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Found 7 results

  1. I think being able to convert layers into embedded documents within a document would be a tremendous benefit to organizing non destructive filters and effects! I use both adobe and affinity in my workflow and so many times have I wished that there was a “smart object” in affinity suite, without the need of creating, saving a doc and dragging it in! Please consider adding this feature in a future update.
  2. I recently noticed that my Affinity is only running 1.7.3. and so I had thought it was possible to download the latest version, however, somehow I've found no possibility to do that. I've been in touch with you (Affinity) via Twitter and was told to sign into my account and try to download from the downloads and product key section. However, when I tried to log into (what I thought was) my account, it seems it didn't exist. This is rather odd as I bought Affinity from the site back in 2018 in a summer sale - if I remember correctly - and as you know, when you buy Affinity, it makes an account for you, where your product key is kept. So, my question. Is it possible that as I bought my copy of Affinity back in 2018 (July or August), that I am no longer covered for an update, and so will have to buy a new version of Affinity if I wish to get the updates etc? Or is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance - joesh downloads and product keys section.downloads and product keys section.
  3. When I try to update Designer to version 6.5 I get a popup that says I cannot update. It says, "The contents of the file "affinity-designer' cannot be extracted with this program." Changing the settings in my Mac security preferences doesn't help.
  4. How is RAW support for new camera models handled? Is this part of general updates/upgrades or a separate (more frequent?) process? For example, if I purchase Affinity Photo 1.6, will I receive updates for new RAW file formats indefinitely? Until 2.0? Thanks, couldn't find this info. elsewhere.
  5. Hi there, I'm sure this question has come up before, and if so please forgive me for asking again as I could not find the answer when searching. Are there any plans to include an auto-update feature in the standalone applications (Windows versions) bought directly from Serif/Affinity? It's not a major issue, but it is a bit of a pest to have to log in to our account, download the latest version, then install it manually. Thanks Guy
  6. How much do upgrades cost once you've purchased the product with the one off price?
  7. Hi Serif, I was just wondering how long the affinity free updates will continue??? I just bought Designer a month ago and was ready to purchase Photo, but decided to hold off for now... my fear is it'll eventually become an annual subscription with the price of the software slowly rising over the years... I just experienced that with Adobe's Creative Cloud -- they raised their subscription price by A LOT :(
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