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Found 37 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone has made a suggestion to a warp feature. Adobe Illustrator has one where you can warp text and objects with arches, arc, upper and lower arc, flag wave, fish eye, inflate, etc. I believe this would be a very welcome addition to the features that Affinity Designer can offer.
  2. Hello again. This time I want to provide another round of suggetions for Affinity Designer Pixel Persona or for Affinity Photo for Windows: Important: - Clonning stamp/healing tool - Save selections for later use - Twist/Warp objects and textfields (like to fit a label in a bottle) - Content aware (to fill empty spaces with pixels from an image) - Effects (liquify, crystalize, clouds, etc.) - Create an editable shape from a selection and save the shapes - Dotted stroke style - Animator Persona (GIF) - Distort and Skew Tools - Save document settings (width, height, paper format, resolution, color mode) Optional: - 3D Persona (import and edit 3D models, .collada specifically from Blender) - Knife tool to cut shapes in a half - Numeric stepper or slider for the font size box - Polygonal Lasso/Selection Tool - Channels (R,G,B,Alpha, and delete/duplicate channels and making selections from them) I'm ready to purchase both AD and AP for Windows when they are released!
  3. Hi, i would like to create a logo like the well-known one from "Everlast": I tried with an eclipse and text to path: As you can see it doesn't look like the original and i'm not sure if it's even possivle to recreate the in this way. Maybe create TWO eclipes, overlay them, do an invert or something? Do i really just need a shape like the Everlast-logo? Or does the "text to path" only apply on the bottom line of a shape and not also on top? Thanks! NBG
  4. Just came across an interesting challenge: I was trying to warp an object that was positioned almost diagonal (about 35º). This emerged as a challenge for the current warp system (or quite possibly my understanding and use of it): it's exclusively aimed at horizontal and vertical warping. When you set warp points, they form a grid that has a mainly horizontal and vertical focus which meant fudging to get the distortion I was looking for. Instead of being able to rotate the warp grid basis and just tweak what I wanted, I had to rotate the image first, warp what I wanted and then rotate it back. I know that warping and mesh are mainly aimed at perspective corrections (hence the horizontal/vertical focus), but adding some form of rotation of that base orientation could offer interesting new possibilities. (and yes, I'd love to see this in AD too, but one thing at a time ;) ).
  5. Is there a way of wrapping text around an object? In Adobe Illustrator its referred you can adjust the warp?? PLEASE HELP!!!
  6. Hi, I was wondering if Designer has anything like the warp feature in Illustrator. I have been using Designer for a project and I can't seem to locate it in any of the menus. I figured I am probably missing it somehow. If it doesn't exist I hope that it is planned in the future. Also, when I created a new document I saw that you could include a margin but no bleed. Will that feature be added at some point? REally enjoying your program so far. If I can figure out how to implement the two features I mention above this will be a nice replacement for Illustrator for me. Thanks!
  7. Hello, On my current project, I am attempting to remain Affinity software as much as possible, however, I ran into another task where I am glad I kept that copy of PS CS6 installed. In this current attachment, you'll see another example of why a "puppet" warp-like feature would be very valuable for solving design tasks like these. Please consider adding this feature to the roadmap or a similar "pins/tacks" to the liquify… this would be faster and more predictable than dealing with the whole thaw/freeze brushing operation. Thank you.
  8. Hallo, ich habe ein weiteres Affinity Photo Tutorial auf YouTube hochgeladen. Diesmal werden als Quick Tipp die Möglichkeiten der Transformation vorgestellt, die sich doch etwas von anderen Programmen unterscheiden. Viel Spaß Euer Jack Bauer Hello, I provided another Affinity Photo on YouTube. This time as a kind of a Quick Tipp how to use the several transform and warp tools. Because they are different compared to other software. I wish fun with that Ciao Jack Bauer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUm1DY2i_R4
  9. I was playing around with the pressure curve - awesome feature - and got close to a result I liked. Since there doesn't seem to be a warp option to bend my design on a curved baseline instead of a straight; I thought to expand it and take it to illustrator. When expanding, all pressure info was lost. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? Attached image: above the actual strokes, below the same strokes expanded... Thanks in advance
  10. Is there a morph tool to edit the picture or design you make on affinity designer?
  11. Would love to see a warp text tool in AD. Would make a complete text tool package!
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