards Graham Rabbitts
  7. Hi, please, can you give us just a hint, when the Affinity Photo for Windows will be out (or Beta)? For some of us whether to subscribe to A for a year or.... :) I have not read any rumours about that for long :) Thank you Jindra
  8. How close are we to a final Windows version. It is working great on my Windows 10 machine and I can't wait to get the paid version!
  9. Hello Affinity users, i´m new here and don´t really good in English :D but I hope you can help me. I make some things with the pixel persona and I want to export this, but when I do it it´s so blurry. I try to export its in 1920x1080px and in all export formats :unsure: -modicaner
  10. Credit to gustavojordan for the inspiration. B)
  11. Hi I have just installed the windows beta version on windows 7 with an old wacom intuos 3. I have pressure on raster brushes but the vector brush pressure does not work. Is this me and my settings or is it not supported yet? I have the pressure option set to on and I have tried other options and played around with the pressure graph, but it doesn't make any difference - all the stroke is the same thickness. Hope it was okay to start a new thread I'm not used to forums. Advice appreciated, Cheers Adam
  12. Hello, I was very happy to know that affinity is available in window (even if it is just beta for now). However, as an Arabic person I found that Affinity Designer doesn't support RTL or Arabic text. I was very happy to share the news about the beta version of windows, but most of Arab Designers will need RTL support. Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is huge and having RTL support in your product will be fascinating and many will abandon Adobe products for sure because of the lower price with high technology Affinity support. We just need support for adding text in Arabic not the interface in Arabic. I will just use tool for now till you support RTL http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Home-Education/Arabic-Text-Reverser.shtml If you can add such tool in the program it self till you support RTL, this will be a very great thing Thank you
  13. I am using Affinity Designer 1.4.2 on Mac/El Capitan and have several design files on Dropbox. Having to work on a logo for the office, I installed the Windows Beta on my Dell/Win8 at work and edited one of the files on Dopbox. Then I had 2 issues: 1. Export to .eps left me with a file with a less then VGA resolution. Shame, but since I should be able to export from the Mac I can live with that, the Windows version still being beta 2. Exporting from Mac is a no-go however because, and this is serious, the now edited file which is saved from the Windows PC can not be opened by the Mac version anymore! File failed to open: The file version is not supported by this version of Affinity. What can be wrong? Are the two versions not yet compatible? If so, when will they be? If not, how to solve this?
  14. Hello, Am trying out affinity designer in windows and would like to know if its possible to have/select mulitple layers to export as one single slice (from export persona)? Thanks.
  15. Hi all, It's been a while (don't ask) but I'd thought I'd update this list. There are now 18 tutorials on the channel, more to come. Created to enhance your skills and knowledge of Affinity Photo & Designer and take them to the next level. Don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date.These were created before the 1.5 Beta but you'll still benefit from them. If you would like to see anything in particular just leave a comment below. They are all FREE and always will be, why? Because 1. The apps are so awesome and changed the way I work 2. There is such a great community on here and 3. Matt P is really cool ;) (thank you). AFFINITY DESIGNER TUTORIALS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. (In this we create something similar to a Google advert) 8. Preview Affinity Designs on a mobile device 9. Organising Assets using Lingo (Created before the 1.5 Beta) AFFINITY PHOTO TUTORIALS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What are Personas? 7. How to remove spots and blemishes 8. Create a 1-5 star rating system (Cool trick to organise your pics) 9. Using Apple Photos with Affinity Photo Allan
  16. I can't believe how this software can be this affordable compared to Adobe CC. Definitely switching from Illustrator and Photoshop. Very valuable software. Works without any issues on this specs (Acer Aspire 3820TG): i5 M450 (2.4 GHz), 4GB of RAM, HD 5650 VGA, 120GB SSD.
  17. Affinity installed Windows, but the menu does not appear all that I see in the version for Mac. For example, do not have the option Document, Arrange and Filters. Enabling these options? I have also seen all the tools in the left panel. How to do this? Also could not move to the Portuguese language Brazil. Only a few items are converted (translated). Thank you very much!
  18. Hello all, here is my feature request thread for the Windows Beta and the programs in general. You can find my bugs thread at https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/21303-blacksheeps-bugs/ You can find my beta roughs thread at https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/21321-blacksheeps-roughs/ For reference here is my computers specs: Intel NUC6i7KYK (Skull Canyon) Processor - Intel Core i7-6770HQ Skylake-H, 4C/8T, 2.6 GHz (Turbo to 3.5 GHz), 14nm, 6MB L2, 45W TDP Internal Graphics - Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580 (Can be upgraded via Thunderbolt 3 based External GPU) Internal Storage - 2x Samsung SSD 950 PRO (512 GB; M.2 Type 2280 PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe; 40nm; MLC V-NAND) RAM - G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 32GB (2 x 16G) 260-Pin DDR4 SO-DIMM DDR4 2133 (PC4 17000) Laptop Memory Model F4 2133C15D-32GRS Monitor - Asus MB169C+ 15.6-Inch Portable USB Monitor --- Request 1 (30/06/2016) - Guides improvements Suggested improvements to work-flow with guides. Would like the Node tool to be able to drag guides from the rulers just as the move tool can. Would like guides to snap to points as they are being dragged. Snapping manger is used to turn on snapping with guides. Would like the option to individually control which guides snap --- Request 2 (30/06/2016) - Layers Need the greater right click controllers for the layers The option to send a layer to the top, bottom and perhaps middle of the hierarchy
  19. Hi, just wondering, will .afbrushes be compatible between the mac and windows version?
  20. Hey guys, I was wondering if I am able to switch from mac to pc version of affinity when I purchase this program. I don't currently own a mac or might not get one at all. So If I do buy the mac version, could I get the windows version when it does get released in the future. Thank you for taking a look at this question, and thank you for helping me with this issue. I do own a Windows computer and sadly I have to transfer most of my files from pc to a mac in school or work area for working in different programs that are not available to pc.
  21. I just switched from PC to Mac and I have a lot of files in AI created on my now dead PC. When I try to open my AI files with 'open in', AD is offered as default, but files are blank. What to do? Is possible to open AI files created on PC in AD? Do I need some additional soft to translate my old AI files, so that AD will see them?
  22. Are there plans to make a Windows 7 version of the Affinity products? Many designers use Windows rather than Macintosh computers to design every day. I was excited to see an alternative to Adobe's Creative Cloud product. Bummed to see it's only for Apple computers.
  23. Hard to believe I'm the first one to request it, so I assume my quick search simply didn't involve the proper tags. :3 That said, please please please please consider developing for Windows. I have a Mac at work, sure, but they're going to demand I stay on the office-standard Photoshop (lest things get weird) and I don't feel like paying 5x the amount the hardware is worth, so I rock a Windows PC at home—but I'd love to get in on this. Adobe has been losing their luster with their ever increasing money-grabs, so I really want to support their competitors...but you all develop exclusively for Mac! xD There's love from us over in Windowsland to be shared—come to the dark side! We have cookies! :3 (But we delete them regularly for security reasons.)
  24. Consideration for having a larger delay before a window tries to absorb another on tabbing/docking of floating windows. Anyone that realizes the efficiency of Expose on a Mac will rarely have that many docked windows. By having windows constantly trying to merge right away while trying to get as much workspace for windows becomes disruptive. Or a check mark in preferences to turn the docking/merging off altogether.
  25. Hi, I have been using Illustrator for years, but after I tried this Affinity Designer, now I hate the subscription and uselessness of illustrator. For my work environment I need to use Windows, but I use Mac at home. So my question is, Are you planning to make Windows version? If you could... I would love to use it instead of illustrator...
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