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  1. Having just purchased all 3 Workbooks I am wondering what plans there are to provide updates either in electronic or physical format especially so as the books have cost more than the apps?
  2. Hi, i am interested in buying the new 1.7 version. As far as i understood what the forums say, i can update to 1.8, 1.9 for free but not to the 2.0. I am new, so I don't know if there are a limit of updates or there is a sequence or something. For example, if I start with the 1.9, i'll get the major release which is the 2.0 and up to 4 minor releases (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4), 5 updates in total. So my questions are: How long does a minor update take to release? Is there any limit of how many updates I can receive? What will happen until 1.9 if I start with 1.7?
  3. Hello. I was simply curious, when is the next build update? Will there be a version 2?
  4. I am trying to update my Affinity apps. I bought publisher directly through Serif and that worked fine. On the other hand, I purchased Photo and Designer through the Apple AppStore. It took several tries to successfully update Designer, but Photo will not update. It downloads the installer, then throws of a error message saying "Cannot download Affinity Photo at this time. Please try again later." I have tried removing the app and doing a fresh install, same thing. Any guidance? I have already tried to contact Apple but have not gotten a response. Thanks
  5. I've looked all over and can not find out how to download the update for MacOS Big Sur. Help
  6. Hello I don't know if I'm asking in the right place, but here we go.. I would like that when you update any affinity version, the change log appear in the front screen, so, we don't have to go trough the web site and look for the change log in the forum, so, we can have access to it from the software.
  7. It is great that Affinity products our one off purchases. The simple pricing system has won over many people including me. I am a big fan. However, I was wondering if the purchase price includes all future updates for life. I ask because I don't remember seeing any limitation on updates. I know with some software I have bought in the past it was a one off purchase, but within a year or two of purchase they released version 2, then version 3, that meant version 1 was no longer updated, and you had to pay to upgrade to version 2. While I understand software development is probably an expensive business. It would be good to know what the situation is with updates. Thank you.
  8. I'm a relatively new user to Affinity (though I did use a few of the original apps way back when). I'd like to migrate from InDesign and Illustrator to Affinity Publisher and Designer, and so far the apps are actually great to use. My only MAJOR issue is that (like Adobe apps) every time there is an update, it fails repeatedly! It's really hard to make a living as a creator and having issues with updates is time-consuming and unhelpful. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I run on Windows 10 version 1909.
  9. Have tried a number of suggested solutions to update in the forum without success on windows 10 Each of the apps would go part way and stop. I decided to follow the directions regarding the diagnostic tool. I was able to uninstall an earlier version of designer but could not install designer 1.8 -- not even running as an administrator. As was suggested by a someone in the forum I did try to remove anything related to designer in folders as well as the short cut to no avail. Attached is my log. SetupUI2.log
  10. Hello, I'm really thinking about purchasing Affinity Photo. Although, I can't seem to find out how much future updates will cost. Since we're on the topic how much would updates cost for the other Affinity products: Designer and Publisher, too? Thank you for your time. -Afflatus
  11. How long will Affinity Publisher, Designer & Photo be in beta before the public release? > Been checking for updates in Microsoft Windows Store for 2 months so far, so far no updates yet. I have
  12. The past few updates the affinity products have notified me of have led to 404 pages and I've just worked out why: I use the HTTPS Everywhere extension, which tries to force http requests to https. When disabling the 'encrypt all sites eligible' option in the extension and changing the url back to http, the update link will correctly redirect to the download page for the updated software. I'd appreciate a fix for this issue so I don't have to manually disable the extension and correct/reload the url every time a patch is available. While this is an issue affecting the serif site moreso than the desktop products themselves, it affects the links presented within the products when prompted to download updates.
  13. Hi Affinity Team, we just downloaded the 3 New Versions 1.7.2. Good Job - Thank you! Suggestion for improvement: It would be easier for many of the users, if your update-tool would offer to update all 3 affinity programs at once. Kindest regards
  14. I have both Affinity Photo and Designer on my Mac. Photo updates automatically but Designer has not. When I go into Affinity Designer on the App Store it wants me to purchase again. I do not have an Affinity account to check online, I purchased thru App Store. It shows that I'm still on version 1.6.1 How do I update this app? Any help is appreciated.
  15. I purchased Affinity Designer in Jan 2017 via Mac App Store. It is at version 1.6.1 on my Mac. I am unable to find how to update it to the latest version. For example, if i open App Store and find Affinity Designer in App Store, it simply says OPEN, there does not appear to be the option to update it. If i click on the UPDATES menu item in App Store, it says all my apps are up-to-date. I have contacted Apple Support and they said if App Store is not giving me the option to update the app, then i should contact Affinity Designer App Support. Which is what i'm trying to do here! Thanks!!
  16. Hey there, I have some suggestions to add to the next update of affinity designer. Since i used to use there tools on Illustrator and there isn't no workaround to get the same effects...Here is the suggestions to add to the next update. Tools: image tracing distort warp text Thank you very much.
  17. According to the Affinity Store, "when you launch your product, you’ll be prompted to download the latest update if available. On clicking Download you will be directed to a web page that will offer you the latest Windows release for your Affinity product." I've had Affinity Designer since December 2017 and have not been prompted to download any updates. The version I currently have is 1.65.123. Can somebody tell me is there been updates since then? (I'm getting numerous crashes so I'm thinking that it has to do with not having the latest version.) If so, is there a link to get the updates? TIA
  18. When I try to update Designer to version 6.5 I get a popup that says I cannot update. It says, "The contents of the file "affinity-designer' cannot be extracted with this program." Changing the settings in my Mac security preferences doesn't help.
  19. Hey there, Just wondering how often we would be expecting product updates while in the Beta phase of Affinity Publisher?? Thanks - Grunta
  20. it was working smooth on my iPad Pro when it was running on ios 10 however as I have updated to ios 11.3 whenever now I am opening the app it only loads a blank screen on the start up and crashes after a while automatically. How do I fix it?
  21. How is RAW support for new camera models handled? Is this part of general updates/upgrades or a separate (more frequent?) process? For example, if I purchase Affinity Photo 1.6, will I receive updates for new RAW file formats indefinitely? Until 2.0? Thanks, couldn't find this info. elsewhere.
  22. Hello, Just wondering what is happening with AP development. It seems to have really slowed down? Is there a major version update in the works? Regards, Frank
  23. I downloaded the windows trial version and it is very slow to open up 24mp raw files. I checked the forums and saw a discussion about this over a year ago. Is there any windows version updates?
  24. Hi, I use Affinity Photo iPad, how can get the "Luminance brush"?
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