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  1. Hi there I love this app (Designer) so much I hardly use Illustrator anymore. AD is so intuitive and powerful. Thank you for that. My number one feature request is the ability to use Adobe's shortcuts. AD is here very uncommon while other apps - up to MS Word! - use the same basic keyboards, such as SHIFT+ ENTER for a new textline without making a new paragraph (this shortcut works even in CMS-Texteditors such as TinyMCE or Redactor or CKEditor). Could we talk of an "industry standard", here? Yes, I think so, this goes far beyond Adobe.) There is also a confusion about when usin
  2. Open color panel Create a shape Adjust fill color Activate stroke colour (with pointing device or press x) Press G for gradient Draw gradient you are drawing the gradient on the fill (have to select stroke in toolbar) Could Designer please automatically select stroke or fill in the gradient tool based on what is currently selected in the color panel - stroke or fill Thx
  3. Another usability issue - a usability classic - objects look too similar. In a complex drawing this really is annoying and confusing. Node handles look almost exactly like smooth nodes. When you are looking at many nodes it just starts to blur together and I have made many erroneous clicks due to the visual similarity. Changing handler size in preferences is no fix. Could you please adjust the colour of the nodes or make some other change to the handles so they stand out? I think you have to choose another color - and if could be personalized it would be perfect. Extreme example
  4. I really like the responsiveness and immediate feedback about symbols in Affinity. But managing them is not as easy as it could be, much of that happens because of the lack of some functionalities in Symbols panel. What I'd love to see in an updated version of the Symbols Panel: List view Custom categories to groups symbols Search bar Ordering options: manual, alphabetical Easier renaming: select one, double click the name, and when finished, press tab to rename the next one Features to manage symbols in the artboard: Contextual m
  5. Ok Serif / Affinity guys... This is driving me crazy! Previously I have submitted this suggestion, though I don't believe I was heard. IMO Affinity products desperately need the ability to auto-hide panels. See [https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/31218-multi-uiux-suggestion-auto-hide-panels/] I am using a very large notebook computer with a 17" screen. Large screen for a notebook, though smaller screen size for graphic design work. With this monitor using the panel controls in Affinity products is frustrating. There simply isn't enough room! I group panels needing m
  6. Consistent behavior wanted pleased What works as expected and how it should be done Add Global colour - you are presented with a dialog with an active cursor in the input field and you name the colour as the first thing Issues Select Rename palette - a dialog appears but there is no cursor in the input field Select Add application palette and it is created as Unnamed x - you have to rename it (through the tiny studio menu) and the dialog that appears... you guessed it.. has no active cursor Why is the first letter in so many words like Document capitalized?
  7. Can we have the Zoom functions ("Zoom In/Out", "Zoom to Fit" (especially important), "Zoom to Width", etc.) as optional features to add as buttons to the toolbar? Since all the functions have moved into a submenu ("View > Zoom") with the recent releases I notice I spend a lot of extra time to trigger those options just by having to navigate into that submenu. Personally I'm not a fan of this change (this was more efficient in the older releases). (Note: I'm very bad at learning and using all the strange keyboard shortcuts. I know this would go faster. But I need a qu
  8. The more I tinker with Affinity Photo, the more I run into bad, but quite easy to fix traps. Some of them are caused simply by the fact that a tool behaviour remains stuck the inappropriate positions, so that they block editing in later stages of the project. Here's two: 1) Recently I found out that selection-tools stubbornly remain stuck to their previous Subtractive state even if the user wants to create a fresh selection. The operation fails, although the user has picked the appropriate tool and also has performed the expected motion. Here one badly needed an exception to the rule – sel
  9. It would be a great help, if colour coding of layers coud be better visible. For example like this:
  10. In the develop persona I can choose to display clipping warnings (blue for shadows and red for highlights, and even colour clipping warnings). Please add those to the photo persona. Super easy change, super useful addition. Or have I missed them?
  11. how do you compare the usability or ease of use of Affinity Designer vs Adobe Illustrator. I'm assuming Adobe Illustrator is the competitor of Affinity Designer. And I haven;t used any Adobe products products yet.
  12. Hello, i am just switching from PS to Affinity Designer. I am a UI Designer for FatClient Apps on Windows. My first impression of Affinity Designer is great! What I am really missing is the abbility to set up an own folder structure in the LayerPanel Window! Including the the abbility to set colors for each folder. At the moment it is really hard to overview the LayerPanel Window. The function "Grouping Layers" does not replace the need of seting up folders! F.e. Grouping a font with pixel aligned graphics will often result in a blurred view. Feature Request: Abbility to set up an o
  13. Dear Affinity Mobile Team, Hello and congrats for a great mobile application which bundles lots of useful functionality, which we're so far only used to from desktop apps! Unfortunately, I've to admit that trying to use the provided functionality in a productive way resulted in a frustrating experience pretty quickly... I don't want to be too negative about it, but you have some obvious usability flaws in the app which somehow cause an unpleasant feeling about wasted potential Let me name a few (using a IPad Pro 10.5): The tool menu on the bottom edge o
  14. For a better usability, please change at least the light colour of the search text (or/and of the top right search field) and change the colour or add a symbol like  for iOS or macOS contents. Could be done in less than 0.125 cat minutes.
  15. I am using AP for iPad pro 2017 and sometimes i want to smash the pad against the wall!!! -Thanks, Affinity... The app is so EXTREMLY BUGGY, it is ABSOLUTLY NOT USABLE! Youre working on a pic for maybe 1 or 2 hours and you want to make a last selection or something else and then... CRASH! Every changes lost! I want to know WHEN is the next USABLE update release date????? This app is actual FAAAR FAR AWAY from a "PHOTOSHOP-KILLER"! You maybe got 2% of it! So... WHEN COMES THE UPDATE TO IPAD???????
  16. The latest Photo beta ( ) has had the option for mouse-wheel zooming removed! As a reminder, the option was to simply allow the mouse wheel to zoom without having to hold any modifier key or button down. Please tell me this basic usability feature will be put back soon, and that it will stay forever. GIMP, XARA, Inkscape, Anime Studio, Blender, and countless other apps can all do this, and so should both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. There, I said it. Maybe the option won't accidentally get removed again if it was renamed from the incorrect, "Use middle mouse but
  17. Have just purchased a license for Win (works faster in a VM than Mac). Looks promising, thank you for that. Too bad no Linux support in your plans. Some suggestions, if I may. (01) Open file -> preview (01.b) Resize preview area (02) Simpler vector manipulations; now there are: (a) pen, (b) pencil, (c) brush, (d) node, (e) corner - i.e. Five (five!) different tools to do something that could be done with just two - (A) free hand (B) node editor. THAT could have been some major usability improvement. It
  18. Hi, I use AD for quite some typography projects, hence I often need to cycle through many font-faces before I select the one I want to use for a particular element. AD is making this however quite hard - as everytime I select a font face for an object when I want to go back to the list of fonts to evaluate other font options, I'm back on the top of the list (in the area with recently selected fonts). This is making it quite annoying, as I each time I want to keep moving on the list, I first need to manually scroll to the place where I left off (selected the last font)...
  19. I read in an announcement that Affinity’s products now feature an optional white user interface. So I wanted to give Designer another spin. So far the black interface is a show stopper for me (don’t shout at me, I just hate black UI). However, in Version 1.5.5 I can only use a slider to choose between black and blackish. Am I missing something? Is this a hidden feature?
  20. From the first day AP was released for Windows (even the beta) I was desperately trying to make AP work for me .... I wanted AP to be the THE (first real) alternative for PS (considering I couldn't find enough swear words for Adobe and their cloud policy). I was accepting and reporting all bugs you obviously had to expect from a sw that complex. I was trying to make the product better as quick as possible by generating test cases, videos to show bugs and even offering Serif my support in development and localisation. And seeing the sw that had great features, good customer support, a big crowd
  21. Congratulations – Photo for iPad seems like an incredibly capable tool that finally opens up iOS for more professional work. My iPad Air is not supported, so here are my initial impressions based only on the tutorial videos (which do work fine on iPad Air). These are what I think are the most pressing issues that, if fixed, would get this thing even closer to perfection ;) Putting something like "Deselect" into a contextual menu isn't that great – I think if each Persona had a few buttons next to the Persona selector for quick access to very frequently used operations, that would be much mor
  22. At the moment it looks like the magic wand selection tool doesn't generate partially selected pixels. This results in the horrible jagged / harsh edges as below when attempting to isolate an element. Photoshop on the other hand supports anti-aliasing which gives a smooth transition from fully opaque to fully transparent. This feature is an absolute must in my opinion, especially for quickly cutting out well defined objects in an image / removing the background. Feathering or smoothing the jagged edges (another extra step that shouldn't be necessary) just doesn't give as good of an
  23. 1) When resizing a document, unselecting “resample” disables the ability to change the physical dimension. It would be nice to autocalculate the DPI change (assuming aspect ratio is locked). 2) In order to do the above, I need to change DPI instead. Since my goal is to get to a specific physical dimension, I can change DPI until the dimensions are as desired. But the dimensions don't update in the pane, I can only see them once I click OK and choose "Resize document" again.
  24. Hi, Here is a collection of observations/requests for focus stacking. 1) Please provide a keyboard shortcut to toggle source preview. In the retouching phase, it can slow things down considerably to move the mouse over to the tiny toggle button to change the view. 2) Similarly, up-down arrows (or similar) to cycle through source images would allow the mouse to stay over the area of interest where the retouching is going on. 3) When changing tools (e.g. from stamp to zoom and back to stamp), the source image pane always reverts to a state where it is scrolled all the way to the
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