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  1. apologies if this has been posted elsewhere! i haven't been able to find anything in the v2 forums via searching. i'm having issues getting an exact selection refinement output to a mask. the refinement window shows exactly what i want, with clean edges and no artifacts anywhere. however, when i have it create a mask out of the refinement, i can still see little green artifacts along the edge of the model. am i missing a step here? my thought would be that whatever the refinement window shows me is what i'd get, unless there's some other factors i have to adjust. there's nothing super complex here that i'd need the brush for either, it's just a bunch of polygons. does the method of initial selection matter? i've been selecting the green screen background, then inverting it so i have the model selected, so i can get it isolated on a transparent background. i have no issue adjusting the mask itself to get it perfect, i'm more just wondering if this is user error or an issue with the software.🤔 i'm using photo 2.0.3.
  2. Tela.mp4 Please consider making this vector splitting tool work in version 2. It's something very useful in version 1 that doesn't work in version 2
  3. Hello. I bought and installed the "Affinity v2" suite, and I'm almost satisfied with it, except for a problem with the software crashing when I try to open a file. I'm on macOS 10.15.7 and, when I do: "Right click" > "Open with..." > "Affinity Designer 2" / "Affinity Publisher 2" / "Affinity Photo 2" on a file (PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, etc.), the software open before crashing immediately. Now when I open "Affinity Designer 2", "Affinity Publisher 2" or "Affinity Photo 2" directly, sometimes it works fine and I can open my file, sometimes it crashes immediately (regardless of the file type I tries to open). I was therefore forced to reinstall versions 1 of "Affinity" (which work without any problems) in order to be able to launch my software. Do you have a solution to solve this problem? Do you need the crash reports generated by macOS? Awaiting your reply. Best regards.
  4. Hi, When I use Designer V2 - it works fine for sometime (may be an hour or so - can't be exact on this) but then it starts slowing down and everything becomes really laggy. For example, the selection of any object, selection of a new tool from the toolbar by click or by keyboard shortcut, selection of a context menu button takes 3-5 sec or more! The files I am working on are not that heavy, in fact most of them are under 1MB (it uses many gradients and vector brush) but still it lags severely. It seems like the lag is slowly creeping in before becoming noticeable. I reminds me of some earlier version of Designer V1 that had similar lag (which version resolved it I don't remember now) . I am using Designer V2 on Windows 10 V 21H2. (19044.2251) and face no such issue with Designer V1. I have turned off hardware acceleration / Open CL after seeing some other threads on similar (but not exactly same) lag issue - however it hasn't helped. Please let me know if there's a solution that I can try or if it's a known bug when it would be fixed. Thank you.
  5. Hello, I have a really annoying problem with Affinity Designer V2. When I'm working with any object when I switch between (mostly) Move tool and Node tool, it takes like 1 second to switch and the software seems lagged. I'm using the latest version 2. 0. 3. I'm sorry if this problem has been already discussed here. Does anyone of you have the same problem or is it just me? If so, could you recommend me some kind of an advice? Thanks in advance.
  6. Think I have been patient. Bought v2 on Nov 9th. Still haven't used it waiting for MSI installers. 2.0.3 is out for MSIX , where is the MSI? Thanks Gary
  7. Hello , Found this issue while zooming into edit small vector. Interface fast while not zoomed in, but when you get close the interface goes blurry and takes along time to redraw. Tried this on version 1 as well, no issue in V1. Video attached. Gary Designer_2023-01-25_11-14-52.mp4
  8. Is there any way to change the radius of the color picker you get with the bottom modifier of the brush tool? I want to blend between different colors without having to switch between the actual color picker tool and the brush tool, but I only get a 1x1 px sample area.
  9. Hi everyone! This marks the start of my sketchbook. EDIT; here is the optimized version with shadows, thanks for the tip!@MBWanderer
  10. First of all, thanks for these updates, excited to try out the tools! I do have some issues that I've found after an hour of trying to use this as an alternative to other photo editors that I'd hope to see addressed: 1. A way to save raw edits as XMP instead of requiring the saving of an .afphoto file, the idea of closing down in an ecosystem, particularly with the lack of a DAM, doesn't sound appealing. It sounds like that's kind of what the Embedded and Linked options do, however the Linked option did not actually add any files to my system (I kept watch on any files with the same file name as the photo), so I'm unsure what the difference between the two is. 2. Global presets for RAW edits, instead of one per page. It's a bit confusing as is. Also a way to edit existing presets and save it as such, instead of deleting a preset, remaking it from scratch and saving that. Also this is likely a bug, but when opening a new raw file to edit, the settings are set to Default, but the "selected" preset is the last used one, requiring switching to Default and back to the saved preset to actually change things, sometimes even doing it multiple times, the feature seems quite buggy. Also, ideally a Preset Manager would also be present, to be able to see exactly what each preset does, and potentially tweak from there. 3. Non-destructive cropping is a must. Honestly just something similar to the artboards, so if you crop an image you can adjust the crop later. I could just open the file in ADesigner, but that's an extra step that could be avoided. 3.1. Keep a strict ratio for cropping, but allow to rotate the crop based on mouse position when dragging the crop selection around (see how cropping operates in other apps like Lightroom and Capture One). 4. Split view of photo without edits, or just being able to toggle the raw edits on and off for preview purposes. 5. It's not clear enough that a photo is a RAW file, a button similar to the FX one would work wonders and make it much clearer what it does. 6. There's something about the Overlays panel that feels incomplete, I think it should be closer in look and feel to the Layers panel but then again, how is this better than just duplicating the layer, making the adjustments in that raw layer, and applying a mask to that? Even more powerful then because you can use images and the like. I might add more to the list once I spend more time on this, but so far I'm somewhat disappointed. Non destructive raw editing was a highlight of the announcement, so I thought it's finally a good standalone photo editor. It is clear however that the app development is still walking in the shadow of CameraRaw and while there have been some improvements and additions that are much welcome, I'm sad to say that I'll likely be sticking with Capture One, despite my wishes for that to not be the case, not because of the lack of a DAM (just making that clear), but because of the lack of a good, non destructive, open photo editing flow.
  11. The first mocup is from V2, and the colours doesn’t match how they are suppose to be. The second mocup are from when I used V1. Everything is correct, and the colours also matched when the book was printed. No I am afraid to use V2 for my book designs in case the colours wan’t match when printed. Help, anyone??
  12. I have attached two photos of V1 of Designer and V2 of the Preferences windows. V1 font is bright and much easer to read. V2 even with adjusting the interface options is not as bright and some eye strain. Any possibility of make this brighter or bolder. I find this smaller font in the interface in general a bit dim against any background. Thanks Gary
  13. I have V1 Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer (I don't have an Affinity Publisher). Will users who have AP and AD licenses get a discount on upgrades from V1 to V2? I just didn't buy the entire Affinity bundle as I never needed a Affinity Publisher. I would like to point out that I have 2/3 programs from Serif. A discount when purchasing V2 upgrade for V1 users would be a nice appreciation. I use Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for fun, it's my hobby in my spare time
  14. Watch this movie. I am actually typing in 500. Doesn't happen every time but enough that I could get a screen recording. Untitled.mov
  15. So I found out that when I get more panels visible, affinity slows down like it needs some time to load layers' properties (it's most visible on layer switch). To clarify Designer is slower with panels set like: If I move panels on the left eg. in a way: - quick fix panel is a tab in section where layers panel is - Appearance and stroke panels are tabs in section where colour panel is Application runs faster. Probably visible quick fix panel slows the most. Just to mention - I didn't feel such slowing down on v1
  16. So I'll try and explain this the best I can. I'm inserting a black SVG into an afdesign file. I'm then double tapping the SVG to open it up separately and amend the colour. I'm changing the colour to #AB8D49. The colour changes in the 'separate' window where the SVG is being edited. I head back to the main afdesign file. The colour of the SVG has changed, but is visibly different to the text on that file with the same hex. An eyedrop of the SVG now shows the colour as #A88E53. Double tapping the SVG again opens the file up and shows the correct colour code #AB8D49. It seems to only be when the file is then inserted back into the afdesign file that the colour goes slightly lighter. I've tried checking opacity etc. just to check that it's showing as it should be - it is. The RGB profile of both the SVG and the afdesign file is the same. I've tried reproducing this on Mac designer v1 and don't get the same result - the colour matches as it should - so this seems to be an issue only happening on v2 iPad. Any suggestions greatly welcome as it's driving me round the bend.
  17. Photo v2 in Wimdows how save mask? I tried look old v1 hint i dont found needed things.
  18. Hey there, Affinity Publisher Crashes everytime I try to copy and paste a Headline. The headline is part of a Table Of Content via activating "headline" in the table of content option panel. It has an endnote as well. If I try top copy and paste this element, Publisher crashes. Same goes for a whole field of text, which contains Table Of Content headlines. My guess is: it crashes, because the copied headline or any part containing an element of table of content, creates a conflict when about to be pasted so Publisher can't handle it. In that particular file, it its 100% reproducable. I hope you can fix it. Cheers
  19. Hi there. Question. How do I put auto curly quotes while in designer V1 or V2 while typing instead of straight quotes? What happened to the default text styles that I had in V1 but are not there in V2? I am currently using a trial in V2. I want to upgrade to V2, but if these styles are not there, I am not. And the curly quotes are in publisher, but not designer. Thank you very much for any help.
  20. I think being able to convert layers into embedded documents within a document would be a tremendous benefit to organizing non destructive filters and effects! I use both adobe and affinity in my workflow and so many times have I wished that there was a “smart object” in affinity suite, without the need of creating, saving a doc and dragging it in! Please consider adding this feature in a future update.
  21. This thread is for people (like me) who are interested and hoping for support of Indic languages in Affinity Version 2 (V2). Sadly, there is still no support for Indic languages as of this moment, the 9th November, 2022. Features may be added in a future point-update or point-release. Let's all remain positive and hopeful that the staff and developers at Serif keeps the dialogue for Indic Languages and RTL Language support as open.
  22. I have a document with a large number of embedded png files. I would like to export them, without recompression and ideally "automagically" in a specific folder. Currently, I don't see a way of doing it except of opening the file in Photo v2, copying layer to the clipboard and executing File --> New from clipboard. Any better options?
  23. Dear all, My sin - I am new to Affinity. Last week I downloaded V1 Designer and was impressed enough to purchase V2. However V2 has lost all the default assets from the Asset panel. All advice welcome and apologies to the mods if this is the wrong lcoation or has been answered elsewhere. K
  24. Sorry for my English. The problem occurs when I apply the Expand Outline command. The lines with the dynamic brush after pulling Expand are smaller (blue) than the original unconverted lines (black). When I export to pdf, there are no differences - so the problem is somewhere in the image display. I am using Nvidia Studio drivers (version 527.56) on GeForce RTX 2060. Unfortunately, switching in Settings>Renderer from "Default (Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060)" to "WARP" and trying different settings (Retina, View Quality...) - there or no difference.... I do not know if the problem affects only me (Affinity version 1 is also the same)? Windows 11 Pro, 22H2, compilation 22621.963 EDIT: attached test file test.afdesign
  25. Hello, There is a Welsh Hunspell dictionary created by the Welsh Government (http://techiaith.cymru/data/lexicons/hunspell-cymraeg/?lang=en). Is there anyway to add this so it can be used in Affinity Publisher V2. I use OSX Ventura on an iMac. I've searched this forum and most of the questions and replies seem to refer to Windows OS. I suspect it won't be straight forward on a mac. thanks Ade
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