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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, ran into this many hundreds of times in the past months - since I'm using the product. Thought I might give sharing this here a try. Affinity Designer Yes! Yes! Every time! It's slightly less when I copy the same content to a copy in fresh document, but still happens. If you cannot provide a sample document then please give an accurate description of the problem for example it should include most of the following: Ventura, M1 Max, 64GB of unified memory 2TB Storage Acceleration ON Long load on copy of relatively complex segments/objects of file Reproduce: Select vector object, CMD + C, Multi second loading starts, app becomes unresponsive Screenshots (very handy) or a screen capture/video. No unusual hardware. Happens with normal MacBook Pro internal display as well as externals Happens since a few months, nothing changed I use rather complex vector graphics that I can not share due to a project not being finalised and releasable yet. However it should be reproducible with any rather complex vector object. I fully understand this may be due to technical limitations of the current implementation, however similarly complex vector files in illustrator do not show this strongly interruptive behaviour. It majorly slows down the flow of working with complex graphics. copying_issue.afdesign
  2. Hi, this is a piece of gay erotica illustration The Waiter Off Duty which I created in Affinity Designer. I'm selling its art print through my website screechyegg.co.uk. Would love to hear your opinion on my art and you can purchase the its physical art print at Purchase link. Thanks! 🙂
  3. A ‘hawk man’ character design, sketched in Affinity Photo and finished in Designer on my iPad.
  4. I want to draw a uniformly-spaced set of tic marks along two edges of an image that may have been clipped and interpolated to a different pixel density. I would like to specify the tic mark spacing in terms of number of pixels per tic mark or something similar. Currently I have Affinity Photo and suspect that Affinity Designer would more likely be able to do something like this. Can someone please explain how this might be done and which app can do it? I sort of answered my own question. Using Affinity Designer I drew a short horizontal line, duplicated the line at uniform intervals, selected the lot, and grouped them. I can duplicate, rotate, and stretch the group to set the line spacing to whatever I want. I can also ungroup, add or remove lines, and regroup. Maybe that's not the easiest way but it will do for now.
  5. I have a fairly complex (400+layers) graphic I need to animate. I've looked at After Effects, but while it is a stunningly capable app, it's very much overkill for my needs, and the learning curve is probably a month (along with the headaches). I also looked at Principle and Flinto. Here you need Sketch as a bridge. Principle and Flinto are basically for animating transitions within mobile apps, or web applications. They work by artboards, where one artboard represents a frame. The problem is that they rasterise your content. I hate seeing pixels now that I'm used to vector level definition! There is also good old Flash Professional to consider. Finally, I could simply animate a .svg with javascript. But I was kind of looking for a GUI app to make essentially doing the same thing easier. My question: I'm looking for the easiest, most intuitive way to animate a layered vector graphic while retaining these elements as vector shapes, not rasters. Does anyone have experience? Please share your thoughts. Thanks.
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