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Found 6 results

  1. Photo, Windows 11, Intuos S tablet, Wacom driver 6.3.45-1 Long before I bought Photo, I got this tablet and briefly dabbled with it but haven't invested the time to build any real skill in using it. Right now I'm knee-deep in coming up to speed with Photo itself so the issues with the tablet aren't a show-stopper, but they're concerning. I realize there are a lot of places where things could go wrong, between the drivers, Windows and whatnot. Between Photo and the Wacom utility I've been able to (more or less) get it configured to work acceptably well in Photo. But after a while the pen seems to lose it's mouse mojo, as it were. It functions as a Photo tool (marquee, Crop, etc.) but cannot be used to change / select a tool, nor drop a menu, check a layer, etc., etc. It only functions as a tool (chosen by another method). When that happens, the mouse also misbehaves in the same manner, so I have to close Photo with Alt+F4. Upon restarting it works again. For a while. Anyone ever run into this? So far I've run into this only with Photo. All drivers and Windows Updates are current as far as I can tell. I realize the Intuos S isn't an expensive tablet, but I'd like to (learn to) use if I can. Thanks.
  2. I am working on a job in Affinity Designer 1.10. When I was using the Pen Tool, I noticed that the pen cursor was offset to the right of the vector nodes as I was drawing a line. Not only that, but this offset increases dramatically as the cursor moves further to the right of the screen. By the time I reach the right side of the screen, the offset is over 5 mm between the cursor and the node. This problem also occurs when using the Pencil and Vector Brush tools. It only occurs when I use the Wacom tablet and not with the mouse. Also, this is only happening in Affinity Designer. When I bring up Affinity Photo 1.10, the Vector Pen tool in that application worked flawlessly. All my other applications work fine with the tablet. I am using a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet in a Windows 10 environment. I recalibrated the mapping in the Wacom controls, and I also performed a number of reboots. I need to mention that I have a second monitor, which is a Cintiq 16. The Cintiq is for painting, but I prefer the Intuos for all my vector designs. This was never a problem before, so I am puzzled as to why this started happening now.
  3. Hi guys, I bought myself an Wacom Intuos S a few days ago. Everything seems to work fine, except zooming in or out. Sometimes it works, but most of the time it doesn´t. When it doesn´t it either just doesn´t zoom or the brush starts and I can´t stop it, even if the pen doesn´t touch the tablet. I tried some different settings (see yellow mark on screenshot), but that only made it so that all I could do was scroll. Is this a bug or is there something wrong with my tablet? Thanks for the help PS: I work on a Windows
  4. I'm considering purchasing a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet. Are these fully compatible with all Affinity apps for Windows?
  5. I've came across this issue with the Pen Tool and stylus devices. If you try to draw straight lines with sharp nodes, very often you'll inadvertedly create smooth points instead. I've first noticed this on my Surface Pro 4, but I've also been able to replicate it on my desktop PC with very different hardware. At first I thought it was Windows Ink causing the issue since a similar bug was happening in previous versions, but switching to High Precision or Low Precision does not fix the issue. The 'trick' seems to be the rhythm at which you lay down the points? This is easier to replicate on the Surface Pro and it's pen, or at least it happens more often, seems like a somewhat fast laying down of points trigger this more often? On the desktop seems to be the opposite, slow and deliberate points seem to convert to smooth more often. I also got the feeling the longer the program runs, the more likely it is to trigger unwanted smooth points. Attached are videos showing the issue happening in both hardware / software combinations. There needs to be a higher 'dead zone' before sharp points transition to smooth points, otherwise it's a pain to deal with using the Pen Tool. Thanks! This first video is the Surface Pro 4 + Surface Pen + Windows Ink, while the second video is Desktop PC + Wacom Intuos + High Precision. Surface_Pro_4_+_Surface_Pen_+_Windows_Ink.mp4 Desktop_+_Wacom_Intuos_+_High_Precision.mp4
  6. Hello dear Forum, I tried to draw with my Wacom Intuos 4 in Affinity Designer unsing the pencil tool in the software. The problem is that it is always drawing a staight line, even if I draw curved lines, using my pencil from my Wacom tablet. If I draw with my mouse/cursor, everything works fine. I also have Affinity Photo. There is no problem neither with my tablet nor with my mouse. Everything works nicely. I think it must be a setting issue but I can't find out what I have to click on. Would be awesome to get some fast answers, so I can start working today
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