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Found 138 results

  1. I bought for myself Affinity Photo & Designer. I can read here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/63918-check-for-updates/ But I have version and here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/71071-latest-affinity-releases-on-each-platform-by-store/ there are Where is there problem? Thanks for advice
  2. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Photo for iPad - 1.6.7

    Hi, We are pleased to announce the App Store release of Affinity Photo for iPad, version 1.6.7 The change-list is as follows: - Brand new shadows / highlights algorithm in Develop.- Brand new clarity algorithm in Develop.- Now fully supports open-in-place - including saving back directly to the original location.- New “Import from Camera” - supporting RAW and automatic HDR bracketed merge. Has fancy histograms and scopes.- New ability to install custom fonts in preferences.- New “Average Blur” filter.- New “Solo” layer option in layer properties panel.- New preferences option to show touches - good for screen recording.- Added the “Median Brush” tool.- Added ability to export brushes.- Added ability to both import and export styles.- Added option in preferences to cache screen updates - you will see much less pixelation when painting etc. - but it uses more memory.- Added transparent TGA import support.- Adjustments panel now has an option to show a simple list (by popular request).- Overhaul of pencil / touch input mechanism - this enabled much needed functionality such as long pressing with Apple Pencil to pick colours in brush tools, etc.- Apple Pencil can now dismiss flyouts without passing a tap through.- Further performance improvements in develop persona.- Preferences option to choose default storage location.- Improved support for the dropping of files into an open document.- Bitmap fills are now available on vector objects.- Can now rotate image in Develop.- Pasting now keeps things in the right place.- Maximum / minimum filters now obey the current channels properly.- Brush scatter works properly when controller is “random”.- Improved angle / tilt support for Apple Pencil.- Handle vertical panoramas better.- Improved crop tool behaviour when using ratios.- Improved retouching tools in 32bit mode.- Improvements to selection refinement.- Improved TIFF support.- Channels page improvements / fixes.- “Save a copy” stability improvements.- Ability to clear history.- New “Constrain” modifier button for Depth of Field tool.- Snapping candidates can now be selected by hovering over them whilst in a drag.- All colour flyouts now have a built in colour picker.- Increased the maximum undo stack size.- OpenType improvements.- Added “Undo” to the two-finger-tap context menu.- Improved input smoothing for all tools.- Improved behaviour when trying to move small layers (ie. avoid inadvertent resizes).- Improved text tool UI.- Moved spelling suggestions to context menu.- Creating stacks from RAW files now works more correctly.- Improved Perlin Noise filter.- PSD, PDF import / export improvements.- Help improvements.- Fixed transform studio aspect ratio lock.- Fixed some HDR merge crashes.- Fixed multiply blend mode in 32bit documents.- Fixed marching ants disappearing when canvas is rotated.- Fixed issues with “Direction” brush controller.- Fixed colour picker appearing too easily in paint brush tool.- Fixed long press being too short in some tools.- Fixed HEIF import from Photos app.- Fixed issue where stray colour picker loupe could remain after switching tools.- Fixed incorrect DPI limit in resize tool.- Fixed inability to export liquify meshes.- Numerous other fixes and stability improvements. Please do not post bugs or problems that you find when using this version of the software in this thread, instead make a new thread in the Bugs on iPad section
  3. Yesterday I updated my OS to MacOS Sierra 10.12.3 (16D32). I use a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet. The tablet continues to work fine in other programs, but it does not in Affinity Designer. The pointer get stuck in the top left corner with I plug the tablet in.
  4. Hi, We are pleased to announce the iPad Store release of Affinity Photo for iPad, version 1.6.12 (and 1.6.11, 1.6.10 & 1.6.9) The change-list is as follows and brings much of the Affinity Designer iPad functionality and usability improvements to Photo for iPad: 1.6.12 TIFF files failing to load (regression in build 1.6.11) 1.6.11 Metal fixes for new iPad Pro 3 12.9" and 11" Frequency Separation Haze Removal Gaussian Blur High Pass Unsharp Mask Twirl Maximum & Minimum Blur Context bar issues (on first run) resolved 1.6.10 Support for new iPad Pro 3 12.9" and 11" Support for Apple Pencil 2 1.6.9 Added support for brush nozzle base texture mode. New Undo/Redo gesture with two and three finger tap. Added drag modifiers to studio icons for colour, text, navigator and history. Added canvas rotation control via Navigator Studio. Added swipe gesture to swap primary and secondary colours on the Colour Studio. Context menu now uses a long-press release gesture to invoke. Added two-finger hold gesture to resize a layer from its centre. During shape creation, a two-finger hold gesture will transform the layer. On the Layers Studio, with a layer selected, a two-finger tap on another layer will select all layers in between. On the Layers Studio, pinch inwards (either vertically or horizontally) to group selected layers. To ungroup, do the opposite and pinch out. With the Move Tool active, a two-finger hold gesture on a layer plus a one finger drag duplicates the selected layer. Easy access to merge and rasterise commands via Layer Studio icons. New Export persona. A new workspace for exporting regions of your image as slices. Improved brush stroke lag and small stroke response. Brushes remember previously used stroke settings. Move any custom brush to any category. Added support for on-screen keyboard trackpad mode. Added Tab key to on-screen keyboard context bar. Updated Persona icons. Numerous other improvements and bug fixes. There is a new sample and new tutorials linked to from the welcome screen. The release notes for the previous Affinity Photo for iPad (build 1.6.8) are here and Affinity Photo for iPad (build 1.6.7) release notes are here
  5. When I try to update Designer to version 6.5 I get a popup that says I cannot update. It says, "The contents of the file "affinity-designer' cannot be extracted with this program." Changing the settings in my Mac security preferences doesn't help.
  6. Hi, We are pleased to announce the App Store release of Affinity Designer for iPad, version 1.6.4 (& 1.6.3) The changes in 1.6.4 (over 1.6.3) is as follows : Support for new iPad Pro 3 12.9" and 11". Support for Apple Pencil 2 inc double tap The single change in 1.6.3 (over 1.6.2) is as follows : Import of graphic styles (.afstyles files) has been fixed. To avoid a potentially lengthy beta process that is all that is included in this release. The change-list for 1.6.2 (over 1.6.1) is as follows and is essentially made to improve the apps performance : Fix for artefacts at the end of long strokes with pressure applied. Fix for incorrect opacity of objects with raster enclosure mask. Show currently selected colour context in the Colour Studio button and raster brush tool context bars. Put the vector brush categories back to their correct names how they were for 1.6.0 (affects new installations only). a few minor memory leaks and fixes. The (missing) release notes for the previous Affinity Designer for iPad (build 1.6.1) are Added option to disable 'Cache screen updates' for users who are experience graphical corruption during use. "Ungroup All" doesn't function the same as the desktop. Correct file type when dragging documents to Files/Affinity Photo. Default 'Background' export slice is not correctly named on document creation. Help for "Pressure sensitivity" shows "Grids".
  7. Can somebody help please? I'm trying to download the latest update to my copy of Affinity Photo on my laptop (or, rather, the external hard disc attached to it). However, when I try to install it, it refuses and says 'Invalid path - it doesn't say what the path should be, no is there a way of selecting the path. I tried deleting the program and starting from scratch, but it won't let me do that. Has anyone any ideas? Thanks.
  8. Hi I am unable to install latest 1.6.5 update for Affinity Photo And Designer - Win10 I get message: "Configuration Error" What can happen?
  9. I updated Affinity Photo to 1.6.5 just an hour or so ago. I had a rather large collection of custom content such as brushes, styles, palettes/swatches, macros, and some plugins. The only things that were kept within the program were my macros. Everything else was lost. The last update before this one did not do this, so I am assuming it is a bug. (I'm wondering if there is any way to get these things back or if I have to count my losses.)
  10. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Photo for iPad - 1.6.5

    Hi, We are pleased to announce the App Store release of Affinity Photo for iPad, version 1.6.5 The change-list is as follows: - Build with iOS11 SDK, Xcode 9. - Dropping images into an open document now works in iOS11. - Dropping files into the welcome screen will now import them on iOS11. - iOS11 will now generate thumbnails and previews for Affinity documents. - New Stack now supports RAW files. - New HDR, Focus Merge, Stack, Panorama now support dropping of source images in iOS11. - New “Rotate” menu items when developing RAW. - New “Lock Children” switch in the Transform Studio (so you can move a layer but not the mask, etc.) - Ability to embed documents using drag and drop. - Ability to import brushes using drag and drop. - Ability to drag & drop of multiple files into the home screen. - Ability to “Save a Copy” from the home screen. - Ability to drag from export panel to Files application. - Photo library browser updates more sensibly when external changes occur. - Hide built in fonts which are not suitable for the current language. - Font family should use the localised name. - Vector export improvements. - Popups can now be dismissed by interacting with the canvas (painting, for example). A single tap still dismisses. - Guides are now visible when using the crop tool. - HSL adjustment now contributes per-channel adjustments to exported LUT. - PDF import improvements. - Mitigated Live Perspective crashes. - Placing RAW files is now more robust. - Stopped Liquify slightly blurring images. - Liquify now behaves correctly on rotated images. - Made the tutorial video player more stable. - Numerous adjustment now do not pollute the K channel in CMYK. - Fixed EXIF data when creating an image stack. - Fixed delete button on adjustments UI. - Fixed ISO metadata value issue. - Fixed some CMYK issues. - Fixed issue where you can get stuck in a numeric input popup. - Fixed layers page sometimes not scrolling to the end. - Fixed a couple of truncated localised strings. - Fixed occasional lockup when loading files. - Fixed occasional layer corruption under extreme load. - Fixed issue where the size of the selection brush was getting reset each time the tool was started. - Fixed halftone filter in CMYK. - Localisation improvements. - Numerous other small fixes and improvements. - Help improvements. Please do not post bugs or problems using this version of the software here, instead make a new thread in the Bugs on iPad section
  11. Hi, We are pleased to announce the App Store release of Affinity Designer for iPad, version 1.6.1 The small change-list is as follows and is essentially made to avoid the graphical corruptions some users were getting: 'Ungroup All' didn't function the same as the desktop. Correct file type when dragging documents to Files/Affinity Photo. Default 'Background' export slice is correctly named on document creation. Edit menu completely visible when using left handed mode Added option to disable 'Cache screen updates' for any users who still experience graphical corruption during use a few minor memory leaks and fixes. To avoid a potentially lengthy beta process that is all that is included in this release. The update takes a while for Apple to roll out worldwide and should be visible to all in the iPad store within 24 hours. To check which version you are running, the version number is visible in the bottom right corner of the Preferences dialog.
  12. What an incredible program Affinity is. Unfortunately after the recent update of the program the Inpainting Brush Tool on mine seems to have stopped working. Regardless of size of file or area 'painted' nothing happens. Is this a common problem people are facing or or just a one off anomaly and how can I fix it ? Thanks in advance for ant help and advice.
  13. Hello everyone i'm currently working on making my workflow with affinity products to be as fluid as it can so i won't mind not having other products installed. i know Designer and Photo use the same file format and i've learned about the place tool etc... but here is my need: Case: in Past days, using Adobe Products, i could prepare an A4/A5 Canvas on inDesign the work on my photo with PS then all vectors with Ai and when all is done just place them on my inDesign, adjust and if any change i want to do, i just right click on the stuff (picture or vector) select Open/Modify with, select the right software, do necessary changes there click Save come back to inDesign and see all changes Synched. i've tried to do that with Affinity products but up to now, i can't get the updated file synched after i have made changes and Saved the whole thing; it's just stays as it was the minute i placed it; so; maybe i'm missing something here on how to team them and use as efficient as i would do with Ai+PS+iD. Thank you all for your inputs.
  14. Sorry I can't find a way to update!! I'm in a MACOS high Sierra 10.13.4, but when I open affinity the message to update does NOT appear. Theres nothing also on the App Store to update, and I couldn't find any link on the website... I REALLY need that, because I worked on a file on my husbands MAC that has the latest version, and I saw there the message to update, but now I CAN'T open those files on my Affinity that is still the version 1.5.5, although I installed it just I few before my husband did. When I try to open the fie there is an error message that says I can't open this file because it as resources of a posterior version of AFFINITY.... I'm an amateur and I'm loving to work with Affinity! CAN YOU HELP PLEASE!
  15. This problem still exists, even on the latest release. I'm having trouble working around for multiple art-boards each time I open the document. I have posted a video to explain what's troubling me. As you can see, this problem is only with the art-boards. And also, the values once entered in the document creation window is stored in the document setup field and it doesn't update at all. Please watch the video to understand the issue more clearly. Please solve this issue soon. Thank you!
  16. After installing the update today we can no longer access or open Affinity photo it keeps prompting us to install and gives us an area code of 1909 I think saying a shortcut has been erased. Than offers to repair and starts the whole installation process again. I'm obviously not computer savvy. Can I erase and reinstall on the same computer? I think my program is corrupt
  17. hi Guys, my system: Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3, AP vers. 1.6.8 Can not load an image in finder with "Open with" (Öffnen mit) if AP is already open. If AP is not already open then AP will be opened and the image loaded. This problem is only after the update from version 1.5.x to 1.6.8 Anyone have an idea? Have long researched in the net, with no results. You are my last hope! Thanks Brahm PS. Also, when AP is open, it is no longer possible to "drag and drop" a photo onto the icon to load the image. ...and sorry for my english, it's not my native language.
  18. I think an excellent feature for the Affinity series would be the additional of an auto-update facility. It's archaic to have to go to the new website to do this when you could take that away and streamline the whole experience. It would also be a nice place to show a change log when updates are available or even support Delta patches so you don't need to download the entire thing each time.
  19. I am on 1.6.6. but have had no notification of the 1.6.7 update. I am on El Capitan 1.6.7 is listed in the App Store, but I only have a option to open, not update. In my list of purchased apps in the App Store, I also only have an "open" option. I have logged out of the App Store and logged back in, but this has made no difference. I have also checked for updates in the App Store, but no updates are found. Can someone suggest what might be wrong. Thanks, Graham
  20. I am wondering if updates are available for the MS Store version of Affinity Photo ( and Designer). Users on Dpreview forum mention updating to AP version 1.6.3 . I am on . Will this update be available to those who purchased from the MS Store? thanks
  21. I've updated my Affinity photo to latest version (1.6.3) and now I'm having problem of program keep crashing/Closeing down when I click any of buttons on either on menu or tool bar/navigation etc.(Close down program automatically with making pop up sound but no error message or pop up). I did not had this problem with previous version. It seems like I can open file like EXR or JPG with it, but as soon as I have any kind of interaction with it, it crashes and close down the program. My PC specs are: Window 10 Home 64-bit OS 32 memeory AMD RyZEN 7 1700 CPU Nvedia GPU(With latest update)
  22. I have both iPad and desktop for Mac versions. Are the freebies that come with this update usable on both iPad and desktop apps or just iPad? Thanks!
  23. Hello. After the update 1.6.7 in Affinity, I cannot seem to resize an image how I used to with the Move tool in the Photo section. Normally I would be able to select the six points around the image and resize it with moving my finger, however whenever I attempt it now on it just moves the image in the direction I move my finger. I am not sure if this is a bug or you just moved this ability to another tool, however if this is an issue hopefully you can get this fixed. If this isn’t a bug and it’s just been given to another tool, please may you inform me of that if that’s the case. Thank you
  24. Hi, I recently wanted to update my Affinity Photo program to the newest update. So I just installed it the key I had, knowing I bought it online. But when it comes to installing it, it asks me to insert the CD, which I clearly do not have since I bought the online version. It do not ask me for the key, but the CD only. I really don't know what to do about this. Even when I want to uninstall the current version, it is asking me for the CD and there is no other options. If anyone know how to fix this, it would be awesome.
  25. Hi experts, I am a new user of affinity photo, thought bought the app little while ago now trying to learn the basics. I notice that my app was updated on 2 nov. How do I know if I have got the then free bonus contents. Pleased to hear. Best regards / Samiulla