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Found 15 results

  1. v1, purchased: November 22, 2021 I'm creating a graphic with a text on circle. In the last 15 minutes, Affinity Desinger just crashes - no error, no freeze, just closes down. I've got fairly powerful PC, so lack of RAM shouldn't be a problem. I suspect it has something to do with custom fonts, because it also crashes when I browse trought fonts for my project. I'm using lastest Windows 11 OS, freshly clean-installed. I've increased the RAM treshold in the settings, will edit if that helps. Gotta say, I've just cancelled adobe for Affinity and it's a huge problem when it comes to my workflow. I do a lot of marketing desings with fonts...
  2. Hi, why my affinity designer v1 on ipad has bug? Please check the attachments. I’m newbie using affinity so I only download affinity v1. So when I choose the brush the brush preview seen have problem. My ipados version is 17.0.3
  3. The brushes on Affinity Photo V1 for iPadOS seem to be displaying as if they were corrupt (See example photos). This is not specific to just the brushes shown in the examples but also includes all of the other brush types. Here's what I have tried to do to rectify the problem, yet nothing has worked: Reseting all settings - (Going to Affinity Photo settings and selecting reset >select all > reset) Deleting and reinstalling Photo V1 from the App Store Downloading Photo V1 on a family members iPad that never had it installed - (also did not sign into Affinity account when prompted and the iPad is not signed into the same Apple ID as mine) Affinity Photo Version: 11" iPad Pro 3rd gen. (2021 - M1): running iPadOS 17.4.1
  4. Hello, everybody, I'm new to graphic design. I've been using Affinity Designer V1 for a couple of years now only for a special project, and have more or less figured out enough of AD on my MacBook to be able to do what I am trying to do with my project. I use the vector persona exclusively. So today when I went to open the app I found that every single file I've created is blank. I can see in the Layers panel that all my content is still there but nothing is showing up on the canvas, aside from those thin blue outlines showing the selected vector curve. I seem to remember that yesterday when I was using the program my laptop battery may have run down before I could close the program properly, and I'm wondering if now the app software is corrupted. If so I guess I would have to reinstall V1 or upgrade to V2, but I thought I would check here first in case it's merely a matter of some setting. I've tried opening AD files that were not open when the computer powered down, they are the same (blank canvas). I tried opening AD files I had previously saved onto a thumb drive, and they also have nothing but invisible content in them. I tried restarting AD, no change. I tried restarting my computer, no change. I've looked at the Dark/Light mode and that seems to have nothing to do with it. I've looked closely at the Swatches and Stroke panels and verified that the Stroke width is greater than zero, and has color applied. I can make changes to the Stroke and see the changes show up in the thumbnails of the Layers panel but not on the canvas. Of course then there are the Art Boards which seem to be missing. I've tried adding an Art Board to the canvas and just like the vectors, I can see the outline and it shows up in the Layers panel but I cannot make them visible. I've tried creating a new file and it does the same. Any suggestions?
  5. Well there are sometimes still surprises in V1 apps like here in ADe v1, where an easter egg (literally spoken), aka it's layer entry then disappears from the layers panel ... ... so to say an unusual literal Ester Egg! 😉
  6. Hi, I made two templates, Horizontal and Vertical, for engraving effect. You can modify them as you want! You can play with gradient fill layer, with BW adjustment, also you can replace the engraving files. (for a stonger effect, you can duplicate them, and then you have to play with opacity, you can pick-up another blend mode) I attached them below, also a folder with some engraving patterns in .png. I attached the final result, in a gradient and two colors, for the Vertical template. More, in the below link. I would like to say a big THANKS to the author GraphicalFinity. engraving-png.zip
  7. hi I am having a nightmare at the minute no matter what i do both of these programs are crashing i cant change font or do pretty much anything or add a few picture without it shutting down i have so much do do right now i dont wont to pay for the v2 just yet as i have hardly used the photo one due to crashing i have a really good laptop so its not the specs on that please help i have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it does the same thing it was design was fine before hand only crashing the odd time
  8. I have a macOS updated to current Ventura software, I downloaded all of my V1 and V2 affinity apps from the developers site. First I installed V2 Migrated V1 into V2 when prompted Then I erased all V1 apps as best I could from Mac OS I have yet to see what this did or any effects this will have if any at all. Im interested in creating as much space on my computer as possible by getting rid of all V1 package contents, cache, etc. Can anyone tell me if there is a efficient way to do this manually and with out a cleaner. in my experience the cleaners still tend to leave a lot behind and id like to trash all of the old V1 contents. I just can’t remember which folders I should check in macOS , any help would be great ! Im also interested to know about the best way to install/uninstall 1) Install/uninstall A. Did you Uninstalled V1 affinity apps to include photo, designer, publisher, before you installed the V2 version? OR B. Did you Install V2 and then uninstall V1 apps after ? Did you encounter Any problems? did you find a solution? 2) Migrate V1 into V2 A.Did you migrate V1 into V2 when prompted ? OR B.Did you decide not to migrate V1 to V2 and install plug-ins add-ons etc. afterwards ? Did you encounter Any problems? did you find a solution? *ANY INFOR YOU ARE ABLE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE QUESTIONS ABOVE ARE APPRECIATED Thanks !
  9. On October 11, 2022, Affinity Photo was purchased from the Microsoft Store.But if you search for Affinity Photo in Microsoft Store today, only Affinity Photo 2 was found, so I installed it. However, the license cannot be renewed. Please check the screenshot below. <MS Store Purchase History> <Affinity Photo v1 (In-App My Account> <store serif.com Order history> The details of my purchase just a month ago disappeared. My Microsoft Sotre account is csm8908@hotmail.com The Affinity account is This is csm8908@gmail.com. Please check my license : (
  10. Hi, what's the Serif upgrade policy concerning Affinity V.1 users? Are you planning to offer us discounted prices for "moving up"? Personally, I bought your delicious apps via Mac App Store.
  11. HI all, I was wondering if there is a certain procedure to uninstall V1 of Affinity Trinity. I'm referring to some deactivation or something similar. Thanks a lot for your help! G:
  12. First off, AWESOME job on Version 2!! 👍 I can not wait to switch to V2. One thing I have noticed is the FAQ mentioned that V2 files are not backward compatible. V2 files can not to be open in V1. I guess it is recommended to completely uninstall V1 prior using V2? Does V2 import my existing preferences?
  13. We're aware of the below issues that occur when you have Pencil Hover enabled on a iPad Pro M2: Groups cannot be expanded in Layers menu via double tap Cannot add nodes to a curve Cannot select an object in a group using Move tool Selecting an object with Move tool, moves the object slightly This is currently logged with our developers.
  14. No. To use StudioLink in Affinity Publisher V2 you will need to have Affinity Designer V2 and Photo V2 installed.
  15. Yes. However, it's not possible to open Affinity V2 files in Affinity V1.
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