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Found 87 results

  1. Hi there. Do you play with ideas to make a Movie Software or a 3D Software? To complete the Bunch. Greetz
  2. You can watch my workflow in this speedart video. First do do a sketch and I use it for guidance of my illustration. https://vimeo.com/129035357
  3. This video will show you one solution to adding a text to a path in Affinity Designer. This is a temporary solution that will not work for everyone but might work for your particular situation. Click here to view the video on Youtube Don't forget to Subscribe. :)
  4. In this Affinity Designer tutorial, I will show you how I used Affinity Designer to create look and style of a client logo that will be used in a Motion Graphic animation. Next, I export the image I created in Affinity Designer and Import the images to be Animated in Apple Motion 5. Along the way, I give you insight into my creation and management process. Make sure, you Subscribe, Like and Comment! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__ROkhSSKPo Thank you all so much for your support!
  5. ronniemcbride

    Sneak Peak - 50 custom styles!

    Hey gang! I have seen some really amazing and inspiring work in this forum. I have not posted anything lately but I am working on something.... Here is a sneak peek of a project I am working on. AffinityPhoto and Affinity Publisher are not here yet but there already plenty of amazing things you can do in Affinity designer now! Yes, I created about 50 custom styles all in Affinity. Stay tuned ;) Ohh, and if you haven't yet make sure you visit mixmediasalad.com to receive alerts and discounts on my future products and course discounts. One more thing someone asked if AffinityPhoto will be able to open raw files well the answer is certainly yes because Affinity Designer has open all my raw files from my Canon Camera. Check out the last two tabs in my screenshot. Cheers!
  6. There are many different ways to shade your vector art this is one way you can use the gradient tools to define light and shadows on the surface of an object. Disclaimer: this my workflow and no means the only way you can achieve this effect. If you find this helpful please subscribe, Subscribing is the only way I will really know if I should continue doing more free tutorials like this. Hopefully my voice does drive you nuts haha. Cheers Click here for the video
  7. I tried 2 video links and got "this is private." Any non-private video. I just bought Affinity
  8. Hi guys - hope you’re enjoying things. Here’s a video tutorial covering the application’s toolbars, tools and panels. Any comments are really welcome. Thanks, Andy
  9. Hi, Try out this short video tutorial which covers exporting your page. Thanks, Andy
  10. When creating a new document, will there be more page presets for film i.e. NTSC DV or PAL DV Widescreen? For film (often with a transparent background) it would be usful to be able to change the colour of the transparency grid with darker options available Rather than just a grid, is it possible to have the safe area guide?