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Found 20 results

  1. Can you please help me decide what to use now that webplus X software is old? Or is it still alright for basic webpage creation?
  2. Hey Guys! Just would like to share my new design developed for wirefox.co.uk - Logo and article pictures were created using Affinity. If you like my design, please let me know what you think! I am always open to all suggestions and critique. Fresh, creative digital services from an innovative Wirefox Digital Agency Birmingham
  3. I would to see affinity designer have more feature and functionality for web/app design. I would like to see more support for web designers.
  4. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me how is the compatibility between Affinity Designer and Protopie? I would like to use AD to design the user interface and be able to animate it in Protopie, is it possible? Thank you,
  5. Has anyone of you lovely people experienced issues with guides? They used to work ok - a bit buggy, but now they're completely broken. If anyone has a hack to unlock artboard guides on ipad pro I'd be so grateful! When I navigate to guides>show guides I can't move any of the existing guides, the only function I can perform is to add new guides - but even though I can add guides, these cannot be moved by hand/apple pencil (only by adjusting coordinates). Many thanks.
  6. Hi, just wondering if it is better practise to create assets for use again as veftor or raster?
  7. Hello Support ! We got surprised by the step taken by Serif Affinity team on bringing new functionality into ADesigner that made the software even usable and one of it was symbols. That time you made the move, other software specialized on Web Design (Vector Design) where playing on other ground and suddenly adopted the symbol thing and i see few have quite improved it. Personally i was waiting for ADesigner to offer new stuffs like wire stuff that allow to connect artboards etc... in fact, now that Muse and other Website design software are dead, we all tends to rely on what we have
  8. For a brief summary i am a print (CMYK) and web (RGB) designer/developer. After some harsh price increases on Adobe CC products in Turkey (they doubled their prices) i had decided to leave Adobe for good. On the first day of my search for alternatives i've found Affinity suite. IMHO they are better than Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign in regards of intuitivity, feature dosage and community/official support. Affinity Designer is much much better for web development. But unfortunately my search for a dreamweaver alternative failed big time. I guess i've downloaded every app ever create
  9. Hello there, I'm new here, so please bear with me. Been playing with AD for a couple of days (Awesome piece of software!), and here is my first professional work using it (I made this for my client). Hope you like it!
  10. Hello, I made these login pages templates in my spare time. They're for Affinity Designer. Maybe it will be useful to someone. You will need the free "Chivo" font from Google Fonts to edit the file - https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Chivo Enjoy! Login Template FernandoLins.zip
  11. How about this "Feature Request" for Serif: Affinity Web. A web design program like Adobe Muse. The ability to design websites without coding. There are a few of them out there but none compare to Muse. They are all too dependent on templates that you modify. Sure, Affinity Web could have some online templates to choose from but they would not be necessary; you could build from scratch. Responsive design or a built-in 3 size option (just line Muse-browser, tablet, phone). You could even make Affinity Web able to open Muse-built sites and convert them to "A-Web". Wow! There are also those many
  12. Really loving Affinity Designer at the moment and it's pretty perfect without all the bloat of a certain other package, very tempted to throw my money down for it now. One thing that's bugging me at the moment is the pixel snapping isn't working as expected and I'm getting values of "320.3 px" rather than a whole integer ("320 px"). I've attached my snapping settings as an image to show how I got it all setup so maybe I'm doing something wrong or I'm mis-understanding it? But as a web developer, I work in integer values, so a point-something of a pixel doesn't work for me and is a bit of p
  13. Hello guys, I'm looking to use the Affinity Apps for creating comprehensive web design pages. In Adobe, the app I usually use for this kind of work is Adobe Photoshop. Now I understand the equivalent of Photoshop is Affinity Photo. If I am to transition my work to the Affinity Apps, should I continue my work in Affinity Photo, or would you recommend I do the work in Affinity Designer instead? I'm open to this as I also see others doing UI/UX design on this app. Again, the work that I mainly want to accomplish is comprehensive web designs. Such as Homepage designs, internal pages, landi
  14. AFFINITY PUBLISHER & DIGITAL PUBLICATIONS "Affinity Publisher will be crafted to help professional designers get the very best results on every layout, page, magazine, book, and digital publication, with stunning typography and vibrant colour." I don't know if this is jumping the gun but... As a user of PagePlus, Quark Xpress, and InDesign I can tell you that PagePlus is up there when it comes to paper-based publishing. However, PagePlus has always fallen short in the area of digital publishing. The audio and video players embedded in PDF files looked really bad in comparison to InDesign
  15. I'm unclear as to how effective Designer might be as a web publishing tool. I've been using Muse and I like it (other than it's from you-know-who). I see that Designer can do responsive layouts and I assume create links and such. However, can it publish multiple pages directly to a site? Can it organize assets and upload everything so that it just works? Or does that need to be done manually? What I've seen so far in demo videos makes me think it's a one-off page designer and not really a publisher. Can anyone confirm? I may buy it anyway to replace Illustrator, but I'd like to know if
  16. I've done a fair amount of web development — mostly Wordpress. Usually the projects I work on are too small to warrant being mapped out graphically beforehand. I paint with code instead and show clients live iterations on a staging site. But I want to have in my arsenal of tricks the ability to create designs graphically if I have to, so I'm looking to get into Affinity Designer's capabilities for this. Mostly I use AD for logos, so I'm not a complete beginner, but I don't find any tutorials so far that could get me up to speed with the basics and advanced features of using AD for graphical we
  17. Hi everyone. I've been using the Windows beta, and I like so far. One thing I don't understand is how to manage the many artboards I generate when doing mockups for a website. I don't know if I am doing something wrong, but I am getting dozens at a given screen size. How am I supposed to keep them together without it being one large area that I have to spend so much time scrolling and it becomes unwieldy? I apologize if this is an obvious question, I don't typically do design work, so all this is new to me.
  18. I've just downloaded the trial of Affinity Designer in the quest for an ideal replacement for designing websites other than the typical bloated Adobe Photoshop/Indesign combo, especially after all the hassle of Creative Cloud. Affinity Designer seems more oriented towards illustration, but I was wondering if anyone is using it for more traditional design purposes? So far I really enjoy the feel of AD's UI, it feels very stable, smooth and fast, but I was wondering if there were ways to achieve certain basic things that are quite critical to my workflow. Is there any way to setup column
  19. Hi all, Check out this brand new tutorial where I show you how in less than 30 mins you can go from creating and designing a website in Affinity Designer to Prototype for your client. https://youtu.be/z2z9G5KQfaw Allan.
  20. Here is a web design project i'm currently working on. Completed in Affinity Designer. Allan
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