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Found 14 results

  1. Hi All, With Windows 11 being officially released on 05OCT, is Affinity Designer compatible with it? Thanks
  2. I have been trying to uninstall Affinity 2 with no success. I have the latest 2.0.3 version. The software works fine and launches with no problem. I am just wanting to uninstall it for now. In Windows 11 I have tried Settings>Apps>Installed Apps, and tried to uninstall but keep getting this message: "We couldn't uninstall Affinity Photo 2 The operation did not complete successfully Try again in a bit. The error code is 0x80073cfa, in case you need it." I have looked at the FAQ section in this forum and those suggestions did not seem to help. Would appreciate if someone could assist.
  3. Here are some Windows 11 color folder icons and some additional Windows icons I created. These icons can be used to replace the default icon for folders in Windows. The folder icons were designed to match the style of Windows 11 folders, but they can be used in Windows 10. My apologies to Mac users that this is a Windows-only resource. I hesitated to share something that can’t be used by everyone, but I’d like to make the icons available to those who may find them useful. The icon ICO files include the standard Windows icon image sizes. Instructions are included for those unfamiliar with how to change Windows folder icons (it’s easy). Contents of the ZIP file: 38 folder icons (ICO) 139 additional symbol icons (ICO) 12 brand logo icons (ICO) 1 instructions document (PDF) 2 preview images showing all the icons (PNG) Windows Icons.zip
  4. Hallo, wo sind die exe Dateien für die o.g. Programme. (Universal Lizenz). Ohne Exe kann ich die Programme nicht in andere einbinden und auch keine neuen Icons auf Rocket Dock erzeugen. Ich kann zwar die heruntergeladene msix Datei über PeaZip in einen Ordner entpacken und habe dann auch eine exe Datei. das Programm kann ich auch über die exe starten. Gestern kam die Anzeige, das ein Update auf 2.03 vorliegt. ich habe dieses installiert und dann wieder über die exe gestartet. Es startet aber immer nur die Version 2.00 und nicht 2.03. Wann kann ich die Programme als exe Installation erhalten? Ist es überhaupt vorgesehen dieses zu ermöglichen? Falls dieses nicht angeboten wird, muss ich wohl von dem 30 Tage Rückgaberecht gebrauch machen. Danke für eine schnelle Antwort auf Deutsch. Grüße
  5. Pretty much what's in the subject. I can pick between several Visa or Mastercard cards but can't seem to select payment by mobile phone (so it adds to my next phone bill). The option is greyed out. Anyone else? Putting it on my bill gives me more accounting options than usual if you're wondering why I want to do it this way.
  6. Hi, I'm getting the error "Sideloading is blocked by policy. Contact your administrator to allow you to install apps from anywhere" when installing any V2 app on windows 11. I've checked the apps settings and anywhere is set. How can I fix this? Thanks.
  7. Since updating to Windows 11, version 22H2 Affinity Designer crashes and is unusable. Need a fix asap! Anybody else having similar issue? Anyone got a way around this, have restarted PC but no joy!
  8. Hey there, so i was exporting and the export came out incomplete. One pic is a screenshot from affinity designer, the outher is the exported image. Anyone have a possible solution for this problem? (it also cuts off parts of the design depending on the zoom i use...)
  9. Photo, Windows 11, Intuos S tablet, Wacom driver 6.3.45-1 Long before I bought Photo, I got this tablet and briefly dabbled with it but haven't invested the time to build any real skill in using it. Right now I'm knee-deep in coming up to speed with Photo itself so the issues with the tablet aren't a show-stopper, but they're concerning. I realize there are a lot of places where things could go wrong, between the drivers, Windows and whatnot. Between Photo and the Wacom utility I've been able to (more or less) get it configured to work acceptably well in Photo. But after a while the pen seems to lose it's mouse mojo, as it were. It functions as a Photo tool (marquee, Crop, etc.) but cannot be used to change / select a tool, nor drop a menu, check a layer, etc., etc. It only functions as a tool (chosen by another method). When that happens, the mouse also misbehaves in the same manner, so I have to close Photo with Alt+F4. Upon restarting it works again. For a while. Anyone ever run into this? So far I've run into this only with Photo. All drivers and Windows Updates are current as far as I can tell. I realize the Intuos S isn't an expensive tablet, but I'd like to (learn to) use if I can. Thanks.
  10. Buenas tardes, Recientemente adquirí un equipo nuevo con Windows 11, y la aplicación constantemente se me queda bloqueada con el mensaje de "no responde" No creo que sea por falta de rendimiento ya que el equipo monta Intel I7 de 11ª Generación 16G de Ram y tarjeta gráfica dedicada. En el anterior equipo con Windows 10 funcionaba perfectamente. ¿Alguien más tiene problemas al utilizar Affinty Photo en un equipo con Windows 11? La versión instalada de la aplicación es Muchas gracias y saludos
  11. When working on projects today I noticed that Affinity had begun flickering while I was using a brush to alter a mask. It seemed to be solely the program rather than my whole monitor. In addition, when using the brush, the brightness seemed to flicker slightly. Later, when adjusting text, my monitor turned black and the program had hard-crashed (no error message of any sort) after it came back on, showing my desktop. I opened the program again and it had a bad lag when launching. I tried to open the project again and move a text frame, at which point my monitor went black, went between frames of grey and black (while sound was still playing - I was conversing with peers over a call), before my computer crashed entirely and went back to the boot screen. Boot-up was normal. No other issues with any other programs; performance issues are isolated to Affinity photo. This is my GPU load just when launching (disabling hardware acceleration generally stopped this, but I had a more solitary spike in my CPU load instead). With hardware acceleration on, moving assets, including images and text frames (with maybe 5 non-complex layers total, all but two masks), GPU load abnormally went from about 65% to 95%, generally plateauing at around 69-70% while CPU load hovered at around 50%. Sometimes, GPU load stuck at 100%. With hardware acceleration off, GPU load hovered at 20-30%, but CPU load instantly spiked to 100% and stayed there, even when only slightly moving assets. Therefore, Affinity is using unsafe loads with hardware acceleration turned on and off, and is unusable in it's current state without risk to my device. This isn't normal, obviously. I've used Affinity on devices that don't necessarily meet specifications (even on an I3 chip w/out hardware acceleration) without problems like these, and after benchmarking with several other GPU heavy programs, I experienced no problems remotely the same to this and GPU load generally stuck to about 30%. There are no issues with airflow or heating on my computer either, even while these issues are happening. I'm running windows 11, and some crucial specifications are as follows: CPU: 11th Gen Intel Core i7-11700F @ 2.50GHz, 8 Core RAM: 16gb GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti
  12. I cannot login my account in your software over 3 days. What should I do? Please help. Details: Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer: Latest stable version. My operating system: Edition Windows 11 Pro Version 21H2 OS build 22000.527 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.527.0 Internet status: Very well. I bought them on your official website.
  13. Hello everyone, recently my computer was updated to WIndows 11, when trying to use Photo, I realize that the letters and font of the UI are unreadable, I leave a screenshot. I already reinstalled Affinity Photo with no changes.
  14. In the latest Insider version of Windows 11 22000.168. The entire application menu panel position has all become displayed on the left side. Just like this: And this: Even after reinstalling software and Windows system have not solved. Software distribution is from Microsoft Store. I have already provided feedback to Microsoft Windows 11 Insider channel. I hope affinity also to confirm which side result this problem. Thank you very much!
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