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  1. Please someone help me. In warp, I can snap warp's junctions, but I cannot snap junction's control handles. I am on Win 11, Affinity Designer 2.1.1 Desktop and As you can see, all options in snap menu are checked but: Please someone help me. Thank you so so much for your help.
  2. Hi, Is there an easy way to reset all of the nodes in the 1st photo so that this group of letters (curves) will collectively just have the basic corner nodes around the perimeter of the shape as a whole without rasterising? (as in 2nd photo). I would then like to be able to manipulate the group as a whole by adding in new nodes to the outside of the group. Or is the best way to do this using the Warp Group tools? Thank you, Jack
  3. If I warp a shape that has a fill, it appears the fill does not get warped with the warped shape. This seems to happen with any fill, but it is particularly apparent when the fill is a gradient. Did I misuse/mis-configure the Warp? Is that as it should be? Is there any other way to warp a gradient fill to conform to an arbitrarily warped shape? I am using latest releases of AD2 on iPad and MBP with latest versions of their respective OS’s. Attached file was created on iPad. Regards Lionel Warped Ractangle with Elliptical Fill.afdesign
  4. I'm fairly new to Affinity Designer. Like most people, I come from the Adobe world. Soon after starting with AD I started to miss the free transform tool found in the competitor's software. I found an old thread in which for over five years people were demanding a free transform tool to be included in Designer. Then with the introduction of v2, those demands seemed to have been answered, in form of the Warp Group feature. The Warp Group is a really cool and powerful feature which, on the surface, seems to do the task of the free transform tool. I did notice some unexpected behaviour with it though. The warp tool curves straight lines when it shouldn't. The image below best illustrates my issue with the tool. In the example I'm warping a simple triangle (with straight sides and sharp nodes) with the Quad Warp tool. I'm expecting the warp tool to keep the sides of the triangle straight. Instead it curves them. To me, this is not the expected behaviour, nor is it how the free transform in other software work and I think it should be fixed. With the Perspective Warp the effect isn't as strong, but it can still be seen (image below). For comparison, the image below shows the free transform behaviour in both Photoshop and Illustrator. So I ask: why should Affinity Designer's Warp behaviour be any different? So far I've really enjoyed exploring AD and its features, but little discrepancies like this in the tools are quite frustrating to me.
  5. Hello! I did some suggestions for the Warp tool called “Replicate Warp”, that makes possible create instances of the main warp with extra tools to control and adjust the result, such as gap, curvature, lattice, etc. It took a lot of work to do this quick overview 😓 Hope you guys find it useful. Best regards, Iajhy P.S. Please, add the warp group feature to the pixel persona in Affinity Designer 🙏, so we don’t need to switch to Photo just to do a quick warp on an image or texture every time. It will help a lot!! Replicate_Warp.mp4
  6. I created a file which had a small amount of text to which I applied a warp. Everything looked fine on the screen but when I came to print the file, the text was printed without the warp being applied. In the end I had to export the file as a pdf and print it, which worked perfectly. The file is attached. Using very latest build Windows 11 2023.afdesign
  7. I have traced logo in Affinity Designer. I have object open book cover. I want simply put logo adjusted to cover. Idea ilustrate sample picture: On X and Y axis is simple - click on object, put value in navigator or move by Move Tool [V]. Using small circle I can rotate object. I want distort object to achieve effect similar to circle with shape on the left before text Dodo Case - it is what I mean by adjust in Z axis. Normally I would use distort or mesh tool but in AD is not available. I try select object and use Node Tool [A] to make this, but I'm not very happy with result. I have logo with man with a lot of points and adjusting this is quite troublesome (I have two groups - first is a complicated shape and second are bunch of simple circles). I try use S in Navigation to shear object and is at this time the best option for me. So then only available option is use Node Tool or S in navigation to achieve adjustation on Z axis or maybe can you sugest me another and better aproach?
  8. The new warping options in AD2 are great but doesn't work with bitmap images (no matter if single images, images in groups or converted images into curves). Feature request: add image support for warp! 🙂
  9. I am happy that so much progress has been made. However, WARP is so awkward it's infuriating. I was really hoping for warping images in Designer, i.e. perspective. I can warp images nondestructively only in photo but only one way is allowed. I can import it back into Designer and the images behaves as it should - it warps, it moves etc - but it is not the perspective I was hoping for. For the time being my workflow remains the same, which is a bummer. I would like to see image warping coming to Designer as well.
  10. Hello, Two images attached. First one shows black warped text. layer was duplicated and converted to curves. Then outline added. The outline doesn't conform to what the warped text was in Black. Gary
  11. Hello Am i missing something or are the WARP tools found in Designer not in Photo? This should be available in both programs and used the same way. Gary
  12. Hey everyone! So this sort of a two parter, and the first one isn't strictly under the purview of this forum, so I guess you don't have to help with that part if you wanted to (but I'd like if you did!) In case it wasn't obvious (just look at the username) I'm sorta mad about cows. And drinking vessels that can contain milk. So to get to the point, I broke one of my mugs but I love the design on it, I want to have a copy of that (odds it'll be used as a desktop wallpaper: decent). Like most mugs, this one isn't flat, so I'm not really sure how to best photograph it and then how to best warp it. I also have some cylindrical mugs which I'd love to get the designs off (there are a couple of broken ones somewhere around here, but a whole one was a whole lot easier to find. I haven't been trying to work on those particular photos, just a couple of quick snaps with my phone to illustrate the mugs in question. So, with as little further off-topic ado as possible: Question 1: How to get the glamour shot? Don't worry, I'm not one of the people so delusional that they think they know everything about photography just because they bought an ILC. The bad part of that is that I don't know everything about photography. I know a tilt/shift lens may or may not be useful here, but it's a moot point since I don't have one. What I do have is an a7 iii with 18mm, 50mm, 24-105mm lenses and a 105mm macro lens (not macro only; actually a great general purpose lens when I need something that long). Also have flashes (both regular and ring) that I'm not afraid to use. And for what it's worth, a Canon G7X and my phone. Any hints on what's the best lens to use and how to shoot it or anything? Question 2: The one about Affinity Photo (warping, or not, this is why I'm asking for help) I've taken more front-on shots of them (just took the above ones quickly to better illustrate what I'm working with) and played around with the mesh warp tool, and a little bit with the perspective tool, and all I can make are warped pictures which look like they should be in a modern art exhibition. My excuse is somewhat reasonable (very little spatial reasoning ability due to developmental problems) but I don't need an excuse, it's just something I can't figure out, so if anyone could help me, that'd be great
  13. Could not find anything on the matter. Fill overlaps line of a trapezoid when I use perspective warp “to much”. At a specific point it simple jumps over the line. Let me know if you need the original file for analysis.
  14. I'm very happy that there are finally perspective and warp options in Designer, I'm going to use it a lot. Unfortunately this feature completely lacks snapping - I see for example that neither corners nor tangents snap to grid or other objects. It's really important that this works, so you can accurately adjust your objects to the perspective established with a grid or other objects.
  15. Hi, I want to procedurally distort linked files (topographic maps) like in this example below: The reason it needs to be procedural is because I still have to change line weights and/ or elements on the various maps. I was planning to distort linked files using the new Vector Warp feature in Designer, but it doesn't accept linked files, see feature request: I then moved over to Photo, tried the live projections, but unfortunately, the live projection grid widget does not correspond to the layer's bounding box. I then used the Perspective tool, which is close to what I want, but it converts my file to a pixel layer. This means it is destructive. Are there any other options?
  16. Live warp filter needs to have more options, like follow grid and numeric input for handler points. It's unusable for precise warping.
  17. It surprises me that the warp feature hasn't been available in version one yet. Was it really that difficult to implement? I feel like it should have been a basic feature from the start.
  18. Hi, i tried to recreate this https://youtu.be/QS3PrrOHJIs?t=627 with an image - it doesn't work. So if i want to warp an album art including an image i can't do the same effect with AD?!
  19. Hi, Just a quick question: The roadmap specifies "Mesh warp/distort tool", but would this include Illustrator-style "Arc" distorts? This function is absolutely essential, for example, for creating stickers for bottles or jars whose sides aren't perfectly parallel. Cheers for taking the time.
  20. Any Distortion, Warp, or Perspective distort features soon? This year? Any date release? I need to know if I need to change apps. What is everyone else doing to get around not having Distortion or Perspective distorts in Affinity Designer? Any tips?
  21. I have seen a warped text I would like to re-create but every time I search I can't locate any tutorial of how to do this. Can anyone point me to where I can find out how to do it. This is what I would like to do.
  22. I was wondering if it was possible to warp text in Designer. I attached an image with what I am trying to accomplish.
  23. Hello I am new here so please do forgive me if I am asking a silly question or in the wrong place. I have been using Photoshop CS5 for many years but am now trying out Affinity photo which I wish to buy. I am struggling with a few differences and one in particular has me perplexed and frustrated. I use CS5 to edit old pictures and patterns into fretwork designs {for cutting out in wood) In CS5 for curves I simply draw a round selection around the part then using Transform selection select the warp tool to alter the selection to match the object before using the paint brush to tidy the edges, then I invert the selection to do the other side. I hope I have described it so folk know what I am 'harping' on about. My problem is that I can't find a way to do this in Affinity photo, i.e. no warp selection tools Have I missed something or am I trying to find something that does not exist? I have added a picture of one such design to help explain what I mean. I have already edited this one in CS5 but added the selection to indicate the issue.
  24. Some time ago I presented a formula to plug into Equations to warp text along a wavy baseline. I promised to create a macro to perform this, but never got round to it. Well here is that macro and a library containing it. Wavy Text.afmacro Wavy Text.afmacros The transformation is just a sine/cosine curve: y=y-(h*a/3)*(b*sin(360*x/w/c)+(1-b)*cos(360*x/w/c)) The a parameter determines the amplitude. The default is a=0.5, which creates a wave that reaches about half way to the top and bottom of the layer. The b parameter shifts the position of te wave along the horizontal axis. The c parameter affects the wavelength. Reducing c gives more waves along the x-axis. If you start with a text layer such as: and apply the macro with the default parameters, you get: The macro is designed to operate on a text object on a background. It needs the background to give it room. It begins by rasterizing the text to a pixel layer. It uses the height and width of the background layer to determine the amplitude and wavelength, not the height and width of the text itself. To use this, I would suggest creating a new document of a size to hold the text, then warp it, then place or copy it into the target document with an appropriate blending mode. John
  25. Create Marbles My Latest Digitally Fearless Affinity Photo tutorial - Easily create marbles. https://youtu.be/YHECNTQ4SgI
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