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Found 16 results

  1. After the updates everything is extremely laggy and unresponsive. Attached are the difference between (Top)1.9 vs (Bottom)1.85 19.mp4 185.mp4 185.mp4
  2. Hi there. I switched over two weeks ago from Adobe and I am stoked about the Publisher's feature to use all the functions in one place. Unfortunately, the clone and healing brush did never work. It always gives out the error message, I'd need to press ALT to find a source, which I am – of course – using properly. I tried different ALT keys and trying the same in Affinity Photo. It never works. I do not have Designer yet, but I feel it might be the same over there. edit: it shows the right symbol for catching the source though! I am using the latest versions. My setup is quite unusual
  3. Hi, so I've been working on a file that I need to change to a format that my colleagues can work on (PSD, TIFF) but everytime I try to save it, (with "all pages" selected, it saves every page in a different file. So instead of a file with 15 pages, I end up with 15 files. I haven't been able to find information on this anywhere, am I doing something wrong?
  4. Hi gang We have encountered a couple of problems when printing a pdf Image A is created in Publisher & exported as a pdf using the settings as per Image B ...it will be going online on our website & for our customers to download & print out. Online & as a pdf it looks fine ...spot on. Problem 1: When I printed it out here to check it, it came out as good as it could be, I was pleased but when one of my bosses printed it out on his printer the png image of the cable came out dark black ...see image C. Problem 2 So my other boss printed it out on another p
  5. I am experiencing a bug with the latest Affinity Designer version ( : When exporting to a PDF file, the different layers are not exported as they should ... Once the PDF file is opened in Adobe Reader (and Adobe Illustrator) the layers preview pane does not show any layers. The bug is repeated as many times on Windows 10 version and this on two different computers. I specify that the bug occurs by using the menu> file> export ... as well as by using persona export ... This is particularly annoying when exporting PDF files with CutContour and cutting printing ... I ho
  6. hi, Anyone getting washed up image (lack of color) when placing it into affinity publisher? I'm using the Picture Frame Rectangle tool in AP My original image is rich in color see difference: Left image is original, Right image is placed in affinity publisher :- https://imgur.com/TROjoQw Thanks
  7. When soft proofing a photo, when should the soft proofing be done? Since it can significantly change the way a photo looks, it seems to me soft proofing should the first step when editing a photo. But I really don't know. I have not found a tutorial on this exact question. Thanks
  8. If you open an image and rotate it and simply close the application from the X on the top right hand corner, it simply closes without prompting to save changes. This is with the latest AP build (1.8.4).
  9. Assistance. The node tool is not working when selected. Trying to create a ribbon, after a square is placed on the canvas, and the node tool is selected, the object is surrounded by blue lines without editable points. Do I need to reinstall the software? Plz. Assist
  10. Hi, so I really like affinity designer! It's easy to create vector stuff and it's very fun to use. But, performance is not there (in my opinion) There is a slight lag when you move the items which is very annoying And some weird blurry lines as you zoom in or out. My PC Specifications: I7 - 7700 geforce gtx 1050 16 Gigabyte RAM Samsung SSD 850 evo 250GB Windows version is 2004 i'm on the free trial version Here is an example of what I was talking about any fix to this is next update?? pleas help me this is the only thing that stops me to get this pr
  11. When I work on multiple PC programs at the same time, Designer stops functioning properly. For it to work again I have to close the document and reopen it. If I have multiple documents open it affects them all and for these functions to work again I have to close all documents and reopen. It is not necessary to restart Designer though. The following functions are missing when this problem occours: Panning, via the spacebar shortcut, the middle mouse button, or even the view tool (hand) Scrubby Zoom All other ways of zooming and panning are working. Thanks in advance
  12. My raster brushes are lagging a lot in Affinity Designer. I tried with both Windows 10 on and off. I'm using placard by Frankentoon. What might be the problem? My specs are: Windows 10, Intel G4560, 16Gb RAM. Running on a SSD and no GPU.
  13. I have photo and designer, purchased through the Microsoft store. I can open Photo with no issues but when I try to open designer, I get the attached message. I do have full access to the folder and as I say Photo has no such issue. Please advise.
  14. Habe heute morgen das neue Update für Affinity Photo aufgespiel. Aber es öffnete sich nicht. War tun?! Gruß Heike
  15. Any discussions, tutorials or videos describing the mirror process with Affinity Designer?
  16. I've updated my Affinity photo to latest version (1.6.3) and now I'm having problem of program keep crashing/Closeing down when I click any of buttons on either on menu or tool bar/navigation etc.(Close down program automatically with making pop up sound but no error message or pop up). I did not had this problem with previous version. It seems like I can open file like EXR or JPG with it, but as soon as I have any kind of interaction with it, it crashes and close down the program. My PC specs are: Window 10 Home 64-bit OS 32 memeory AMD
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