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  1. Hello I just wanted to make a clean thread asking for backward compatible files between v2 and v1 of programs. I didn't had any reason to need it till now but now I do notice what a big problem it is. First of all now that the summer time that I have most of my workload I did noticed problems with designer v2 performance and I wished to move back on v1 till it is fixed, but nope. I can't open v2 files, I need to do workarounds with sketchy imports. Second, I wanted to work on my macbook from home so I tried to get the designer v2 trial there to see what's up, but nope OS not supported so it can only use v1. But I use v2 on workstation and this is another roadblock. So yeah dear Serif, please we need backward compatibility. It is understandable that there is tools that are simple not available on v1 but this can be bypassed by automatically converting to curves whatever is not gonna work and display a warning of losing the editability of some objects if the file is saved with the older program version. Thanks
  2. This is a followup to my earlier post about documents on Publisher 2 for iPad not being able to open Publisher 2 Mac documents. They can be opened; but for some reason they show a previous save point. That's the actual issue. I spent yesterday testing this. Both are on 2.0.4. The documents ARE on iCloud, which doesn't seem to be a problem for any other software. But also even though the document is downloaded locally (still in the iCloud folder) it doesn't seem to make a difference. No matter what I do, the iPad version is opening an older Save. See the example here: From Open Document on both, selecting the same doc on both: The IPad document is missing content. It's displaying content from a day ago. This is killing me. Makes the app unusable.
  3. Hi, i am interested in buying the new 1.7 version. As far as i understood what the forums say, i can update to 1.8, 1.9 for free but not to the 2.0. I am new, so I don't know if there are a limit of updates or there is a sequence or something. For example, if I start with the 1.9, i'll get the major release which is the 2.0 and up to 4 minor releases (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4), 5 updates in total. So my questions are: How long does a minor update take to release? Is there any limit of how many updates I can receive? What will happen until 1.9 if I start with 1.7?
  4. Does anybody know where the changelog for each release can be found? If there isn't one, could maybe the Affinity team start publishing changelogs? I'm asking, because today the updater said a new version is available for download (v1.6.4.104), but I can't seem to find the list of changes/fixes (assuming it's following semver). Thanks.
  5. Dear Affinity: There has been resistance in the developer community to porting apps to Linux, but now would be a good time. I think with ONE professional content creation company making the move, there would be a flood to the apps and platform.
  6. Hello. My question relates to the purchased version of the program, because according to various speculations on various sites, people who have purchased the program from 1.xx will have to buy again if they want to use version 2.xx. I would like to know the answer to this, because if it is true, I would wait until version 2.xx with the purchase. Thankyou for your answer.
  7. hello developers and designers , i have a question that i am very confused to buy affinity because it has no shape builder tool , i tried the boolean operation but i could not do the same result in illustrator in speed and achievements , i want to just know if there are plans from developers to do something like or even better than shape builder tool ? it will save time and effort in incredible way for me and i thing many designers too , so please tell me if there just a plans for doing that because i still do not know what should i buy because affinity designer is very strong tool but it has not function that it is very necessary for me and adobe products are really expensive , so please anyone knows anything whether developers or designers tell me because i am very confused , thanks.
  8. Hi all, I've purchased Affinity Designer and Photo on macOS AppStore and I'm very glad of these products. I see there are newer versions on web, also beta of 2.0. I'm wondering how can I install them if I purchased both applications on AppStore and I don't have a license code. Thanks Mircha
  9. Hey Everyone Hope all is well. I have this question. I have started using Affinity Designer for Windows as of recent, I use it in replace of Illustrator, Ive been a loyal User of ADOBE for like 20 yrs. My use of Affinity Designer is for App UI and I want to know is there coming a version that is going to have the features that XD, InVision or Sketch, Zeplin has for UI, the asset exporting aspects along with dimensions & code... I really like the Affinity Designer Software, just curious. I look forward to any feedback that could help. Thanks QB
  10. I just bought licences for several mac computers. One of them is still running with the 10.7 OS. Is there a version available that would work under such system ? It seems that the version of Affinity Photo (http://www.clubic.com/lancer-le-telechargement-440951-0-affinity-photo.html) would run under Lion. But this link give access to a trial version. Would it be possible to get a premanent version ? I can give a licence number by private email. Thanks for your help Laurent
  11. Hi, I use Affinity Photo iPad, how can get the "Luminance brush"?
  12. Is there a trial version available for affinity designer for mac? Thanks.
  13. im still on the app Version 1.6.5 but how can I update? in the appstore is no update button, please help
  14. Hi all, that's my suggestions =D Blemish removal tool: I suggest you to let it can be dragged so who want to go only with circles like now can do that or, who want to make shapes (a cable that can be present in a background), can also do that... and maybe it can have the editable destination like the Develop Persona's "Blemish removal tool" Adobe Camera RAW save the corrections in metadata (if at the end you click close or open and not cancel if you re-open the file you keep have the corrections) and have the work in sync (open all the shots you want, select all of them and work: ACR make the edit on all the photos until you doesn't deselect)... Hope you support plu-gin and panels (like TK panels or Beauty Retouch) soon (Luminosity masks are really useful but now you've implemented only one level for lights, half and shadow (Wow!) more (5 levels of selection) for them will be more useful! Masks now can't be edit with exposure or curves (or maybe I am simply unable) but if I select the light luminosity mask and I want to let it be more selective I have to contrast that or take down the exposition... Now I can't do that. Make the Studio's tools can be grouped like we want, if i want the selective brush and the magic wand or gradient+flood fill in the same group now I can't. Refine Mask: Can you add the possibility to save the last settings with a to-flag square please? Tab button hide/show the work space... But if I'm changing settings with keyboard like in Refine selection and I want to go simply to the next voice I can't use tab... Bug or your chose? Hope you can fix this letting me go down or up simply using Tab For the moment that's all... If I found other things I'll write
  15. Hello, do I understand this in the right manner? All the features and tools of Affinity Photo for the desktop are also available in the iPad variant? So I could see with the test version for the desktop, whether the iPad variant is suitable for me? Greetings from Berlin Gabi
  16. I have an old Mac Pro running OSX 10.7.5. Alas it is only 32 bit. I recently had a computer crash but all is up and running again except for PS CS3 which I am now unable to activate without running into a subscription issue. (To hell with Adobe for ever, their obnoxious schemes to milk money from their customers stink….) So, I looked into buying comparable software and Affinity came up tops in reviews.This program seems to be just what I am looking for. Unfortunately the latest version of Affinity will not work on my computer. My question is this. Is there an older version that I can purchase and download. I am looking at updating my computer because this 32/64 bit issue is becoming a nightmare, but I need something to keep me going for now. Hopefully there is an older version of Affinity available…..? Thanks Peter
  17. Hello, good morning. I have bought Affinity for Windows because I have Windows on my computer at home. But i will buy a Mac soon, is there an option to download Affinity for Mac also, if I already have a product code? If not it's really a shame that I have to pay for a Windows version, and pay also for a Mac version. Regards.
  18. I opened Affinity Designer today and got the message to download the new version. When I clicked on the link, I got an error message that the page wouldn't open. How do I get this update? (Also, I've opened the program a number of times to see the link, and the message isn't appearing anymore, so I don't know the URL for this download.) Marge Roberts
  19. Hi, Is there a way/URL for us to grab older versions of Photo/Designer software? I've tried searching but nothing came up. If I've missed something I would be glad with just a quick nudge in the right direction. The current Photo version has a major bug in it that's preventing me from doing my work (using Live Perspective to create presentation mockups for clients). I hope it isn't too much to ask, but is there any estimated timeline for this issue to be fixed? I understand the team is busy but I'm concerned the release may come at a much later time and I cannot rely on this for my work anymore.
  20. Just opened AP and it tells me there's a new version, would I like to download it? Is this an update to 1.5, or a totally new version 1.6? The link takes me to a webpage where I can BUY the new version, but 1.5 only became available in November or December. Please advise!
  21. I have a large menu document that needs to have a pdf version that is full res and I also need a low res version needed for documentation, spec sheets, email, etc. How can I save out from my live version in AD and create these? Maybe in one operation.
  22. Any chance there is an update coming out soon, since there hasn't been one in several months. Hoping some issues get resolved.
  23. Are there plans to make a Windows 7 version of the Affinity products? Many designers use Windows rather than Macintosh computers to design every day. I was excited to see an alternative to Adobe's Creative Cloud product. Bummed to see it's only for Apple computers.
  24. Hi! I just bought Affinity Designer - congratulations with the award, and thank you for making a great product at a reasonable price. Post-purchase, the price got me thinking, though: Am I buying a product with a very short lifespan here? Is Serif going to release and charge for a new version in a few months time? I appreciate that no one is probably interested in posting the details about their business model here, but could anyone divulge a few hints about where AD version 1 is headed or offer a very coarse roadmap ahead?
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