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Found 14 results

  1. A Little Monster Added a small asset collection from Santa Baby (Does not need to be!) Vector Configurations of the Little Monster and associated vector. Files as displayed AD 2.3 File not asset library! Little Monsters Toolkit.zip
  2. Vector Assets from Inktober 2019 Added a set of snowflake assets to resources 60 Snowflakes (Compounds and grouped objects) 30 Basic Elements (So you can make your own!) Assets file containing all vector elements and some adjusted shapes Attached file includes Asset Library and AD file as pages below: Assets File Flakes.zip Snowflake Sketch Versions 2023 A new asset set of 90 elements with 3 subcategories with each consisting of 30 snowflake assets Each set has 20 Flat Vectors and 10 dual layer grouped assets (So you can simply re-colour!) These are hand drawn versions of the originals + Extras. using the raster Comic Ink Blocker Brush set. Then converted to Vector Excluded the base elements this time around...but we have the Knife tool now so Chop Chop is the way to go! Category 01 Category 02 Category 03 Assets File Snowflake Sketches.zip
  3. Really pleased with how this latest asset pack has turned out. With multiple heads, eyes, eyebrows, hair, noses, ears and mouths you can make up your own cartoon faces. www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1514670121/cartoon-faces-and-hands-vector-assets
  4. Hi fam, I purchased this a few weeks ago and I'm liking it a lot. A few issues here and there, but it's quite the program for such little upfront cost. Nice! Anyway, so I asked permission from Diagrams.net, and they said that their assets are available under creative commons licensure. So I'm going to convert their libraries little by little if this garners some interest. I'm also interested in consolidating the available assets on this forum (That are free/ fair use) if that interests anyone. My first week of using this software, I did a lot of scouring to get a decent library of brushes(vector/raster) and assets. Not the best quality of life honestly, and I'd love to compile a collection of them for easy installation. Okay so I've converted their infographic template library (absolutely gorgeous) to *.afassets. They are attached, along with a screenshot that doesn't do them justice. Definitely give Diagrams.net a look, as the integration with Designer is quite convenient from my experience. Free/Foss software also. I'd like feedback if there are any issues. It is organized into big assets and small assets. The largeAssets is the bread and butter. Grab that one over the small one. This is version 1.0, and I plan to categorize them but... I honestly couldn't figure out how to make categories. Anyway, check them out if you're interested! -hiringManager Also available on my Git-- https://github.com/hiringManager/afDesign/ largeInfographic.afassets smallInfographic.afassets
  5. Vector Assets: Camouflage III Part of the Tree Builder Project A simplified cartoon like Tree Construction Kit based on the 'Bumble Tree' assemblage in Camouflage III Supplements Tree Builder Kit 03 which has a lot more assets! There is also a Landscape Kit associated with these 'base vectors' Categories 1. CF 01 - CF 10 Tree 2. Textures Detailing has been removed. Samples as below and .zip file for installation: Camouflage_03_Bumble_Tree.zip
  6. Vector Assets: Camouflage Added some vector assets based on Camouflage consisting of: 1. Mesh (10) 2. Composites (7) 3. Textures 01 (10) 4. Branch (10) 5. Plants:Leaves (32) 6. Plant:Forms (11) 7. Textures 02 (10) With the exception of Composites detailing has been removed. samples as below: Vector Assets Camouflage_01.pdf Vector Assets Camouflage 02.pdf Vector Assets Camouflage 03.pdf Vector Assets Camouflage 04.pdf Version 01: 6 categories and 43 Vector Assets in 6 Categories Version 02: Categories and 90 vector Assets in 7 Categories vectorAssets - Camouflage 01.zip vectorAssets - Camouflage.zip
  7. Vector Texture Toolkit When working on latest project: Rock Monster World.I needed a tool to create textured backgrounds using only vector elements. Added a truncated version to resources hope you find it useful! Contents The Toolkit contains various elements to allow for the construction textured backgrounds using vectors but some aspects will need to be refined independently according to requirements (Size for instance!) A. A set of simple styles that define transparency B. Set of vectors (These are contained on a separate artboard) C. A set of vector assets sub-dividend into 4 categories. (I was a bit concerned about the number of nodes here!...as their are compound paths included!) D. A layout artboard with containing mask E. An artboard containing irregular vector shapes. (and some textured compounds!)...does not reflect exactly the assets panel! It will require a bit of experimentation to create what you need.. Export as bitmaps or Multiple artboard file to be re-imported to other files using the place tool There are some 'basic' instructions included in the file There are some samples here! Sample images as below: Textured image Vector Elements Packaged Files Vector Texture Toolkit 2.0.zip
  8. Camouflage III The Third Camouflage Vector Drawing. Completed in Affinity Designer 1.91 with some of the vector objects based on Ecosystem (Raster) Camouflage III A Original size 1500 x 600mm 300dpi Uploaded at 2657 x 1063 jpg Eight layer composite linked file set Camouflage III B Original size 1500 x 600mm 300dpi Uploaded at 2657 x 1063 jpg Single File Assembled Vectors
  9. Vector Assets: Camouflage IIIA simplified outline set of Landscape Shapes used in Camouflage IIIUsed in combination with Bumble trees and Ground Plants There is also a Landscape Kit associated with these 'base vectors'Categories1. Crater2. Boulder3. Jawbone4. Mesh 5. Textures 016. Boulder (dimensioned)6. Textures 02Multicoloured variations not shown and detailing has been removed.Samples as below and .zip file for installation: Camouflage III - Landscape.zip
  10. Vector Assets: Camouflage III A simplified outline set of Ground Plants used in Camouflage III Used in combination with Bumble trees There is also a Landscape Kit associated with these 'base vectors' Categories 1. Plant 01 2. Plant Textures 01 3. Leaf 4. Plant 02 5. Plant 03 6. Plant 04 Multicoloured variations not shown and detailing has been removed. Samples as below and .zip file for installation: Camouflage 03 - Ground_Plants.zip
  11. Landscape Builder Kit Version 01 After @FraGar effort to create a landscape based on images/shapes from a compilation of toolkit builders I put together the 'real thing' to play around with like Test 2 Initially consists of 2 AD files (rather than Assets!) which include a small selection of vector objects from some of my larger build kits 1. Vector Texture Toolkit (already on forum but re-uploaded here) 2. Landscape Builder Asset Composites (Foreground Builder) This is a new asset selection based largely on Camouflage III vector kits but also elements from Undergrowth (Poison) kit, Camouflage II kit and Shy (mostly grass) The 'Chameleon Plants' and leaf clumps have the ability to change colour as I added a flat overlay (Called overlay oddly!) to the object. This is switched off initially. Just toggle it on for effect (changes the colour). There is some explanation of this in the Camouflage III Thread!. It basically avoids using adjustment layers/FX effects. You can apply transparency for even further variations! Texture Toolkit for building backgrounds/Sky etc.. The Landscape Builder Kit consists of: 1. A Rock Base composite vector object with additional single elements 2. A small selection of trees and leaves (Bumble tree) from Tree builder Kit 03 3. Grass Compounds and single objects from Shy Assets 4. Chameleon Plant objects extracted from a number of build kits Additional elements are in resources! A. Basic version of Tree builder Kit 03 Bumble Tree B. CF 03 Plants C. Poison now undergrowth! D. Rock Monster World Plants E. CF 03 Landscape assets Textured Background Tool_06.zip Landscape Builder_Asset Composites.zip
  12. Vector Assets: Camouflage II Extended Camouflage I vector assets with a new set of vector assets based on Camouflage II consisting of: 1. Mushrooms (12) 2. Mesh (10) 3. Textures (18) 4. Leaves (11) 5. Plants (16) ...Subcategories Detailing has been removed. samples as below and .zip file for installation: Camouflage II Assets.zip
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