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  1. This seems to be an outstanding bug since at least 2022: In my case, white lines are present in ALL the JPEG files created by exporting RAW files, I use an embedded Intel video card (i5 14600K) with the latest video drivers, but the issue seems to affect also other videocards: Disabling hardware acceleration could avoid this behaviour, but I really think that this problem should be solved without giving up the benefits of having HW acceleration available.
  2. Hi everyone, I'd like to bring back a bug report that has been totally ignored since 2021, which I think is urgent and deserves to be discussed. Below you can find two very old threads talking about it. to summarize: the white balance tool is not working properly for non-raw files both in the develop persona and in the photo persona (through the adjustment layers). -what the tool should do: colour pick a pixel and equalize the RGB values to convert the colour of the pixel to a neutral grey (RGB values equal to each other) then apply the same RGB shift to the whole image. -what the tool really does: in develop persona with a raw file it works properly, when used on tiff, png, jpg (etc.) it does not work. What we observed: -the sliders in the develop persona with a raw file open are called "temperature" and "tint" and both of them are properly moved automatically when using the white balance tool, in this case it works properly; -however in the photo persona (white balance adjustment layer) they are called "white balance" and "tint", and only the "white balance" slider move when colour picking the image, we don't see why they should be called and behave differently since it is the same tool that already works properly for raw files in the develop persona. A possible way to fix the bug: -just apply the same rule applied for raw files (in the develop persona) also to non-raw files (both in the develop persona and photo persona adjustment layers). kind regards: Riccardo
  3. Hello. I've got the photo below. What's the most efficient way to make the background white? The way I usually do this is by selecting the background, mostly using Slection Brush Tool. Is there any faster, simpler way?
  4. Comin' around the Clubhouse Turn, it's ‘Black Matte’ two lengths ahead of ‘White Matte’ … See how exciting a Graphix Forum can be … ? I know — Who’da thunk, right? Today’s Big Question: What does “remove white matte” and “remove black matte” do? What should I expect to see happen after they’re invoked? ‘Remove white paper’ is pretty straightforward and does an excellent job. I've never had cause to need or use the two ‘matte’ options enquired about, but it'd be nice to know what they're for, when and how to use them, and what to expect after use. On a separate matter, I have become SO used to being able to just tick a box to automatically create a new file with a xparent background. That is worth the price of admission. Returning to our Big Question: All input welcomed and appreciated.
  5. Hi guys, here's a new video about how to remove any white color in your photo with only a few clicks in Affinity Photo. I hope you enjoy this video, thank you!
  6. Hello dere, chér … mais, me, I almost did not saw you dere, but I'm glad for you to see me yeah, I tol’ you dat f’true. Now, what I got to ax is mebbe a simple quextion but me, meh, I do not know dem answer no, me. Oh. What it IS, you aks? Well, I'm glad for you to axe me dat, so … When I use either the Artistic text tool or the Frame text tools, I begin by selecting one, then drawing out a rough-sized text box to put text in. That's when the problem crops up. The BACKGROUND is filled with white and the text is default black. I have no problem with black text, ’cos it's gonna be changed later anyway. The Big Quextion is as follows: How I got rid of dem WHITE BACKGROUND FILL BOX COLOR, hanh? Looking thru the Menu choices produces no clue as to Remove Paper Color, Remove Background Color, or anything else. It has not always been this way - and it happens in Designer and Photo, not just one. Ma chérs, if you know you dem Answer about how to done got rid of dem white Background coleur from dem tex box, I be Returnally Greatfull fo’ dat knowlidge. T’anks in advance fo’ you assist wit’ dis quextion.
  7. I know there is an archived theme. Confirming that this problem persists in the newest version 1.8.3. Moreover we can observe these damn lines in Xnview picture viewer also, when viewing images, that were edited in Affinity Photo. So this is a real bug or not? I don't get it.
  8. I have an image that I want to apply an adjustment layer over. I want to keep the image mainly black and white, but then I want to paint over specific colors using the In-painting brush tool. For some reason, whenever I paint the image, Affinity just wipes out whatever progress I made, for absolutely no logical reason (I suspect it's a bug). Here's a video I want to follow, for reference purposes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXANeRRPBdw Any help is very much appreciagted.
  9. Can you convert from color to grayscale and/or black/white in Affinity Designer and/or Photo? This is very helpful for designing for the very few people who cannot see color in checking for background/foreground contrast.
  10. Text frame tool buggy behaviour Affinity Designer v1.8.6, macos Catalina 10.15.7. Reproduce: Set cell stroke > 0 on a tab " " or a space " ". After doing that you can visualize the bug by moving the cursor around the text frame. The cursor will change into an editing caret even if you're far outside the text frame. Also if you click with the selection tool somewhere above and well outside the text frame; it will still be selected. Select the text frame and export "Selection without background". Expected result: a pdf showing only the text in the selected text frame. Actual result: the pdf displays white areas to the top and left of the text frame extending all the way to the top and left edge of the page as it was appearing in Designer. See below for a better explanation:
  11. I'm sure there's a perfectly simple answer to this question, but I'm new to publisher and I don't have a book to refer to. After assembling my document, I decided to put in a semi-transparent image beneath the composition. When I placed the image on the lowest layer, I noticed that all my text was sitting in white, horizontal boxes. Now my document looks like a ransom note. I've looked in every menu and every tool, and I can't remove the white background behind my text. Any thoughts? Image attached.Thanks in advance. P.S. Whats the difference in function between the Place Image tool and the Picture Frame Rectangle tool?
  12. hi, guys, i have only been using Affinity Designer for a short time and now i have a problem. Because somehow my white paint is gone. I've tried a few things but nothing works. The color code is fffff but I get a strange light brown color. No matter what I do, I always get this wrong color. If I insert a white picture and go with the pinpette on white, I get this other color again. It seems that white has been replaced with this other color. How can I change that again? Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  13. I am new to Affinity Publisher. I need to place white text on coloured images and objects but, nowhere in the colour selections can I find white. I have tried the colour picker but even when I sample a white page, the colour picker colour shows as light yellow. Also, if I copy and paste an image which contains white, the white changes to light yellow. Please advise.
  14. Hello, I found very frustrating problem in publisher ;/ What I did and what happend? I am creating a photo album with pictures. Each photo is placed in picture frame and under that, I placed a black rectangle with white stroke (to give a photo nice, white frame). When exporting to .tiff everythings fine. But I need to export it to pdf (I usually choose pdf x1). The white stroke disappears (even in basic preview in acrobat pro). When I choose pdf preset to "pdf for print", the white stroke appears, but when I open that file on proofing printer software/ print on digital printer/ offset printer (just prepress software or even desktop printer), the white dissapears. As I remember in beta I had a problem when I placed white text over photos in pdf (tiff was fine) (it disappeared in the same way). I'm attaching every steps described above + .afpub file. Are you working on that? white_problem.afpub
  15. Values in the color panel show as white (all other colors appear correctly), but not to my eyes. So I checked using another program and confirmed white in Designer is not. Just checked Photo and it has the same 'not white' issue. So I checked, of all things, Paint (Windows 10), and white appears correctly. I must have changed something for this to occur and obviously can't remember how to make it right; I need white, can someone help?
  16. I like to set up keyboard shortcuts to reset the colours back to black and white. So I did that in all the Affinity programs in Publisher. When I start a new document default (white) is set is set to R=231 G=232 B=233 and Default (black) is set at R=35 G=31 B=32. If I use my keyboard shortcut to make the actual Black and White (not sure why they are not by default) White will be R=255 G=255 B=255 as it should be. But Black is still as it was R=35 G=31 B=32. If I change both colours and use the keyboard shortcut, they return to actual white and not black numbers as stated above. Is there a way to set the colours by default to white and black and is there a way to edit the colours got via the keyboard shortcut? On a side note, I have also set up a keyboard shortcut to get 50% grey, when I use my shortcut the colour I get is R=147 G=149 B=152 surely 50% grey is R,G,B=128?
  17. Hello, my question is, how to change the backgroundcolor or stainer from Affinity Designer back to white. Mine is beige (235/235/235) when i start Affinity Designer and i can not change it. So all of my pictures get an old beige look to it, that i don't want. (pictures are all with default settings, i didn't change anything after application launch) I tried resetting it and uninstalling it but nothing helped. Thanks for you help.
  18. Hi all I have an image with white background . I would like to remove that background , meaning select only specific object and choose other background. I couldn't find an option to do it . The image is attached . I want to remove all the white background surrounding the watch Thx !
  19. One of my first creations with Affinity Photo. #stillearning Stocks: (from left to right) www.pexels.com/photo/man-s-bla…www.pexels.com/photo/photograp…pixabay.com/en/caribbean-man-g…pixabay.com/en/guitar-beautifu…
  20. I'm having a problem with Photo adding a white border when I batch-process converting Affinity files to JPG. This doesn't happen when I export individual files using the file menu. Am I missing a setting in the batch job dialogue that would stop this happening?
  21. The Colors in my Affinity Designer are wrong. White is not white. See screenshot. The same problem in the colorpalette. What goes wrong? Regards Max
  22. I just installed Affinity Designer, however I can't get real white to display. It keeps showing a cream color. I've tried to color balance my monitors, checked my color management in Windows and checked my color properties in Designer but they are all the default. When I open Photoshop beside Designer I can see the real white. I was able to take a snip of the white background in Designer and paste it in Photoshop and it gave me a different color... So, how do I get the colors to display correctly in Designer? Affinity Photo vs Designer
  23. Hello, if I open the attached Adobe Illustrator file (.ai), I just get a white/blank page. I work on Win10 64bit with Designer version Is this a bug?
  24. Hi, I've received a request from my printer to knockout white text I have layered on top of a colored area. I know in InDesign the color white is basically "paper". So knocking out is basically automatic. How can I do this in Designer? Thank you
  25. Hello Mask was created from black and white image I want to erase white edges by adjusting mask boundaries I want you to tell me a good way Thank you 4691.afphoto
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