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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, can you please add .webp as output format to batch jobs? Most important thing needed right now. At least for me.
  2. If a preset with lossless compression is selected, so the lossless compression checkbox is unchecked. However, the function is activated because after checking the lossless compression checkbox, the resulting file size will not change, nor will the name of the preset. If the lossless compression checkbox is unchecked, the resulting file size will increase and the name of the preset will change. So it is probably only a problem with displaying the status of the checkbox.
  3. Hi. Am working with webP for the first time seriously, and am struggling to find the solution to being able to see webP image thumbnails in file explorer on windows. googlefu is failing me. can anyone help me with this, because a default Open With app icon on the webP image isn't much help identifying the image, and having to open it to remind myself what it is is a pain. secondly - and this may be a bug - i have the default Open With app set to Microsoft Edge, but the webP image icon is set to Affinity Photo (v2). It was Edge, but it's changed, and would seem to be Affinity taking over the icon after i wrked with a number of webP images. double clicking the image is still opening the image in Edge, as set, but the icon is Affinity. can anyone help me with these two issues?
  4. Hello, is webp exporting possible? If not, is this something in the works? It's becoming a real nuissance...
  5. Hi, I'd like to batch export image files, mostly JPG, to Webp if possible. I'm guessing this is more possible in Photos than Designer, but I have purchased both—for macintosh—and I'm good either way :) In Photos, I see 5 batch Saves (AFPHOTO/JPG/PNG/PSD/OPENXXR). Is it possible to save as Webp for web optimization? Or if there are add-ons/plugins that can do this? Thanks for your great software and for your time!
  6. Hello, first things first, Photo and Designer are f* awesome! Please consider adding WebP support in a future release. Would be nice to be able to open webP and of course to save as webP. https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/ Kind regards, Martin
  7. Hi, Now that the webp extension works on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox is it not about time to implement the webp export feature in Affinity Photo? Regards, David
  8. Hello, Are going to support the new WebP image format for the Web in a next Affinity photo release ? More info on this new image format: https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/ Thank you.
  9. Hi, I hope webp is finally implemented soon in Affinity. We use is for every website and need other applications now to work with webp. Besides the fact that the most popular browser in the world is using webp (Chrome) more browsers are coming along with the implementation, so it's about time (I hope!). https://www.zdnet.com/article/firefox-and-edge-add-support-for-googles-webp-image-format/ The webp code is here to use for developing in Afinity: API for the WebP Codec The WebP team has provided an extensive API to allow developers to add support to their applications, including browsers, image editing tools as well as native applications. Consult the API documentation for a description of libwebp application programming interface. Regards & Thanks, David
  10. Hi, I'm a new Affinity Photo user and till now I like it a lot! The thing that is missing for me is export of the webp extension. We use it every day in our web design studio with "LazySizes" that let's the browser decide to use webp or jpg. It would be nice if it was implemented with the next update, preferable with optimization functions like "lossless"! Regards, David
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