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  1. I created a music instructional book in Publisher v1. I opened the same project in version 2., and have had mostly good results. Problem being that every now and then a resource is depicted with the blue outline, but shows nothing. In particular, I have 2 small graphics that we saved as PDFs. Some of the PDFs placed in the document like this don't show. And I cannot seem to find a way to update the resource. One can see from the screen shot that a blue box is located where 5 graphics exists. Oddly 2 do show. When I export to a PDF they do appear. Anyone else having this issue? I am using v2.2 on macOS Ventura (13.5.2) Thank you, Robby
  2. This thread is for people (like me) who are interested and hoping for support of Indic languages in Affinity Version 2 (V2). Sadly, there is still no support for Indic languages as of this moment, the 9th November, 2022. Features may be added in a future point-update or point-release. Let's all remain positive and hopeful that the staff and developers at Serif keeps the dialogue for Indic Languages and RTL Language support as open.
  3. I create a spot color but when, in Designer v.2.1.1, I assign it a new tint via the right-click, the point in the bottom right corner of its icon disappears. VLC H264 - Enregistrement de l’écran 2023-08-23 à 23.35.53-1.m4v The same does not happen when done in Publisher. Spot color test.pdfSpot color test.afdesign — This issue has been initially raised in this topic:
  4. I was always really impressed how good the selection tool in Affinity Photo V1 worked. Especially with the "refining selection" tool I got very good results. Since the first V2 version and still in the latest release, I sometimes can't get the results I expected. And often there are some gliches. I am not sure why the occure, I don't get them allways. I found the following problems (while using "refining selection": The matte brush in some parts of the picture doesn't select foreground although there is enough contrast (see attached picture) Some artifacts with straigt lines appear in the selection, most often small rectangular areas (see also attached picture) The edge between foreground and background is not clearly defined. Along the edge there is some area marked as background (but not 100% background). in this cases using foreground or background brush always "bleeds" into the other area. the attaches picture shows a detail of a foto at 100%. I am using Affinity Photo on Windows 10. I use the current release (i.e. 2.1.1). Is there any known issue with affinity? Or could it be a problem with ressources in Windows? Thanks for any answer or recommendation! refining selection problem.pdf
  5. I’m new to the ipad version of affinity Designer 2, I’ve only used V1 for Mac. So I’m still getting used to where everything is. Today when editing a brush in the pixel persona, I noticed that I can change the tool type, and this included tools that were not visible in the UI, e.g median, clone, paint mixer etc. What I don’t understand is why these tools are not accessible through the UI toolbar? I feel like I’m going crazy because I can’t find any posts mentioning them for Affinity Designer, only for Photo, and they’re not in any of the guides. I’ve found that the smudge tool doesn’t work correctly, it pulls random colours and looks very blocky and unnatural. However, the paint mixer and median tools have done the job and I will probably use them instead, but I don’t want to have to edit a brush every single time. It seems so odd to hide these tools like this and I’m not sure if I’m just missing something really obvious 😅 but I’ve spent hours looking. Is there a way to manually add them to the UI so I don’t have to keep editing brushes every time I want to use one? Thanks!
  6. First of all, thanks for these updates, excited to try out the tools! I do have some issues that I've found after an hour of trying to use this as an alternative to other photo editors that I'd hope to see addressed: 1. A way to save raw edits as XMP instead of requiring the saving of an .afphoto file, the idea of closing down in an ecosystem, particularly with the lack of a DAM, doesn't sound appealing. It sounds like that's kind of what the Embedded and Linked options do, however the Linked option did not actually add any files to my system (I kept watch on any files with the same file name as the photo), so I'm unsure what the difference between the two is. 2. Global presets for RAW edits, instead of one per page. It's a bit confusing as is. Also a way to edit existing presets and save it as such, instead of deleting a preset, remaking it from scratch and saving that. Also this is likely a bug, but when opening a new raw file to edit, the settings are set to Default, but the "selected" preset is the last used one, requiring switching to Default and back to the saved preset to actually change things, sometimes even doing it multiple times, the feature seems quite buggy. Also, ideally a Preset Manager would also be present, to be able to see exactly what each preset does, and potentially tweak from there. 3. Non-destructive cropping is a must. Honestly just something similar to the artboards, so if you crop an image you can adjust the crop later. I could just open the file in ADesigner, but that's an extra step that could be avoided. 3.1. Keep a strict ratio for cropping, but allow to rotate the crop based on mouse position when dragging the crop selection around (see how cropping operates in other apps like Lightroom and Capture One). 4. Split view of photo without edits, or just being able to toggle the raw edits on and off for preview purposes. 5. It's not clear enough that a photo is a RAW file, a button similar to the FX one would work wonders and make it much clearer what it does. 6. There's something about the Overlays panel that feels incomplete, I think it should be closer in look and feel to the Layers panel but then again, how is this better than just duplicating the layer, making the adjustments in that raw layer, and applying a mask to that? Even more powerful then because you can use images and the like. I might add more to the list once I spend more time on this, but so far I'm somewhat disappointed. Non destructive raw editing was a highlight of the announcement, so I thought it's finally a good standalone photo editor. It is clear however that the app development is still walking in the shadow of CameraRaw and while there have been some improvements and additions that are much welcome, I'm sad to say that I'll likely be sticking with Capture One, despite my wishes for that to not be the case, not because of the lack of a DAM (just making that clear), but because of the lack of a good, non destructive, open photo editing flow.
  7. Hello, Which is the easier way to do this path and how can I create the effect of changing colors if is a degraded? Thanks Camelia
  8. I downloaded 2.10 .exe files as I want programs not apps I now get a message saying that 2.1 is available but what do I get - msix files How do I get 2.1 .exe files
  9. Hi, When I use Designer V2 - it works fine for sometime (may be an hour or so - can't be exact on this) but then it starts slowing down and everything becomes really laggy. For example, the selection of any object, selection of a new tool from the toolbar by click or by keyboard shortcut, selection of a context menu button takes 3-5 sec or more! The files I am working on are not that heavy, in fact most of them are under 1MB (it uses many gradients and vector brush) but still it lags severely. It seems like the lag is slowly creeping in before becoming noticeable. I reminds me of some earlier version of Designer V1 that had similar lag (which version resolved it I don't remember now) . I am using Designer V2 on Windows 10 V 21H2. (19044.2251) and face no such issue with Designer V1. I have turned off hardware acceleration / Open CL after seeing some other threads on similar (but not exactly same) lag issue - however it hasn't helped. Please let me know if there's a solution that I can try or if it's a known bug when it would be fixed. Thank you.
  10. I am working on a file ...40x72 inches. 150dpi. Its all vector. No effects, no warps basic fonts and lines and object. I have about 50 items in the file. Its now taking between 3-5 seconds when I click off of one object and select another . Very annoying and not great to work on. Way to slow . I am 10 steps ahead of this software. Not sure what's going on . Check this in V1, is very fast, no delay. Gary
  11. Dear all, My sin - I am new to Affinity. Last week I downloaded V1 Designer and was impressed enough to purchase V2. However V2 has lost all the default assets from the Asset panel. All advice welcome and apologies to the mods if this is the wrong lcoation or has been answered elsewhere. K
  12. Hi there, I’m in the process of exporting a book from V2 publisher (on an iPad). I’m exporting as pdf. I require the final document to have all pages showing seperate. However the only option showing in the the export window drop down function is all spreads. Which counts each spread as a page when exported. Is this function not available on the iPad version?! All the tutorials and forum conversation show there to be a drop down with the option to export all pages. Is it possible I have something toggled that is preventing this option? migi
  13. Hey there, I am currently running into the problem of recording an affine transformation with changeable values in the negative range into a macro. It is possible to set negative values during recording and at any given time. However, if you change the recorded value, for example from the originally recorded -1% to -5%, it does not take. The originally recorded negative value is displayed as such, but as soon as you insert another negative value, it simply converts to 0 and the transformation therefore resets. Below is a test macro with a negative transformation. Please try to set the value to -20 (or any other negative value) while playing it. Try the same outside the macro using Filters → Distort → Affine. Is there a way to make this work? Am I using the filter incorrectly? Is there a better way to wrap this into a macro? Thanks!
  14. Hi, I'm wanting to stream doing my design and art work from my iPad to my PC. However, whenever I get the screen mirroring connected, none of the Affinity apps display properly. It will show a static portion of whatever file I have opened, but none of the tools, and it doesn't move or change to reflect what I'm doing on the iPad. In other words, the file just appears as a static image in all of the iPad apps. Other apps, such as Procreate, mirror fine, as does my home screen. I've try different screen mirroring programs on my PC with the same results, so it's not an issue with the mirroring itself, and definitely seems to be something with Affinity.
  15. Hello everyone, I have been using Designer V1 for a long time and switched to V2 as soon as it was released. For a current project, in which I want to populate a tree graphic with individual leaves, I would like to do this conveniently using vector brushes. So I created a tree-leaf as a monochrome vector, exported it as a png and created a brush from it. Now I want the leaf to rotate randomly and change its size when using the brush. However, the necessary options are missing when creating the vector brush. In the Pixel Persona I can make all the desired settings, via size and rotation jitter as well as x- and y-scatter, but of course I only get pixel graphics. Am I missing something? Is it possible to create such randomly changing vector brushes? In Adobe Illustrator, for example, this seems to be possible. Thank you very much, Dan Designer Persona: Pixel-Persona:
  16. I've been photographing wheels on traction engines, vintage trucks, and railway engines for more years than I can remember. I find it's very useful practice, not to mention good fun, to recreate them in Affinity Designer. I'm sure I posted City of Truro recently, but I can't find it here (I know I posted it on some of the Affinity FaceBook pages). Anyway, this is mainly made in vectors with a limited palette of flat colours and limited use of gradients.. The rivets are symbols, which is a handy way of making lots of identical things that might require later editing, and the lettering is text-on-a-path, with a lot of fiddling with tracking and baselines, and pure luck in finding close matches for fonts. These two wheels are from a showman's engine -- a steam traction engine highly decorated and adapted to provide electric power for a fairground ride. I think this particular one is The Iron Maiden, but I can't lay my hands on the original photos to be sure. (She was originally named Kitchener, but was renamed when she starred in the movie of the same name.) In the first one, the right-hand front wheel, I used gradients for shading and highlights, but in the second, the right-hand driving wheel, I used flat black or white shapes at 50% opacity clipped to the relevant areas. The egg-shaped structure behind the wheel is the cover for the drive train and differential gears. I used multiple outlines for the coloured lining. The rivets -- symbols again (although they needn't have been in this instance) -- are flat colour, and the highlights are separate symbols. each set of four is a Group, with the centre moved to the wheel's centre; this allowed me to use Power Duplicate to space them around the rim at precise intervals. (I did the same with the spokes.)
  17. Hi, On my PC (Windows) I've got V1.x and V2.x installed. I'm looking for reasons to keep V1 installed - Are there any downsides of V2? (Incompatibility between V1 and V2 files are known, this is not critical for my workflow) Please help me out Thanks!
  18. Affinity Designer V2 Crashes - When I click on the Recent Files button in the startup window. It works fine if I go to File > Open Recent Is it a common issue/known bug? I noticed that it's happening in Affinity Photo also, haven't tried it with Publisher yet. I am on Windows 10 and Using the MSIX installer for all.
  19. Greetings! I'm wondering about the lack of any default styles and/or palettes for either Designer or Photo v2? Should I export them from v1 or are there downloadable versions available? It would seem like an opportunity to leverage v2 features is being missed here. Just to be clear, this isn't intended as a complaint: I'm happy with what I've seen so far, just want to take my work to the next level. Also, there are no Templates in the Account section. Samples, yes, but no Templates. Thanks in advance, Paul
  20. Watch this movie. I am actually typing in 500. Doesn't happen every time but enough that I could get a screen recording. Untitled.mov
  21. Following the thread seems to show a lot being fixed. So great to see. Looking forward to the final update. The one thing i dont' see mentioned is the Lagging problem and slow down that many are having including my self. Its a huge thread but nothing seems to be said about it. Can someone please shed some light on this speed issue being fixed. As it stands I cannot even use V2 of Designer for work as its to buggy and after a short time VERY slow. Thanks Gary
  22. For whatever reason, you cannot add objects together anymore in the Designer persona using Publisher V2. This is unbelievably frustrating. Might be a bug but it's causing me a lot of time not being able to do this. Windows 10, Publisher 2.0.4 Publisher_wgRlJ1pRVM.mp4
  23. Hi, Am a newbie here though I've had the software since 2020. Just moved here from Photoshop..so am setting up Affinity and learning at the same time. Please bear with my stupidity for a few questions. I had to reset my surface pro..so lost my photoshop plugins etc. I reinstalled the trial version, and copy pasted the plugins which also included filters in a separate folder. I deleted photoshop. I tried adding the plugins through the preferences- photoshop plugins bit..but couldn't see any plugins when I clicked the add button..and tryign to . folders were empty. So I think I dragged and dropped them in that detected plugin box (where the add button is). All unknown plugins to be used checked. I restarted Affinity..all really excited that I could finally use my favourite plugin which I use. I opened a tiff file, rasterised one of the layers so that it was a pixel file, then opened the filter menu,. The smart bllur filter showed.. whoopie.. but when I clicked on that..the dialogue box that showed up in photoshop did not show up here. (bummer). Is there something I have done wrong? I have tried the other filters that I added too..nothing..nopes..nada..no dialogue boxes pops up..nothing. Help! I really am a bit lost coz I haven't worked on an art piece..thanks to several disasters..I need to get back to doing some form of art. Am really sorry for any tother,
  24. Tela.mp4 Please consider making this vector splitting tool work in version 2. It's something very useful in version 1 that doesn't work in version 2
  25. Hello The icon and layer size it much smaller than version 1 when set to large. This makes all the new options added to describe layers harder to see. Perhaps the LARGE mode should be larger. Seem more an issue with 4K screens but still the option to increase the size more isn't there. Perhaps a extra large. Either way, two screenshots attached to show the difference between V1 and V2. This smaller size creates eye strain if your on the computer all day. Gary
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