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Found 25 results

  1. I copied mine .CSV file in PANTONE directory in all three 2.4.1 apps just about an hour before 2.4.2 appeared. Now, it dissapeared from all 3 apps. Why are you deleting files that are not part of Affinity apps? Do we have to "reinstall" them after every update / upgrade?
  2. 1. Create a CMYK document. 2. Place a greyscale JPG (or even TIFF) image. ICC does not matter. 3. Print. Result: Empty page, although the print preview shows the image. What works, is placing the greyscale image in a greyscale document. My printer is a HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M751.
  3. Hey, I have a issue that was in the past DESIGNER and still in the new update. I have a document i always reuse. 2 art boards. One is a wide format for social media , the other square. I change the content and also rename the art boards for output , so they have the correct name. When i rename the art board and switch to slice module, the art boards have the old name before i rename them. So I have to rename them twice. Anyway to get this fixed? Thanks Gary
  4. Hi, I have problems with Affinity 2 products not starting and/or freezing on me. Win 10, Lenovo ThinkPad. I mostly use Designer, but once this happens, it usually affects Photo&Publisher as well. I had these problems for MONTHS. - I normally have the most recent updates for Windows 10, for my graphics drivers, Affinity products, etc. This persisted past multiple updates. - Right now, they are current as well. I don't know how to prove it. But from the experience of the past months (and multiple updates), updating Windows, Lenovo drivers, Affinity products, hardly solves anything. - When Designer (Photo/Publisher) freezes on open, there is nothing I can do short of closing everything, rebooting, uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling, rebooting, praying that some of it will work... - Please understand that I use my computer for work, have SSH terminals open, etc, so rebooting is not always an option. - As a result, Designer is unusable for me most of the time. Honestly, this is my last shot at finding the problem before I ask for my money back (upgraded to V2 hoping it'll help...) and go look elsewhere... Designer.DMP What I do know: - comp specs: Processor: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz 2.80 GHz RAM: 32.0 GB (31.7 GB usable) System type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Pen and touch: Pen and touch support with 10 touch points Graphics card: internal, Intel Iris Xe Graphics - there is usually nothing in the %USERPROFILE%\.affinity\Designer\2.0\CrashReports\reports , and right now, there is nothing as well - for this particular case (today's error), I went to Task Manager as Designer was trying to run and created a dump file, see attached - this (today's dump) is a case of Designer freezing on open. The splash screen disappears, UI starts to appear, and that's the end of it: - no, I really cannot reboot right now, it'll compromise my work calculations. Alas, I got so grown to using Designer for illustrating my work... can't use it anymore. - here're the settings: - when I press Ctrl+click to run, it does not open the dialog offering to reset anything. (This can be because I'm running it from the Start Menu.) - I do use DisplayFusion. I had learned to close it before running Designer, just in case... if it had ever helped, at least once, I won't be writing this bug report in such a desperate tone... admittedly, sometimes I try and don't close it, and Designer runs. I don't know why. - I don't know what else to do or what information to provide. Please help. This can't go on. It freezes pretty much every second time I try and open it. And it freezes after at most 24hrs if I just leave it open (so, say, having an illustration to return to is no longer an option). - I had learned to rely on Designer for work to make illustrations (I'm a scientist), create graphical journals, etc. In the last maybe 4 months, I truly felt crippled. Say I'm at a telecon, can I open Designer to do an illustration on the fly? That's a coin toss. I'm back from lunch, is the Designer with a screenshot database of my project still open? A coin toss. A colleague asks to update an illustration I've made in the past. You get it... Upgrading to Ver 2 did not help, so it kind of feels like I've wasted money upgrading. It really can't go on like this. Please please help. Thanks.
  5. Hello, have you encountered a problem with affinity photos 2.0.3 blocking the program using - selection brush tool, when I select it after a while everything in the program is blocked and I can't even exit the program.
  6. Hi, My first time creating a topic on this forum, please excuse any errors / oversights. Today I encountered this error on Affinity Designer on Windows 10. I had 6 artboards in a file. I created slices and exported jpegs and closed the file. Later on when modifications were done to some of the artboards and ready for exporting slices again, the file kept on crashing when the slices panel was opened. On searching the forums for similar issues reported by others, I came across this (and other similar) thread(s):- I think this issue was addressed earlier, but has resurfaced in this version. I updated Affinity Designer to last Saturday (19th Sept 2020) from the earlier version 1.8.4.x. Since my workflow (almost always) involves creating multiple artboards and exporting slices I can say with confidence that I have never encountered this issue earlier, i.e. since Nov 2019 when I began using Affinity Designer. In the meanwhile, I copied the artwork to a new file and refrained from creating slices. The new file has been behaving OK. Please let me know if you require additional inputs from me.
  7. Hi guys, I am facing a problem trying to register Affinity Photo. I am having as result the following message: There was an unexpected problem while handling the server's response (0x00000001). My Affinity Photo version: My windows version: Edition Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2 Installed on ‎08/‎02/‎2021 OS build 19042.804 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0 Is there someone facing the same issues?
  8. Hello! Often when I try to merge several photos (more than 3) the pc crashes, and this terrible blue screen appears. I don't know what caused this problem, I haven't used APh for a while, maybe it depends on new system settings due to updates? Thank you very much to those who will help me
  9. Using PSD in Designer 1.9.0 for windows, creates white lines in export files' I got a mockup psd file and opened it in AD. When I export the file, it has white lines in the embedded image. I got the mockups from here:https://smashmockup.com/gold-frame-mockup-psd/ I don't have Affinity Photo. I have attached screenshots. I am a total noob at this, so it's something obvious, I would really love guidance.
  10. Hello , I bought today Affinity Photo , the new 1.9.2 and tried to install it . But no success . It say this : The older version of Affinity Photo cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group. Found the troubleshooting page , but nothing worked for me .. Also found nothing in this forum .. What to do ??? Im using WIN 10 64bit. (moved from other disc this year after PC upgrade) + Got all updates aplicationslog.evtx csystemlogs.evtx
  11. Hello, I also have the same problem, I have the same setting as in the pictures, but it doesn't want to start, what else should I do.
  12. Hello, in the new version, the focus stacking does not work properly, indeed it does not work at all! I load the photos as usual, the software performs its calculations, and then returns what you can see in the screenshot: I don't have the final photo, and even one of the source photos is not working. The problem always exists, initially I tried with 8 photos and the software didn't work, I was thinking about a hardware issue so I tried with only 3 photos, but the result doesn't change! Please resolve as soon as possible! Thank you!
  13. So I just purchased another copy of Designer for a new PC. Running win10 pro 64 bit. Updated to 1.9 and thought I was ready to go. I downloaded a copy of the Helvetica Neue family (11 styles - Helvetica Neue, and 2 of each of the others i.e. Helvetica Neue Light and Helvetica Neue Lt), activated it on my font manager (FontBase) and only 7 styles showed up, 6 were the same and one was different. So then I deleted the files from the manager (only ones I've added) and installed them directly. Same issue but different ones showed up. Read every forum on reddit and affinity that I could find about this and am still lost. Downloaded the file from three different places (cofonts, etc) all to the same issue. Deleted by hand from windows but only two showed up in the list. As soon as I deleted one, another style would show up. Only five will install at a time as windows says it has already been installed and asks if I want to replace with the other (light vs lt). I am at a loss. Checked other programs to see if it's Windows or Affinity and in paint I can see HelveticaNeue and HelveticaNeue BlackCondensed. In Affinity I see HelveticaNeue italic and 6 options for Bold. If I only install 2 to windows those show up in Affinity. The ones listed in windows are the ones that show in Affinity not the ones that show in Paint. Don't have access to my other pc to test on it right now. Looking like maybe a windows 10 issue? Anyone else come across this?
  14. I'm a recent convert to Affinity but I seem to have a problem with Affinity Designer on Windows. Assuming I have a new document and the first watercolour brush is set to a width of 100px, size variance 81%, opacity variance 100%. Select the first water colour brush and select the Vector Brush tool. (Context menu bar shows 100px width). Change the width in the context menu bar to 10 px. Paint a line (which appears at 10px wide, as expected). Type 'A' to select the node tool. The nodes in the curve are selected and the context bar correctly shows 10px: Click on the brush preview to the right of the fill and stroke to get the brush properties Click the properties button The brush properties dialog opens (called Brush - Document Defaults) with a brush width of 100px, size and opacity variance of 0% so it doesn't match either the selected stroke OR the document defaults! Start to change the Size Variance slider and the line in the document immediately jumps back to 100 px wide. So how do you change the properties (e.g size variance) of a brush stroke after drawing it without setting the other properties it back to other values? I assume that double clicking on the brush in the brush palette is supposed to edit the document defaults for that brush and that selecting the properties via the context menu bar should edit the properties for the selected brush stroke(s)?? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
  15. Hi Guys, I updated my Windows 10 Home to version 20H2 yesterday. Since then I can't start Designer, Publisher or Photo. I get the following error message in the event viewer: Application: Photo.exe Framework version: v4.0.30319 Description: The process terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception information: System.ArithmeticException Exception information: System.OverflowException at System.Windows.Media.Imaging.ColorConvertedBitmap.FinalizeCreation () at System.Windows.Media.Imaging.BitmapImage.FinalizeCreation () at System.Windows.Media.Imaging.BitmapImage.EndInit () at Serif.Affinity.ResourceManager.GetBitmapSourceCore (System.String) at Serif.Affinity.UI.AboutDialog..ctor (Boolean) at Serif.Affinity.Application.RunSingleInstance () at Photo.Application.Main (System.String []) What could that be? Maybe someone from you has an idea? Greetings SirJohn62
  16. New to Designer here. When I close a work-in-progress file in Designer, is there a way to save the current zoom state to the file so when I reopen it to continue working, the same area is zoomed at the same ratio? Thanks for any help. Designer v1.8.3 Win10Pro v1909 64-bit Wacom CTH-661
  17. - WIN 10 latested updates - clean new reset of PC and therefore new installation of Affinity Photo. NVIDIA GTX 650 - newest driver 446.14 EIZO CS 2730 Also installed: Affinity Designer 1.83.641 + Affitity Publisher 1.83.641 and Capture One (all downloaded today). --------- Hello, I'm new to the forum and didn't really find a similar problem description on Google. Therefore I'll ask here: When I open an image in Affinity Photo for the very first time via "File -> Open..." it often instantly crashes. When I retry with the same file at the same source there is no problem anymore. I first thought it had something to do with the fact, that the images are on a OneDrive directory (already downloaded before), but now, on my new clean system, it also crashed 2 times with local only images. Now, after approx. 10-15 tries with other files and sources, it works well. But I am afraid it will happen again when I do not expect it. I use DNG from Ricoh GR 3 and CR2 from Canon EOS 6. Strangley enough a have the same behaviour on my iPad Air 3 with the latest Affinity Photo App when I use "Import from cloud" and open files from OneDrive. Does anyone have an idea what can be the reason? I have not experienced such a behaviour in version under 1.83. Thank you very much in advanced. Best regards.
  18. Not impressed! This is the first time I've ever had BSOD on Win10 and Affinity Designer just did it twice trying to dock a pop out menu. Yes I'm using the latest version Yes I can recreate, it happen twice in a row doing exactly the same action. Its' only happened in the one document, but not willing to keep killing my OS just to test that. System details: Windows 10 Pro - latest updates etc. What happened? - It killed my OS and forced a restart, what did I expect... Not that! Steps to recreate: Load document Try to drag pop out tabs for character and paragraph options to be docked around the bottom right corner of the screen The menu will start to stutter, the system will lock up and then the OS will exit to the BSOD forcing a system restart. Screenshots: I could record on my phone but I'd rather not keep blue screening my system unless absolutely necessary. No unusual hardware Did it used to work? - Don't know
  19. I know it's easy but not ATM I would like to have the dodge and burn shadow/midtone/highlight boxes (red) available all the time, and I don't need this tools in blue . How do I remove those tools in that 'what's it called' Bar ? That I hope that will allow the shadow/midtone/highlight boxes to be available as they were before the update Just of interest; I often use the inbuilt dodge and burn tools on a 50% grey layer so I can pick the tones to be adjusted . Cheers
  20. ... looks like this: (layer "gold ..." -> 56 %, background rectangle -> 100 %; background-group: 50 %) For correcting I added a 100 % white background (outside of the group) and adjustet the transparence of the group:
  21. What am I doing something wrong --- watched james's fft denoise video but I cannot get a similar window to his. My panel is very big -- just realizing that I do get large similar panels [blend range) most of the time How do I ''zoom in" as James puts it SS of my screen Cheers
  22. I am running Win10, with Affinity Photo, and after updating to the latest driver, I began to encounter image corruption in the display only of all pictures I open. The picture open in Affinity Photo is a screen capture of Photo, which itself has a different corrupted-display image open within it. The entire area of the display, even the non-image area is corrupted, which makes me think there is an incompatibility with the new NVidia driver I have installed. Tested with .jpg and .png, but since the entire display area has the corrupted display, I doubt it is related to image encoding. This only began to happen immediately after the graphics driver upgrade, not after the Affinity Photo upgrade, which was a couple of months ago, or longer, for me. My video driver info:
  23. After purchasing designer for win 10, the file downloads, then appends a failed note with yellow tag. File will not execute. Win 10 is 64 bit, Asus AMD dual core A-9 9410 is 64 bit. Affinity photo works well on this computer. It doesnt even get to the page to enter Key. I have only ever had one email and Im using that one spelled correctly. Please help. I have been fighting with this for a long time and read the faqs. Robin Pentney
  24. Not a bug report, as I don't know where to post this question. But with MS upping it's game for (win10) UWP apps (see Windows 10S), I was wondering if Affinity is looking into this. It would expose the applications onto a wider audience, despite the fact MS is taking a cut ;-) cheers! rob
  25. Hello Ladies and Gents, Trying to install to D:\Program Files\Serif\Affinity Designer Public Beta\ Constantly getting this error: (also tried other paths with the Affinity.msi in it) However I cannot proceed there so i get: The contents of the Setup.log within the temp: ExeImage: path is C:\affinity-designer-public-beta.exe ExeImage: short path is C:\AFFINI~1.EXE ExeImage: short OEMCP path is C:\AFFINI~1.EXE I also manually removed all files and registry entries manually but this did not help. Getting the same error. Cheers.
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