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Found 12 results

  1. hi there, let me express my gratitude first for this beautiful software, i really like how affinity designer works and display things for user. however, in my work PC, which far from minimum spec requirements, if i use AD for a long time, it start to feel laggy, not so much but i feel like something burden the proccess. is that something related to windows clipping board win+V ? or how many image inserted or ... ? regards, khalifah
  2. This thread is for people (like me) who are interested and hoping for support of Indic languages in Affinity Version 2 (V2). Sadly, there is still no support for Indic languages as of this moment, the 9th November, 2022. Features may be added in a future point-update or point-release. Let's all remain positive and hopeful that the staff and developers at Serif keeps the dialogue for Indic Languages and RTL Language support as open.
  3. The first and second parts of my book are not numbered correctly. Multiple attempts to sync the numbering brought no results. Is this a bug by Publisher or why is it happening? I have created all pages correctly (Cover [ ][x] ... ).
  4. When I try to place an image on a new document, it seems to start the process then never complete - all i see is the progress circle going round and round. Used to work fine before.
  5. I've run into a major issue trying to learn Affinity Photo 2 and Designer 2. I want to try Publisher 2 for some upcoming projects, but I'm concerned at this point it's going to be very difficult and that I may need an alternative. Are there text, not video, guides/how-to/help manuals for these programs? When I try searching online for resources to answer specific questions, I am often shown the wrong version, program, or OS, and no, search engines don't care about quote marks generally, so searching for something in Photo 2 can get me results for Photo 1, or either version of Designer. Also, many of the reseults I get are for windows, and I'm on an iPad. I desperately want text, not video, because video takes huge chunks of time (especially compared to scaning a page) to figure out the information I need isn't even there. If I check a few results I can loose an hour before I know what happenned. I've been working with digital art programs, including those for photo editing and graphic design, for 20ish years now. I know what the feature I need is, I just don't know where to find it in these programs. I fully accept that there are going to be differnces from Adobe, and I don't need the Affinity interface to be the same as any of the other programs I've used over the years. I do need to be able to quickly skim a resource, find out where the devs put the tool I need, and contunue with my project. Do text rescources detailing where to find and how to use tools in Affinity 2 programs on iOS exist? If so, where are they? Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. I've attached a screenshot. The plugin worked in Version 1 but no longer works in Version 2. Plugin Launch Crash.mov
  7. Hallo zusammen, das arbeiten mit der Version 2 macht keinen Spaß, zu viele Programmabstürze. Beim Formkonstrukteur Werkzeug es besonders schlimm, das ist eine reine Absturzmaschine. Laufend kann man wieder von vorne Anfangen was man schon mehrmals gemacht hat. So ein schlechtes Update hatte ich noch nie. Den verantwortliche Projektleiter sollte Serif so schnell wie möglich loswerden und durch einen ersetzen welcher sein Handwerk versteht. Hier wurde ein halbfertiges Programm auf den Markt geworfen, nur um schnell noch beim Weihnachtgeschäfts dabei zu sein und abzukassieren. Das war das letzte mal dass ich mir von Serif was gekauft habe. Ich hatte schon keine guten Erfahrungen mit dem damaligen Draw gemacht aber so schlimm war es noch nie. Die Geschäftsführung sollte sich mal überlegen ob sie die Version 2 nicht besser wieder vom Markt nimmt. So ist das keine Werbung für das Programm. Gruß Dieter
  8. Hi, I've been using the first version since it's beginnings and love it. I have a little problem though with the version 2: I noticed that after converting the file from Raw to JPG, the dimensions change as soon as I open/close it with the version 2 compared to the version 1. The file size is originally 7952 x 5304 pixels. Can you explain to me what I'm doing wrong or is it a "glitch" in version 2? Thanks
  9. Hello there. Apologies if this has already been asked or answered elsewhere, however, I was wondering if it is possible to use snapping for vector warp points when altering text and shapes. Do I need to use a specific warp preset or snapping tool? How would one go about making the warp groups more accurate when wanting to work in straight lines or angles? Thanks.
  10. Version 4 ICC files do not seem to work with MacOS 11 and Affinity Photo. After contacting the paper company and working through my problem, we discovered that using version 4 ICC files when printing from Affinity Photo produce an incomplete print. In my case just yellow and light cyan. They kindly sent me a version 2 ICC profile of the same file, and it worked. Has anyone else been having this problem? iMac MacOS 11.1 Epson SC P800
  11. Hi All, I am unsure where I heard it, but several years back I was told that the lifetime license will also enable the ability to update the software. However, I was also told the updates would be available up until the 2.0 version at which point would require a new license purchase. Now that we have hit this awesome and quite meaty 1.9 update, I assume 2.0 will be within the next 2-3 years? If so, will I need to repurchase my licenses? I absolutely will not complain if I have to, as not paying monthly (terrible adobe) means I have been able to instead buy a bunch of goods, the books, even an extra/unused license or two in support of Affinity. More of just a curiosity question now that 1.9 is here....
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